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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

COVID Vaccine Hospital Mandates | Sharyl Attkisson

The alarm is being sounded at hospitals across the country in critical condition due to staffing shortages. There’s an important side of that story seldom heard—the role that COVID vaccine mandates played in those shortages. Dr. Venu Julapalli is among an outspoken group of medical professionals once affiliated with Houston Methodist. Methodist was the first hospital system in the nation to require COVID vaccines.

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9 Responses

  1. Now that it is clear that there is no science supporting vaccination, the mandate for health care workers should end immediately and all those terminated should be reinstated.

    This is a self inflicted wound for the industry.

  2. Because the vaxed / boosted are transmitting unidentified bio-weapons injected by “vax”, I would much rather stay at home in an un-infested environment than visit any hospital or healthcare facility where everybody is “transmitting”. Recent medical research shows that one “foreign invader” being transmitted by the vaxed / boosted contributes to rapid growing lung cancer. No thanks!

  3. (No one has ever been able to explain to me why a person who has been vaccinated would think that my unvaccinated status carries any negative risk for them, after all, if the jab is safe and effective, they should know they are ” safe” Right?)

    Have most people forgotten why the Nuremberg Code was written, much less what it says!!!

    It is a document that was a response, after WWII and after the horrors of Nazi concentration camps finally began to come to light. One section of the code addresses Nazi medical doctors experimenting on people without their knowledge and/or consent.

    So how are these vaccination mandates not a grievous violation of the Nuremburg Code?

    When are the trials going to begin?

    1. If our government truly cared about the wellbeing of its citizens and were not beholden to big pharma, maybe the Nuremberg Code would mean something. Have you seen Vera Sharav’s 5 part documentary called Never Again? She’s a Holocaust survivor who speaks of the medical experimentation that went on and the parallels to what’s going on now. I would implore everyone to watch this.It’s heartbreaking and eye opening. You can find it on RFK Jr’s website Childrens Health Defense. Free to watch.

  4. I too lost my career in CA due to the unlawful mandate. My religious convictions were ignored as well as my natural immunity from infection. I LOVED my job! I no longer want to work in western healthcare and honestly the only reason I keep medical insurance is for catastrophic health needs. There is a massive number of us that lost our jobs. We have 412 in the mass tort we have against Kaiser Permanente for denying our religious exemptions, but there is hundreds more getting together to sue for refusing the boosters and many that just don’t have the stomach for litigation. And that’s just one system! There are probably tens of thousands across the country! Just got an email today from our Union to sign a letter of complaint to KP about the staffing shortages. Friends still working are mandated to work OT. This really is a crisis of their own making. Reality is, our Healthcare Systems DO NOT FOLLOW SCIENCE anymore! Just protocols that benefit Big Pharma.

  5. I’m a former Kaiser employee fired for not getting the jab. I didn’t claim religious exemption. I wrote down my refusal was that this shot was NON-FDA approved, we dont have full disclosure on studies & ingredients used, or a history of its safety. I studied MRNA shots given in animal trials & found it killed many & left most unable to bear offspring. I fought Covid by boosting my immune system and never regretted refusing the shot!

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