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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

COVID-19 Mystery: Why Some People Get It and Others Don’t

All of the things that someone would do if they wanted to contract COVID, I unknowingly did all of those things before I knew that he had it. We drink from the same water bottle, I finished his food for him, we’d take naps together… he accidentally coughs in my face. I tested negative six times, and with each subsequent time that I would test negative I would just think this is unbelievable, and I challenged science to explain this.

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  1. It also depends on your nutrition and whether you eat all organic, take supplements. This information comes from Sally Fallon of and Dr. Tom Cowan.

  2. So called scientist in a lab situation wearing mask that have been shown to not work with huge gaps clearly visible on side of the mask in the video. Its not just pharmaceutical companies. The whole world has gone mad.

  3. God forbid we just let the people who get it get it, and leave those who don’t alone. What are their plans? To inject genes from the “resistant” people into others? Nothing could possibly go wrong there!

  4. I live organic and I never get sick and when this lab flu start it up I didn’t do anything different didn’t wear a mask interacted with people the same and I didn’t get it but then I fell in love with honey with propolis in it and ate way too much of it and it plugged up my hive just like it plugs up the bees hive. Constipated and I never am constipated. Weakened me and when I went swimming in the ocean which is now really polluted my ears started to hurt and the next day I caught the Frankenstein flu. Filled up my lungs with fluid but I could breathe fine I just burbled. Super fatigued so I just slept for a little over a week but I wasn’t getting any better. Then I got a hold of HCQ and with the first pill within two hours I could feel it just sucking all the water out of my lungs and in three days I was better. Just like the billion other people that take it every week I had no side effects.

  5. An infectious disease “expert” wearing a surgical mask open on the sides to protect against a virus. You can’t make this stuff up!

  6. I believe we are going through a time like the Middle Ages, when they thought the earth was flat and germs and healing potions from nature was witchcraft because everyone is asleep. Even some doctors who keep saying that the vaccine(which it is not) is safe and effective and children should be getting the vax as well. In my family, all who have been vaxxed have gotten Covid, some even twice. I have not had it even once. I still keep my distance and only hug when outside. My brother tried to bribe me to get the shot so I could go to FL to see my son who lives there. Nothing will get me to do it. I ‘m a retired RN and did a short bout in Infection Control and the staff was the worse in just teaching good handwashing. CDC doesn’t even teach it correctly. After washing your hands, YOU DO NOT GRAB THE FIRTY FAUCET WITH YOUR CLEAN HANDS. YOu have just recontaminated yourself. You are supposed to dry your hands and turn off the faucet with a paper towel being careful not to expose your clean hands. Think of it like the surgeon who washes his hands and then gets someone to help him dry his hands. We don’t need to go that far but at least they have pedal controls for water. Also had a pt get TB and staff needed to be tested. They refused. I was Employee Health Nurse Coordinator at the time as well. Held 3 jobs in 1. Also Nursing Educator Coordinator. Quite a challenge when no one believes what you are trying to tell them. And later at another hospital saw how some Drs thought they were immune from germs and giving to patients. Had 1 Dr get off his motorcycle, still with a leather jacket, go in to see his pt who was immunocompromised. We, the nurses put the pt in protective isolation. The Dr. told us we were crazy to do that. He went in to see the pt straight from the street.. no handwashing, nothing. Made us nurses feel bad for the patient as he believed his Dr and that he did not need any protection. Later, the man got an infection. Of course.

  7. Germ THEORY is just that…………..a THEORY !!!! It’s not Germ THEOREM !!! Contagion has never ever been proven, but it’s been disproven many times with intensive real-life tests. For starters – read about doctor Rosenau’s experiment in 1918 during the Spanish Flu.

    You’d be more likely to find a purple flying unicorn than you would a pathogenic particle they refer to as a virus. Contrary to what most of the slumbering public thinks, an isolated, purified and characterized virus has NEVER been found. Although Virologist will tell you they have, do your own research to learn how that is a deception.

    Be mindful of your health (proper nutritious diet, sufficient sunlight, proper hydration with good water, stress management, exercise, etc..) and you will never get ill.

  8. This sounds like a bunch of “junk science”, words cobbled together, but don’t mean anything. I heard no real or true scientific information here. The guy with the blue-green mask that spoke the most doesn’t sound like any kind of scientist at all!
    Come on. Was this some kind of staged set-piece from the disinformation network? Do you really think that people are so asleep at the wheel that they will buy this nutty stuff?

  9. Think his is possible???
    All this info will also go to evil people like Fauci who will use it to be sure next time these people will get covid or ?
    New bio weapon more deadly.? No one immune.

  10. This isn’t new and no it isn’t about organic food (and I’m familiar with Sally Fallon, j recommend her book all the time, I’m a nutritionist and a nurse). O blood type is susceptible to norovirus and type A and B influenza but not swine.
    Look, covid is a genetically targeted bioweapon. They are saying the only genetic profiles that are not reacting are Ashkenazi Jews and the Amish. So far.
    Why is it that everyone understands HLA with organ transplants but thinks everyone’s immune system is exactly the same for viruses? I wasn’t taught this. I was taught that T cells (influenced heavily by things like selenium) are made more quickly in fast responders (type A blood) but if those same people are impaired (age and illness) would be quickest to get sick without that response. O is medium response, B is slow (antibody production is better- they need it unlike the A and O- most of us clear viruses with cellular response). These are disease adaptations! I was taught that our innate immune system can wipe out anything (without symptoms) if it is at sufficiency. I was taught that we also have individualized response just like for all genetic traits.
    Also to note: someone who doesn’t get colds and flus is not “healthier” than someone who doesn’t. Rarely does anyone die of colds and flus until they are also sick with chronic issues, typically later in life. Pneumonia is known as the “old man’s best friend” for a reason. Colds and other mild illnesses help us to build our immune systems for the next similar pathogen and allow us to stave off cancers later… should we stay otherwise at sufficiency.
    Stop the insanity. Covid has been nothing for most of us. We aren’t sickly people and we don’t have lasting anything. This video is honestly more propaganda.
    We don’t need studies- this is KNOWN and has been studied prior to covid.

  11. My maternal and paternal grandparents were all immigrants who arrived here in the 1920s from different parts of the world. They survived the pandemic of 1918, many flu strains, and a wealth of other infectious diseases. They received no vaccines, and mostly avoided doctors and drugs. They ate foods they thought were healthy, at least these were not highly contaminated with today’s plethora of chemicals and GMO garbage. Their foods were mostly made from scratch. They worked hard and life was not easy for them, yet they were FAR healthier than many are today. None of them were obese. My grandmother had a huge garden and used to give me (as a child) carrots she pulled right out of the ground and wiped off with her apron. She told me it helped my body that way. I think she knew we had to get healthy bacteria into our bodies without knowing the science. She fermented tons of foods and said that was the best medicine. Overall, the germ theory to them was wash your hands if you milked the goats or picked up the chicken eggs. I am starting to realize that if we do not challenge our immune systems regularly to keep them up-to-date, and work on being healthy without drugs we have little chance of surviving long term with the onslaught of all these new infections (and worse those that are or will be caused by released by bioterrorism labs). Perhaps we need an occasional flu or cold, and if we are really healthy, it will just make us stronger in the long term. With that said, we have to use common sense as the food recalls for listeria, E.coli, salmonella are part of the horrid factory food system that treats animals inhumanely and invites diseases. My grandparents had goats, chickens and geese, cared for them properly and were fine. Our food production systems are a breeding ground for diseases now. I no longer trust science to do the right things. Basically, I think we are on our own now in finding ways to keep healthy. I will avoid factory farmed foods, processed junk, GMOs, and yes, eat as much organic as you can. Our bodies need all the help we can naturally give them–who knows what science will throw at us after the monkey pox debacle ends. I also remind myself that I am mortal–something will eventually wear me down and get me. Science and doctors don’t need to fix everything or come up with genetic answers or more drugs just because we are fearful of death–or the flu. Most people won’t agree with me on my last statement, that is fine, your right. But as my Sicilian grandmother used to say to us: “You live until you die. That is life.” She lived to be 89 years old and almost never saw a doctor. I guess she did something right.

  12. Totally agree with those making similar statements – There’s nothing viral or bacterial to get or catch. We’re not playing baseball here and we’re not catchers either.

    Disease and illness in general is the bodies intelligent system of detoxing various poisons we’ve ingested, inhaled, and/or otherwise taken in via toxic emotions, traumas, etc and our bodies are trying their damnedest to get them cleared out and healed.

    All the allopathetic medical fraud system has to offer is their science fiction of drug cocktails that suppress these mechanisms only to have them return later on exactly the same or somewhat or extremely worse than initially expressed. Yes – that includes even the (nice) drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin.
    Nature does it best and always has ?

  13. My husband is considered an essential worker. He has not missed a day in Manhattan since Covid.
    He smokes cigars… heavily… his only exercise is golf, hardly drinks any water, drinks diet soda, eats ok but not healthy all the time, has a high level stress job and has never had Covid or a symptom of. He’s also 65yrs old,
    I guess he has great genes!

  14. I’m not anti science, however, there are a lot of scientific researches I don’t see eye to eye generally. It depends on many factors they should take into consideration. I’ve been very skeptical of experimental Covid vaccine as well as other vaccines. I don’t see vaccinating population would be a way to achieve a herd immunity. Yes everyone is biologically unique. Eating well helps, but no one has a perfect health.

  15. I suspect that staying away from toxic medicines and vaccines as much as possible could be a game changer for those who don’t catch covid and other autoimmune diseases. Ending biological weapons production could possibly eliminate or prevent various autoimmune diseases too. Eliminating toxins in the food and water supplies would be a tremendous help too.

    I’m not naive enough to believe that practical solutions to diseases will ever be implemented by the medical or governing authorities though. Too much control and money to be lost. Furthermore, I wouldn’t volunteer giving my DNA to anyone to give them an opportunity to figure out who to covertly murder me. If anyone has any samples of my DNA from past blood donations or medical treatments. I’m sure it has mutated by now. If I understand correctly. DNA probably mutates when you are exposed to pathogens that a healthy immune system is able to fight off or heal from. So far so good on this front. Many of us are better off, and will do fine as long as we stay away from the witch doctors and their toxic medicines.

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