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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

The Purge: Call Me Ishmael

vaccine and rubber glove

For the last 27 years, I have been a professor at Boston College, teaching a mix of literature and writing courses to thousands of students. Then along came the booster mandates.

When the initial vaccines came out, my wife and I received ours. We had strong reservations about the mRNA vaccines and had decided we weren’t going to get one. However, my getting a vaccine was a condition of employment. We weighed our decision carefully. It was the J&J, or early retirement.

We were prepared to live with whatever the gods had in store, and had actually started thinking about how to fill in the hours. As luck would have it, the vaccine on offer that day was the J&J.

We sat down and rolled up our sleeves.

Subsequent information about vaccine efficacy and side effects, of the J&J as well as the others, made us regret getting that injection. But it was done. And I was still employed.

Early last December, very few, if any, universities had a booster requirement. Then something happened. The CDC sent up one of its smoke signals, or Dr. Rachel melted down again on TV. Whatever the case, universities, “following the science,” issued a booster mandate.

I began teaching in spring semester, hoping that as the weeks went along and more information about the pointlessness of getting the booster shot came out, administrators, and the doctors whispering in their ears, would come to their senses. This is called self-deception.

Every other week I received an email telling me to update my vaccine record. I ignored them. At Boston College, parents, students and alumni had put together a petition signed by some 900 people.

That, in addition to stories of students suffering from myocarditis—I had one student who received a booster waiver because the initial vaccine had done something to his heart muscle—made me hope the booster mandate would be removed, or at the very least, moderated down to “encouragement.”

Not so. A characteristic of people who don’t know what they are doing is to double down.

And double down they did.

Eight months after we were vaccinated, my wife and I became COVID “breakthrough” cases. The virus was mild, a day or two of feeling tired. Of course, we right away started taking ivermectin. And, of course, we passed the virus on to two other fully vaccinated people.

I was aware that some researchers thought that if you had been vaccinated and then subsequently contracted COVID, getting a booster shot, at best, was pointless; at worst, it might be harmful.

The remarks of Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO, and citizen of the world, when he said the vaccines offered only “limited protection” against the Omicron variant served to underline my “resistance.”

I was convinced “the science” was on my side.

The Dean insisted “the science” was on his side. I’ll let him speak for himself: “If you fail to provide HR with proof of having received your COVID booster shot before the end of the day on Friday, February 25th, you will be suspended without pay and renewal of your contract will be placed in jeopardy.”

The tone is one bullies use on recalcitrant children. Power corrupts.

Well, I was done. The school and department narrative was that I had abandoned my students. This assumes the university had no other options. They had at least two, one of which would have been to compel me to get a PCR test every time I showed up on campus.

They had other ideas.

I subsequently received a FedEx letter from the President of the University in which he said that “my refusal [to obtain a COVID-19 booster] jeopardizes the health and well-being of our academic community,” a statement so contrary to epidemiological facts as to be risible.

But this is what we are up against.

This is my small story, one of thousands. This isn’t about science. If it was about science, we never would have attempted to shut down our economy. This is about power, and politics. The mandates are just another face of the political correctness that is crippling our universities.

This article was reprinted with permission. It was originally published by the Brownstone Institute. George O’Har is an MIT PhD, Air Force veteran, and former electrical engineer. At Boston College, he taught courses on Literature and Technology, Utopia, Creative Writing, Creative Non-Fiction and American Literary History

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26 Responses

  1. This is a new and insidious form of discrimination. It is based on faulty science funded by vested interests. The measures taken to push the agenda of big pharma and affiliated interests is classic:
    instill fear; bribe; condemn; make feel guilty; make feel shame;
    threaten; punish; mandate. This should be obvious to everyone, but was unfortunately effective on a majority in the same way as eons of autocrats have succeeded.

  2. Sad but true. So many critical thinkers who have chosen to take responsibility for their own health. I’m hoping there is a common “place, page or platform” that will gather all skeptics together. There is strength in numbers.

  3. George,
    thank you so much for sharing your story and for having the courage to stand up for what you believe is right and against the tyranny of those with a bit of power. I have had issues with bullying fron Dean and administration a few years ago, until I quit, and although it had nothing to do with the current situation, it just shows that abuse of power is unfortunatey always there.
    Among all the bad things that came out of this farce with the pandemy, the worst in my view has been how many with some “power” over others, again like managers, directors, deans and so on, and I have to say very little logical or critical thinking, have come out of the woods (or cubicles, or offices) to bully others into submitting to something most of us with common sense knew was ridiculous if not down right unethical.

  4. This is a lesson about bullies and manipulation. Giving in, in hope of escape, never works. When you give in to a bully, they get an erotic charge; they are simply rapists, and you have given them an orgasm, and they know you will submit again.

    and again

    and again

    And the raping never stops.

  5. Thank you for going public with your experience about taking the shot and why. So many of us have faced the ultimatum’s you went through. I never thought I would live to see the day this would be taking place in this country or around the world. I pray for God to expose the corruption to those who have been in denial and to destroy those who have created this evil in the world. This is my last work week due to declining the shot, I’m 81 yo so it’s retirement for me. My heart goes out to everyone who is subjected to this tyranny and left their respected professions because of the lies they call science. I’ll stick to the real science and support those fighting for us in the courts.

    1. Dolores, I am sorry to hear that you are going throughthe same thing we went through. My husband was let go after 19 yr of helping the company he worked for succeed. He had always been an team player and was a team player for 18 months during the height of the pandemic. And he is now looking for a new job. He is on the cusp of the age that companies don’t want to hire you but to young to retire. He still continues to be proactive in finding a company that will hire him as an unvaccinated employee. Please enjoy your retirement and remember you still have much to offer this world.

  6. It’s the perfect storm. The truth is manufactured, science is branded and the politicians, media and corporations are corrupt. Despite overwhelming evidence that this whole event is a contrived attempt to destroy our way of life and to depopulate and usher in the New World Order, the oligarchs continue to bludgeon us with their lies and deception, apparently with no reprisal. A sad time for humanity.

  7. If the Jesuit Superior General Arturo Sosa (“the Black Pope”) and the Jesuit Pope Francis I (“the White Pope”) vehemently backed Jesuit temporal coadjutor / Jesuit-trained Dr. Anthony Fauci’s promotion of the “Jesuit Jab,” should we be surprised that the president of Jesuit Boston College, Jesuit William P. Leahy, would insist that his professors get the Order’s poisoned needle?

  8. Look up Constitutional Law Group and help get the ringleaders indicted in your county. It is going to take a LOT of actual action to turn things around, and that action must be polite, civilized controlled.

    Eventually, thousands or millions of monsters will be jailed for life. I would favor the death penalty–but no ex post facto laws!

  9. In the end, the truth will prevail. A civilization now or after will ponder how this atrocity of freedom provoked could have occurred to the whole entire world. Lessons from the past, not learned.

  10. There are thousands as you….we feel deeply your anguish as anger and anguish seem to be everywhere in the last 2 years. Fear and control ruled. We survived and will be the wiser for it next time….Let’s band together and not cave in to the demands of demented government officials or Big Pharma, or others.

  11. Thank you for sharing your story .
    I am a Nurse Practitioner and I retired Pre Covid 19 . I am so thankful that I did not have to make the choice you had to in order to keep working in a profession You loved .
    My heart goes out to those coerced and pressured by the fact they needed the paycheck for basic necessities .
    I received two doses of Moderna after much pressure from a daughter … it was vaccine or no seeing my grandchildren. Despite being healthy and informed on risks and benefits and wanting to wait on more data i caved in with such pressure. I had signs and symptoms of a TIA
    (Trans ischemia attach commonly called a mini stroke) Within hours of shot 2.
    I will not be boosted and none of my medical friends have advised me to boost. What are the chances of a full blown stroke with successive boosts? I have reported this event to a non governmental data base suggested .

    1. Therea, I’m so sorry you were pressured by your daughter to get the first two shots. It was terrible for her to do. Please do not accept a booster. Given your prior stroke, the booster may kill you. In a similar way, my sisters leveled pressure at me and at my mother to get the vaccine last year, with threats. We held out, and we’re still holding out today. With all of the adverse effects coming out, you have science on your side. Best wishes to you.

    2. And how does your daughter feel about blackmailing you which resulted in a mini stroke??? Read Dr. Mercola’s book: THE TRUTH ABOUT COVID-19

  12. Just like DopeSick, we’ll get the movie version of the corruption, lies, deceit and the whole Plandemic truth in 20 years, when it’s too late for our kids and grandkids!

  13. Therea, I’m so sorry you were pressured by your daughter to get the first two shots. It was terrible for her to do. Please do not accept a booster. Given your prior stroke, the booster may kill you. In a similar way, my sisters leveled pressure at me and at my mother to get the vaccine last year, with threats. We held out, and we’re still holding out today. With all of the adverse effects coming out, you have science on your side. Best wishes to you.

  14. Sir, my heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing this. This is SOOOOO VERY AGAINST THE LAW!!! Bullies always control with fear…I hate to say it, but I get a sense it’s going to get worse before it gets any better, but I pray that the truth will wake some folks up, now that Pfizer’s documents are showing the staggering amount of adverse reactions they EXPECTED!! This coercion, bullying, and shaming is creating such decisiveness, I can honestly say that it feels downright surreal! Feels just as though we are back in grade school, facing the school bullies and the cowardly cronies that look up to him. Utter insanity. My heart goes out to ALL the people who share this story, and have had to leave jobs that they not only love dearly, but financially need now more than ever…many who are so vested in their work’s retirement plans, and now have to walk away from their retirement or play Russian Roulette with a malicious experimental jab created only for evil.

    In some respects, I’m fortunate. As a retired disABLED Nurse, I’m unable to truly work even a part-time job. I used to, however, be able to enjoy ushering events at a couple of the lovely theaters nearby, and annually docent from Memorial to Labor Day, at our Museum of Natural History’s “Butterflies Alive!” exhibit. BOTH situations mandate that to volunteer I must be fully vaccinated…no exceptions. I LIVE for the butterflies, and sharing knowledge with folks that come from all over the world ~ and my enthusiasm and adoration for the butterflies shows. I’m so very saddened, as the inability to do this affects my emotional wellbeing. The small group I used to walk with now considers me a selfish murderer, as I’m basically considered the Typhoid Mary who will infect everyone…I’ve actually worked extremely hard on my immunity ever since I reacted very adversely several decades ago to a flu vaccine, and was told by the head pharmacist to never take any vaccines again.

    (Thank you so much for allowing me to express myself…I feel as I just need to vent sometimes. May everyone be safe as possible, be blessed, and please take good care of yourselves. I did end up with a VERY mild case of Covid in January, despite masks, social distancing, and sanitizer! (None of which work) It was so mild, I figured it wasn’t even Covid, but it was. Nothing to fear! Mild if you are mindful to take the suggested vitamin/mineral supplements)

  15. Evelyne, your courage and stamina are admirable! My heart goes out to you and to everyone who’s suffered bullying, coercion, exclusion, the scarlet letter treatment, defamation, etc., etc. What we are watching unfold is surreal; I often feel as if I’m living inside a dark dream, a shadow realm where atrocities and absurdities are the norm.

    A best friend of twenty years, someone I shared a deep faith with, informed me that she feels unsafe around me and we therefore cannot see each other. Our friendship has been tossed into the waste bin. I believed it to be strong enough to withstand any storm, that she’d be impervious to blatant propaganda and widespread deception due to her lifelong faith. The wreckage of broken hearts and bodies must stop, yet I couldn’t do one thing to save her from the lies.

    I encourage you all to find local groups which advocate for medical freedom, such as the Weston A. Price Foundation. I recently began meeting with a local chapter. There isn’t a chapter of CHD anywhere near me, unfortunately.

  16. I’m an RN who quit two jobs over this. They stated the rules, I gave notice. I will not pander or beg. Nothing is worth my life.
    I’m still working as an RN- I just don’t work with the CMS. And I’m in a state where my position cannot be forced to vaxx for anything.
    Choose wisely. This is the not the end of it.
    Never surrender an ounce of your rights.

  17. I worked for a subsidiary of a major educational institution whose main campus is located in Cambridge, MA. I spoke out about the shutdown as unlawful and indicative of an “operation”. It’s so obvious. Deaf ears. We all went home to work, but I spoke out about all those unable to earn their livings from home. What about them? Deaf ears. The creep in the corner office on Beacon Hill issued his unlawful edict to cover our noses and mouths with blue plastic or rags (that we now know he and his senior staff and an M.I.T. professor KNEW were useless — . Immediately we left MA for NH because their elected creep had yet to issue HIS unlawful edict for face coverings. No governor or mayor and “public health” director can order a medical intervention. Deaf ears.

    Over the summer, talk began about a return to the office — probably after Labor Day. Received an update from senior staff about what that would mean — must walk only counterclockwise; only three people in the kitchen at one time; slave rags, of course, for any time spent away from your desk; only two people at a time in the elevator with both occupants in opposite corners, backs to each other facing the wall…Told my spouse THEN I would have to quit. Less than two years from full retirement, but under no circumstances would I participate in this abject idiocy — all of which was based on a lie.

    So, loss of career, loss of income, loss of company-sponsored health insurance. Absolute refusal to participate in the unlawful, e.g. face masks about which I said at the time, if people cooperate with this vs. standing up against it, you watch…Next thing will be the “puncture” and you won’t be able to say no then…

    Lack of courage, lack of discernment, disloyalty to liberty, infidelity to basic human rights — where did ANYONE think this would lead? To a happy outcome? When did those vices EVER lead to happy outcomes???

    Dislike the lecture? Well, I and those few of us who stood up — and continue to do so — disliked losing our jobs. We disliked being called names. We disliked being accused of being “selfish” and “killing grandma”. We disliked being told to “follow the science” when the lies were OBVIOUS — or should have been, especially to people with fancy degrees.. We disliked being denied service in places of public accommodation. We disliked knowing the incredible destruction to the most vulnerable at the beginning of this–and now the destruction of everything–had the full support and cooperation of the vast majority of this country’s inhabitants. I call them inhabitants because so few are actually American. I knew this would happen out of the gate. Learned this lesson back in 2001 when the government told an abjectly ABSURD story about the attacks of Sep 11 — and the “American” people believed it. Based on that, they celebrated the erosion of their own God-given rights and countenanced the murder of so many innocent people. As it is alleged that Voltaire once said, “If you can get people to believe absurdities, you can get them to commit atrocities.” And now? Well, what goes around, comes around.

  18. If you do research the history of vaccines, it is not a pretty sight. Most were thrown out to the public to make money. Big pharma tried scare tactics and gaslighting to get customers. They have succeeded in doing so because mainstream media as well as government officials are invested in their propaganda. Stick with Biblical principles and natural immunity by eating and drinking healthy.

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