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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

U.S. Autism Rate Rises to One in 44 Children

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Last month, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention (CDC) published an analysis of 2018 data from nearly a dozen states confirming that the autism rate for eight year old children in the United States has risen to one in 44 children.1 Rates were one in 54 eight-year-old children in 2016,1 one in 150 in 2000,2 and in the 1990s, prevalence estimates ranged from one in 2,500 to one in 1,000.3

By comparison, autism rates in France are one in 144, one in 139 in Iceland, and one in 138 in Austria.4

Autism was “once a rare brain and immune system disorder”3 but is now a common occurrence. Rather than viewing the increase in autism as evidence there is a very real and alarming expansion of the neuroimmune disorder among children warranting further research into causes, many public health officials continue to maintain that the increase is simply due to more awareness, better screening, and earlier diagnosis.

More Public Awareness and Screening Cannot Be Sole Reasons for Increase in Autism, Especially Severe Autism

Scott Badesch5, CEO of the Autism Society of America says that while increased awareness does contribute to the higher numbers of children diagnosed with autism, that alone cannot account for the current rates. Badesch believes there are likely several contributing factors including pregnancy and birth factors, such as an increase in C-section births, older parental age at time of conception, environmental toxins like heavy metals and pesticides, and genetic variants.

“People say rates are higher because of the changes of the diagnostic criteria and they say it’s easier for children to get identified,” said psychologist Roseann Capanna-Hodge, EdD “I say that’s not the truth and that I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and that even 10 years ago, I did not see the level of autism that I do see today.”5

Dr. Capanna-Hodge also said that, in her experience, the higher rates are occurring at the more severe end of the autism spectrum, while the detection improvements have largely occurred at the low and mid-level portion of the spectrum.

Environmental Toxins Likely Play Role in Higher Autism Rates

San Francisco pediatrician Julia Getzelman, MD also believes that environmental toxins are playing a role because of increased environmental toxin exposures and the “mismatch between our genes and our environment.”5 Dr. Getzelman said:

The majority of our evolution didn’t include the kinds of toxic hits we are experiencing.5

Consistently High Levels of Aluminum Found in Brain Tissue of Individuals with Autism

One of the environmental toxins, which has been studied for its potential role in the development of autism, is aluminum. In a PubMed published study,6 researchers used transversely heated graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry to measure aluminum content of brain tissue from donors with an autism diagnosis. They found that aluminum content of brain tissue in autism was consistently high in the occipital, frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes. Authors of the study state:

These are some of the highest values or aluminum in brain tissue yet recorded and one has to question why, for example, the aluminum content of the occipital lobe of a 15-year-old boy would be 8.74 (11.59) μg/g dry wt.6

Sources of human aluminum exposure include food, air pollution, cookware, medications and personal care products. While public health officials maintain that there is no link between aluminum-containing vaccines and neurological  disorders, including autism, aluminum is in fact used as an adjuvant in some vaccines, such as hepatitis A and B, diptheria-tetanus-containing vaccines, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and pneumococcal vaccines.7

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12 Responses

  1. Since a Third Party Laboratory in the USA has NEVER routinely analyzed the contents of any vaccine in the history of vaccines, we have no way of being certain that Aluminum is not in every vaccine. The FDA has studied the amount of inert aluminum in various foods to lessen the concern about the aluminum in vaccines but refuses to actually double check the reported amount of aluminum in vaccines? I recently read a study just about the wildly varying amount of chemically reactive Aluminum in the HepB vaccine given to New Borns. FYI: eating INERT aluminum has a very different absorption rate than the chemically reactive aluminum being injected with vaccines. Bottom Line: I don’t trust the “Ingredient List” of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers any more than the FDA, CDC & Politicians who the Industry routinely bribes.

    I am also dumbfounded that NOBODY is insisting that every lot of “The Jab” & subsequent boosters undergoes viral cultures before being released to the public! The manufacturers routinely check for fungal & bacterial contamination BUT NEVER CHECK FOR VIRAL CONTAMINATION! They just ASSume that the “Attenuation Process” is 100% effective. If a virus replicates: it is able to cause disease. Maybe “Omicron” disease is being caused by one of the not quite “attenuated” viruses used to manufacture “The Jab”?

    1. I completely agree. These numbers are from 2018…by now they could be greater than 1 in 40. Why does it take the CDC 3-4 years to create statistics like these? Aren’t computerized everything supposed to speed up the process of gathering and compiling data?

  2. I just finished reading Dr Suzanne Humphries book Dissolving Illusions. Up until now I thought that a few vaccines had iiradicated some illnesses. this book shows different. She first noticed that the flu vaccine caused severe reactions in her patients, and then went on from there, reconstructing the history of vaccines and finding a totally different scenery than what most people including doctors, are made to believe. An eye opener. No vaccine is safe and no vaccine is very effective.

    1. I have read that book also. It’s the truth that is buried by big pharma to protect profits. Another great book is “Empire of Pain” that tells the story of how big pharma (Purdue pharma and the Sackler family) started and continues to support the opioid crises. Profits over safety, effectiveness and life has been their motto for over 60 years.

  3. It’s very disturbing how the rate of autism is higher in the US than Europe and way higher than in the past. Something’s different now. We need to figure this out before it’s too late.

  4. I found the difference in rate of autism between the US and some of the European countries mentioned quite interesting to investigate further. First while we see a significant “statistical” difference, let’s keep some perspectives and notice the fact that the rate in Europe is getting quite scary. Second we need to keep in mind that the vaccines schedule in many european countries is increasing in terms of number of vaccines injected between birth and adolescence (that alone can explain the slight lag with the US rate). Third we cannot just look at this in isolation, meaning that while vaccines certainly play a very big role in the increase rates, we also need to take a very deep look at the state of health and nutrition (or malnutrition meant as not receiving proper nutrients while injesting toxins and so forth affecting the digestive system and hence the microbiome).

  5. Here is a comment I pushed on CHD earlier today, and the associated article link. Worth a read.

    On autism and environmental toxicity, a fascinating subject. In the past few years I’ve watched many documentaries and read articles about micro aluminum and how in pervades our environment, curing autism (actual proof, some kids got better), etc, etc. If in doubt, opt out, do not take the risks. Autism is a nightmare, nobody wants that. We reject vaccines on principal and the very thought they may increase risk of debilitating disease. We’d rather take our chances ‘in the wild’ without vaccines. My below commentary to the above linked article is related to this autism article here on nvic because; all vaccines do harm and the cover up is extensive and baked into the research methodology. Read. Learn.

    You know they say trust the doctors trust the science.
    This person is a doctor, phd in fact, and this is what appears to be ‘science’.
    It’s the laymens writing which is helpful. I’m going to print it out for the kids to read too.
    ON/OFF. It’s not a difficult concept.
    Artificially gained ‘immunity’ is not what people think it is.
    And measuring ‘immune system responses’ (aka the tickle and subsequent measurements per the above article), is just a very limited measurement for a very specific item.
    That’s ‘vaccine safety’ in a nutshell. It is delivered. The body responds. They have a valid measurement.
    They proclaim, immunity achieved! Without doing the necessary follow up to see what negative effects this also may cause.
    When we get sick from in the wild, aka; natural exposure, all that goes through our skin, mucous, etc.
    Our body turns immune system responses ON.
    Then when it’s managed, our body turns immune system responses OFF.
    In the processes involved between the first On and the final Off, cellular repair and homeostasis balancing occurs. Then we either die, live with some permanent injury, or as is the case the vast majority of the time, we get ill then we get better and eventually get to full recovery.
    When you bypass the natural mechanisms one of the side effects can be that your body becomes confused and does not turn OFF some of these responses. Your body may also fail to perform necessary cellular repair and stasis balancing, because your immune responses was never turned ON in the traditional manner. Your body may respond as expected to exposure but is confused about turning OFF the responses. That’s when you get lasting side effects that may be nearly impossible to mitigate. You can’t take it out once it’s in, and giving it a mainline entry through a needle virtually assures you will not have the natural On Off reaction. But as the ‘measurement’ of ‘immune response’ is there, that’s where the vaccine industry hangs their hat and proclaims; ‘safe and effective’. They got the effective part right, and tossed the safe part in there without adequate proof. They ignore all subsequent challenges to this proclamation.
    And that’s where vaccine side effects come in. The worst ones are the most obvious, death, retardation, gb syndrome where they shake and stuff or spontaneously fall asleep, can’t walk, bells palsy, even reactions in the blood which are speculated that some cancers and leukemia, etc.
    What people don’t want to recognize, so much profit and the dream of an instant fix to diseases via a needle which is oh so simple and easy to deliver to the masses….
    Is that everyone has vaccine reactions, it’s just that after the vaccine challenge, peoples bodies effectively regulate the reactions back down, but there can still be lasting consequences especially later in life. Because every vaccine causes some sort of damage.
    That is the point of the vaccine in the first place. It challenges the immune system. It must cause damage to work. The theory of this damage being non existent is constantly challenged by ‘anti vax’ activists, whom of course are downplayed due to pervasive conflicts of interest.
    Because you can’t measure something you don’t look for in the first place.
    Hence the never ending argument about safety studies and vaccines.
    Decades later us anti vaxxers are inclined to believe the large test groups like the amish and other populaces globally, they don’t have as much chronic illness over the long haul and certainly don’t have as much immediate vaccine injury and autism etc. They are not perfect test groups because they live on this same planet, exposed to environmental toxicity and food and water toxicity like the rest of us, and they also may take pharmaceuticals, just on a more restricted basis than the rest of us.
    But the proof is there, proof positive according to many. An excess of vaccinations is causing massive upswings in chronic illness, other minor damages, and there is a pervasive conflict of interest which causes concealment of the massive scale of damage.
    Where is my photo of the baby with 60 needles poking out of it again, on my other computer…
    And now that’s like sort of getting over the top and they’re facing an increasing volume of parental resistance, enough kids are getting damaged.
    But they promised investors a profit in a robust growing industry with a mainline into taxpayers pockets via existing and future planned subsidy and grant money. Which is just the cherry on top in combination with the insurance guarantees for payment. Some speculate half of what we pay is vaccine related. And they don’t care to look at or acknowledge side effects; A customer cured is a customer lost. Chronic illness management pays very well too.
    They told us be afraid be afraid, you’d better vaccinate those kids and you’re an immoral irresponsible parent if you don’t. We refused anyways.
    How on earth did humans survive the past thousands and thousands of years or even much longer? It’s a miracle we made it this far and thankfully, the vaccine industry is here to save us from ourselves and our own naturally effective immune systems…
    If you don’t go with this you are simply not up to date on the ‘science of measuring immune responses’. Only a total idiot would deny what is a bonafide proven peer reviewed proof positive measurement of ‘valid immune responses’.
    In the real world though, they are only measuring one thing and purposefully do not measure anything else. It’s called reaching a predetermined conclusion and ignoring all future challenges to theorems. The world is still flat. Water is dangerous, we need wine to avoid the plague (because it’s boiled and they did not yet understand that water needs boiled to be sanitary in ancient times conditions), horses are better than cars, people will never actually be in the skies flying, etc, etc, etc. And vaccines are safe the ultimate cure all that changed society and we should all hail the miracle of modern medicine. Just ignore the fact that the downticks in disease have direct relations to sanitary water, sewer systems, advanced imaging devices, soap, dramatic increases in literacy among the common man and reductions in poverty, etc, etc.
    Every time, after viral outbreak, they brought forth a vaccine to ‘wipe it out’ and keep it at bay in the future. But one problem, all vaccines historically were developed and delivered after the fact, as ‘prevention’ not a cure. It seems obvious this vaccine while something is running hot is not working as intended. They even had to change their own definitions of what a vaccine is to sell this nonsense.
    But the worldwide adult population is indeed a large customer base. And now they seek to deliver this product to market by both deception and force.
    Companies you can trust!
    There are only like a half dozen effective vaccines for truly life threatening illness. And even for those, science has found new interesting solutions via historical and current research. I bought the smallpox homeopathic remedies they say native americans used, just to be on the safe side.
    But yeah, if you don’t pay attention to safe diets, chemical free foods, and a great many other health issues, why not take the vaccine, you’re on a downhill slide anyways and clearly are not capable or willing to put in the work. Instant cures for everyone, roll up your sleeves!
    Kids will be fine without vaccines, so will adults. Don’t participate in this zealotry. It will go on our entire lifetimes but in our childrens times, hopefully the truth will be more broadly understood that vaccines are not miracles and in fact;
    “There is no such thing as a safe vaccine.”
    The only thing you accomplish by vaccinating is proving your body can handle an immune system challenge. And if you do that too often, you’re more likely to be harmed than not.
    “To deny natural immunity is to deny the very basis for vaccination.”
    We do have a pandemic. A pandemic of idiots whom will never be intellectually capable of understanding these concepts. A massive quantity of ‘educated people’ whom through the benefit of scale have intelligence and much factual knowledge and resource, but do not necessary posses high functioning reasoning and discernment capabilities. And even if they do, they are unlikely to have the independent rebel streak to be willing to go against the establishment on these issues. Even in Newtons or Galleleos time, they were the rogue players. What they knew was not necessarily a secret, but they were the brave ones to proclaim it publicly.
    People will one day look back and recognize RFK Jr , Del Bigtree, people from the NVIC group and other vaccine safety advocate groups, etc, etc, as true heros of our time. Willing to go against established doctrine and call it for what it appears to be, vaccine related dogma.

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