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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Some Health Care Workers Choosing Not to Get COVID Vaccine

Show of hands… How many of you have gotten a COVID vaccine? (These are four health care workers from different hospitals in North Carolina.) We don’t know what the long-term side effects are. It also hasn’t been proven to be effective. The CDC and many public health experts say that it’s more than 90 percent effective. They do say that. That hasn’t proven to me to be true. I’m not going to just jump on a bandwagon with something that has not been tested.

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    1. The atrocity is seeing patients come in for cellulitis, bug bites, car accidents with a mandatory testing in which they show positive. They are then put on a covid unit, totally symptom free.
      The number of people coming in with vaccine reactions strokes, heart attacks neurological problems, months after getting the shot, it’s just heart gut-wrenching! The lies of the numbers the hospitals are presenting is an atrocity against humanity! Hospitals won’t listen to the treatment options!

  1. SF DPH has mandated that all workers in “high risk for COVID exposure” venues get the COVID shot. The governor piled on and mandated healthcare workers all over the state to get the COVID shot.

    We have the “option” of requesting a medical exemption and no doctors are signing the exemptions because the DPH questions them about every exemption they sign and after five, DPH threatens their license to practice.

    We have the “option” of requesting a religious exemption and an Inquisition can question our “sincerely held belief” and they can call it a “personal belief” as opposed to a “religious belief.”

    Half a million reports in VAERS of adverse reactions to the shot? 6,000 people dead from the shot? Now the CDC, itself, admits that the shot does not prevent infection or transmission of SARS-CoV-2. It never did and was not tested for doing so in the EUA trials. And the city of SF, the State of California and a bunch of other local/state governments and businesses who want to reopen and give the appearance of safety are making mandates for people to get COVID shots.

    The federal government is not allowed to mandate EUA products. So Tony Fauci and associates leaned on state and local entities to do the dirty work, with a questionable DOJ opinion backing it up.

    How many people have to die before the jig is uo?

    Supposedly, because my employer has informed me that I have a choice about receiving an EUA product and what the risks of not receiving it are, I can refuse the product. There really is no choice. My choice is to get fired, lose my career and remain healthy.

    To those who think I am a murderer because I don’t get the shot to protect my friends and loved ones, pay attention: the shot does not now, never did and was never test to prevent infection by SARS-CoV-2 or transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Getting the shot protects NOBODY from infection or transmission; A bunch of risk and minimal, if any, benefit.

  2. Zuto-Same here in TX. Our “choice” is to voluntarily have the jab or voluntarily be separated from employment. The religious and medical exemptions only exist as a policy, implemented to give the illusion of choice. Just this week in my hospital, all the covid + employees are the fully vaccinated. Those of us who have submitted our exemptions in the policy set forth by our hospital, are risking unpaid suspension. The deadline for the committee approval or denial is AFTER the deadline for the first vaccine injection in order to be in compliance with this policy, after which we are suspended without pay and unable to use any banked PTO. In other words, we are all being setup for suspension as another pressure tactic. I suspect the hospitals have a nice bundle of money from the Feds being dangled before them, requiring a majority of their employees to be vaccinated. It’s always about the money. We serve big pharma, and if we are not brought under control, we are deemed the “unclean pandemic drivers”.

  3. Note that the “reporter” says the shots are “90%” effective. What he doesn’t tell you is that the stat is misleading. First, it’s not 90%, second, it is “relative” not “absolute” effectiveness. The pharma companies love to taut “relative” effectiveness which is meaningless. The absolute effectiveness is less than 2%.

    You must wonder why the establishment is lying to us.

  4. FTA: The masking recommendation was updated to ensure the vaccinated public would not unknowingly transmit virus to others

    Masks do not stop transmission, nor do they stop you from catching a virus. It’s aerosols, not huge droplets that are the main cause of transmission…so she is knowingly lying.

  5. Good for them! Everyone should have a personal choice in this decision. I agree that a mandate is what makes me more suspicious. I just can’t wrap my head around that!
    Also DiBlasio’s comment is so idiotic. I hope he gets kicked out of office soon.

  6. Bravo to these health care workers for standing up for their rights! I’m sure they’re seeing vaccine injured people come into their hospitals and clinics everyday and know first hand the injuries these injections are causing. I’m betting they said that to the reporter too, but it was edited out.
    The stories of injury and death from these shoddily tested, Warp speeded genetic therapies are legion, and the stories will at some point spill out into the mainstream. However, right now, with all of the censorship by mainstream media, people who are unvaccinated are made out to be the villains. Yet, if the true story of the injuries and deaths were made known, everyone would understand the real reason for the hesitancy and there would be far less finger pointing and judgement.
    This policy of only telling one side of the story is actually stoking more division in our country — even more than the political division we’ve seen in recent years.

  7. The drive to give the shot to 100% of the world is to eliminate anyone who might represent a control group for the vaccines. A control group is a group that does not receive whatever product is being tested. Normally the control group would receive a placebo and nobody would be informed of who got the real product and who got the placebo. Over time what happened (or did not happen) to people in the control group is compared to the what happened in the group that did receive the product. This is a way to detect harms or benefits that are directly associated with the product being tested.

    So if there is no control group for this global experiment with mRNA vaccines, there is no way to tell if a harm was caused by the vaccine, and the manufacturers can chalk it all up to coincidence.

    The people who are refusing the COVID shot are as close as we are going to get to being able to tell good and bad effects caused by the shot. Far from being villains, we are the ones who will help expose the truth about what the vaccines do or do not do.

    So hold on tight, to the best of your ability, because your role is vital

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