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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Woman Dies Minutes After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine at Cal Poly Pomona

holding hand of woman in hospital bed

A 78-year-old woman died on Feb. 12, 2021 after receiving the first dose of Pfizer/BioNTech’s experimental messenger RNA (mRNA) BNT162b2 vaccine for COVID-19 in California. The woman, whose name has not been released to the public, was given the injection at around 12:00 pm at a COVID-19 vaccination site at California State Polytechnic (Cal Poly) University in Pomona. Almost immediately after she got the shot, she started complaining of discomfort.1 2 3

According to Michael Morris, MD, the physician director of Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California vaccination program, which operates the Cal Poly vaccination site, the woman lost consciousness in the observation area minutes after being vaccinated.1 2 3 He confirmed:

[She] received an injection of the COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer around noon. While seated in the observation area after the injection, the patient complained of feeling discomfort and while being evaluated by medical personnel, she lost consciousness. .Paramedics on scene began CPR almost immediately and continued, but she ultimately could not be revived. Her cause of death has not been determined; however, there were no signs or symptoms of a severe allergic or anaphylactic reaction. Her family has shared that she had a history of heart- related illness.2 3

Dr. Morris dismissed a causal relationship between her death and the COVID-19 vaccination she received just before she died. “Early indications are that this very sad incident is not related to the vaccine,” Dr. Morris said. “Her cause of death has not been determined; however, there were no signs or symptoms of a severe allergic or anaphylactic reaction. The vaccination hub will remain open and vaccinations will continue as long as supplies are available.”1 2 3

It is unclear whether this death following COVID-19 vaccination was reported the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS accepts reports of adverse events that may be associated with U.S. licensed vaccines from health care providers, manufacturers, and the public.4 Jointly operated by the FDA and CDC, VAERS was created by Congress under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 in response to growing public concern about the safety of whole cell pertussis vaccine in DPT (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus) and other childhood vaccines.5 

Kansas Woman Dies After Anaphylactic COVID Vaccine Reaction

A 68-year old mother and grandmother, Jeanie M. Evans, died suddenly on Mar. 24, 2021 at Stormont-Vail Hospital in Topeka, Kansas after an anaphylactic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine. According to the Kansas City Star, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is investigating the death. Reportedly, she began experiencing anaphylaxis during the waiting period following administration of the shot and was transported to a hospital where she later died. A health department spokesperson said, “Until the investigation is complete, it is premature to assign a specific cause of death.”6 

Other recent cases of people in California reported to have died shortly after having received COVID-19 vaccines include 60-year-old Tim Zook in Orange County who died on Jan. 9, 2021 four days after getting the second dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech’s BNT162b2 vaccine and a 64-year-old man in Placer County, CA who died on Jan. 21 three hours after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.7 

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33 Responses

  1. So, they will diagnose that you have COVID just by looking at you and ascribe your death to COVID without conducting any tests, but if you die right after the COVID shot, they won’t accept that it has anything to do with the injection and by law aren’t allowed to conduct any autopsies! That’s not at all fraudulent or completely unscientific.

  2. Leslie… I have never heard of any law prohibiting autopsies following COVID vaccine. Please tell me where to find this information! Very damning to the whole industry if this is indeed true!

  3. Since the AMA and other medical associations as well as all pharmaceutical companies are in favor of aborting millions of human beings…..why should it surprise any of us that they show no concern for vaccine fatalities?

    1. I tell “Christian” people that they have aborted fetal cell lines in the vaccines, and I hear…nothing. They ignore it!

      I told a friend of mine and she was very disturbed by that fact, she didn’t know. I had thought she would have rejected the vaccine because she doesn’t trust doctors, but her husband insisted they all get it because his mom has Alzheimers (maybe thanks to the flu shots she’s gotten regularly for decades?).

      So, for what it’s worth, at least inform all the “Christian” type people out there that want this vaccine (which does not have the virus in it). How can they just TRUST these companies? I mean the undercover video of that Planned Parenthood was an abomination to anyone with any feelings, not to mention God.

  4. What criterion does a death have to meet in order to be classified as a death caused by Covid-19 vaccine?

    Of course, if such a criterion does not exist, then nobody can possibly ever die from a vaccine.

  5. You may just as well say that if you ran someone over in your car and they died a few minutes later, it had nothing to do with getting run over. I guess the doctor knew what would happen to his medical license if he said it was the vaccine. And they wonder why more and more people are losing trust in the medical establishment and the vaccine program.

    1. Sadly, not enough are losing trust. I know 2 people that were probably hurt by the vaccine, one had a bunch of mini strokes and another just died in his sleep, he wasn’t that old, in his 70’s. They trusted modern medicine.

      Not sure if this is true, but someone claims that the test for the virus has nano robots imbedded in them.

  6. These moron doctors, somehow, see NO correlation between the vaccine and subsequent deaths of individuals!!! What are they BLIND!!!! (Or maybe on the payroll). Hum.

  7. This is just pure evil. Those shots are going to kill us all, some at once, some a week, month, or year later. Why this genocide? To replace current Americans who are impossible to manage with a more compliant population, currently streaming across the borders. This is what it’s all about !

  8. If there were a similar number or even fewer deaths from a plane crash as have been reported following the Covid vaccines, the airline would be grounded. Or a rash of deaths resulting from something like the “Unsafe at any Speed” Corvair, there would be a major recall. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”

  9. Always follow the money. This is not science. This is about killing off as many seniors as possible around the world and it is right in our faces.

  10. I just so do not understand how they can say this was covid vaccine related. Was this lady not just fine before the vaccination?? How can they say this is not due to the shot. That is a real head scratcher. Yes!!! It had everything to do with it!! Why will they not accept this. Most likely because if they put that finding out to the public more and more people will not get the vaccine.

  11. Oh, no there was no anaphylactic reaction. She just happened to die minutes later, but no, no, no the vaccine absolutely, positively did not cause it. It was just a coincidence and probably related to a heart related illness. ? No words…….

  12. It’s so sad about these people……they are just doing what they were told to do……trusting in the “science”. Autopsies should be insisted by family members. I’d sure want to know if it were my family member……and I’d insist on a full CBC & Chem Panel as well.

  13. At Nyc Hospital I am seeing similar problems with obvious Covid vaccine reactions and Drs are saying that symptoms are not related to the vaccine. 70 yr old female received the Covid vaccine and passed the 15 min observation period. Taken home by family member and 2.5 hrs later noticed dropping face, Left arm weakness, slurred speech. Found out her mom had a brain bleed. “It’s not the vaccine” medical center determined. Lady was a fully functional 70 yr old independent in all areas.
    Because Drs are making the determination that the vaccine is not the cause of various symptoms, they are not reporting these events that are happening.

  14. Not related to the vaccines??…I am sick and tired of hearing this blatantly repeated lie. How many more people have perished from these fake vaccines that we will never hear about? I fear in the months and years ahead, many who received these gene altering poisons will come to deeply regret their decision while on their deathbeds.

    Since there is no absolute proof that any of these concoctions will make any difference in saving a life or saving anyone from any disease, then why are they pushing these injections?

    The ulterior motive…drumroll please…the extinction of mankind or at least the partial destruction of populations. And/or after several injections, your body will have enough nano-particles inside so that Gates and Fauci can control and monitor you like a robot. 5G and all the monitoring apps? If you don’t tow the Communist party line, you will be exterminated like the lab rat you signed up to be.

  15. so sorry for those who died who in “good faith” followed the leader and also for familes affected by the loss because of the vaccine. outraged that shots are being required to get a passport in order to socialize…when there are still unknowns regarding side effects of the vaccination! we should all be outraged AND insist that biden, harris, fauci, pelozi be impeached immediately.@@
    controlling lives is no laughing matter!! Scripture says we have “free will”. We are not to be puppets and controlled by ignorant leaders with a morality based on groupthink!

  16. If she got shot by a gun, the authorities would say, “a link between the entry of the bullet into her chest cavity and her death immediately afterwards has not been causally established. People die every day. Today was probably just the day her number came up.” Coincidence.

  17. Thoughts are with the families of all these vax victims. Whether they were truly covid-fearful, ill-advised, uninformed or bullied/coerced by family/employer or circumstance … they were undoubtedly SAFER with the VIRUS than the VAX. The numbers of deaths are shocking, but those that survive the jab may have to live in fear of the next stage in this plandemic. Stay safe, get yourself in the ‘know’.

  18. Is only an allergic reaction valid?!? What about the rNA messing up her whole body programing, dissolving her body platelets, or anything else gone haywire in such an unnatural unusual bio agent called a “vaccine.”

  19. Every death since this “pandemic” has been COVID related which accounts for all the high numbers but people who drop dead after the vaccine is no way at all related to the injection. Makes perfect sense!

  20. Life insurance does not pay when death is a result from participating in an experimental drug trial. They don’t pay for 12 months following the ‘jab’.

  21. The “shot”, not a vaccine ,should be labeled for “Experimental Use Authorization” not Emergency Use. If you cannot question or are not allowed to prove whether a person has died as a result of taking it and it has not been fully tested and approved as safe for use by the public , then it is a horrible human experiment with no consequences for its creators or promoters.
    If you consider the government spokes people promoting these injections then you know they stand to make a lot money.

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