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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Moderna, Pfizer Test mRNA Experimental Biologics on Children

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On Dec. 10, 2020, American biotechnology company Moderna, Inc., which is pioneering the development of experimental messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics and vaccines, gave a 12-year old a dose of the company’s mRNA-1273 vaccine in a Phase 2/3 study of the new vaccine. Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said, “Our goal is to generate data in the spring of 2021 that will support the use of mRNA-1273 in adolescents in advance of the 2021 school year.1

Moderna was granted an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Dec. 18, 2020 for administration of the experimental COVID-19 biologic to adults 18 years or older. The estimated study completion date is June 30, 2022.2

Moderna Admits Struggling to Find Tweens and Teens Willing to Sign Up

Moderna needs to enroll at least 3,000 adolescent participants to provide valid safety and efficacy data, and to get authorization from the FDA for the COVID-19 biologic to be administered to children as young as age 12.3 However, by mid-January, the company acknowledged it was struggling to find enough adolescent volunteers,4 which will potentially delay FDA authorization for the mRNA coronavirus vaccine to be given to this age group.5

Moncef Slaoui, PhD, the scientific head of the previous administration’s Operation Warp Speed COVID-19 vaccination program expressed concern about having trouble getting adolescent volunteers to enroll in clinical trials. On Jan. 12, 2020 he said that, while a vaccine trial in adults is accruing 800 volunteers per day, the teen trial is getting only about 800 per month.6

The Moderna teen trial, called TeenCove, expects to enroll adolescents at up to 15 sites nationwide.7 Katherine Luzuriaga, MD, principal investigator at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, one of the 15 clinical trial sites, said study participants will receive either the experimental biologic or a saline placebo in a 2:1 ratio.

Those receiving the experimental biologic will receive two doses of 100 micrograms each, given 28 days apart, as is authorized for adults. Participants will be followed for one year after receipt of the second dose.8 They’re hoping to enroll children from diverse communities, especially those in Black and other minority communities which reportedly have been the most severely affected by COVID-19. Study participants must be between 12 and 17 years old, in good health, and have never tested positive for COVID-19.

In its “Frequently Asked Questions” section, TeenCove states that, “compensation for your family’s time will be available. We realize it takes time to come for study visits, so we want to make sure this is not too much of a burden for you and your child. The study site will review these details with you.”9

“Hard for Parents to Justify” Enrolling Children in COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Yvonne Maldonado, MD, an infectious disease specialist at Stanford University School of Medicine and chair of the committee on infectious diseases for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), said it’s crucial to get vaccine data for children of all ages. She said, “Many of us want to see kids vaccinated—for their own safety of course, but also because it really reduces the chain of transmission.” She observed that the fact that COVID-19 is usually so mild in minors makes it hard for parents to justify enrolling their kids in trials. “If the disease were something that was very clearly impacting them in a hugely negative way, you’d probably see more interest there,” she said.10

On Jan. 22, 2020 Pfizer, Inc. announced it had finished enrolling children between 12 and 15 years old in a study testing its COVID-19 biologic, as they seek to expand the shot’s use among different age groups. The study, which was announced in October, had enrolled over 2,000 participants, a Pfizer spokeswoman said in an emailed statement to Reuters.11

To Test or Not to Test COVID-19 Vaccines in Children?

Nationwide through Jan. 31, 2021, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported there were 267 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in ages 0-17, which accounted for less than 0.1 percent of all deaths in the U.S since the beginning of the pandemic. Persons over 65 years of age accounted for 81 percent of all deaths.12

Waiting until vaccines appear safe to test them in children is a common practice, as children’s biological responses to vaccination can be different than adult responses. Some doctors think testing in children should begin sooner than later, continuing the current overall push to expedite the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to all age groups. Others have argued that because children are less likely to have severe complications or die if they become infected with SARS-CoV-2, the risks of testing COVID-19 vaccines on them could actually be greater than those posed by the severe disease symptoms the shots are designed to prevent.13

The FDA convened a panel of outside experts for its Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) that met on Oct. 22, 2020 to review data and advise the agency on candidate coronavirus vaccines. Members of the FDA advisory committee expressed several serious concerns about the testing and approval process. Luigi Notarangelo, MD, chief researcher at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) said:

I think children at this point should not be considered for use of this vaccine until there is sufficient evidence that it’s safe for them, and what we’ve been presented today does not provide that.14

Pressure to return children to school may make testing vaccines in children more urgent, but Anthony Fauci, MD, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, states it’s “an extra added benefit when we get the vaccine for the kids,” but that it is not a prerequisite for reopening. That sentiment has been echoed by many teachers’ groups and medical experts. “There’s very little concern or sense that school shouldn’t be open because the kids aren’t vaccinated,” said Colin Sharkey, the executive director of the Association of American Educators.15

“This year has been the strangest anyone has ever experienced,” said Lisa Brown, a mother whose 15 year-old son is enrolled in the adolescent arm of the Pfizer mRNA study. “It’s important for this age group to get vaccinated so that they can go back to school, and things can go back to normal.”16

Many parents are “more afraid of COVID than the vaccine,” according to Laurie Evans, whose 16-year-old daughter is enrolled in the Pfizer study.17 But fear is only one element that would attract the thousands of American families Pfizer and Moderna need to enroll children for pediatric clinical trials. Many medical researchers and health officials are also emphasizing the concept that enrolling in COVID-19 vaccine experiments and getting vaccinated is for “the greater good,” suggesting that “getting a vaccine, when it’s available, is not just about you. It’s about protecting your grandmother who has diabetes and Uncle Sean, who is immune-compromised.”18

Limited Long-Term Follow-Up of Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 Biologics

So far, both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 biologics are believed to be generally tolerable, with most of the reported short-term side effects including fever, chills, fatigue, headache and injection site pain and swelling.19 However, clinical trials only included thousands of participants followed up for a few months. Important safety data won’t be available until they have been followed for many more months and even years.

Pfizer and Moderna have promised to collect and disclose follow-up clinical trial safety and efficacy information when it becomes available.20 However, long-term follow-up for conditions such as cancer and autoimmune diseases will become difficult, if not impossible, if the vaccine makers hasten to offer their vaccines to the placebo groups, which will completely erase the ability for researchers to compare or evaluate potential long term differences in health outcomes among the vaccinated and placebo groups.

Moderna and Pfizer executives have both suggested that the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial participants, who received a placebo, should be vaccinated.21

The challenge of keeping children in the study long enough to evaluate longer-term consequences of the vaccine is well articulated by mother Laurie Evans. She is concerned that the two-year commitment to which her daughter agreed as a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial participant means that, if she received a placebo, she might be discouraged from getting the actual vaccine when it is approved since that would compromise the ongoing research.

Her daughter is also concerned about that scenario, especially if her school requires students to be vaccinated in order to attend. Evans reports that Pfizer has been surprisingly vague on that point so far and has not yet spelled out what it will expect from placebo recipients.

Vaccine Experiments on Children Have Cruel Past

From 1950 to 1972, Saul Krugman, MD conducted hepatitis vaccine trials on disabled children aged five to ten years old at the Willowbrook State School on Staten Island in New York. One parent, Dianna McCort, said she was “desperate” to find a placement for her daughter. She described how Dr. Krugman offered to jump the long waitlist and put her daughter in the newer, cleaner research wards with more staff, but only if she allowed her daughter to be enrolled in the hepatitis B vaccine experiments.

“I did feel coerced,” McCort said, “I felt like I was denied help unless I took this [opportunity].” Dr. Krugman also told parents that since hepatitis was already prevalent at Willowbrook, their children may as well have the chance to not contract hepatitis B by getting the experimental hepatitis B vaccine.22

Willowbrook was one in a long line of human experiments on children, prison inmates, people in mental health facilities, and minority populations in the U.S.. In 1974, the National Research Act was passed in an effort to create regulations that protected subjects in human research trials. The Act created an ethics task force, the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research.

Vaccine experiments carried out without parental consent on babies and young children in Mother and Baby homes in Ireland during the 1960s violated the Nuremberg Code created by an international war crimes commission after horrific Nazi experiments on children during World War II were discovered. Patrick Meenan, MD, who led the vaccine program in Ireland and was also a key government advisor on the issue, stated: “There was a tradition of doing testing in orphanages. You went to where the material was to put it crudely.”23

“Mistakes with vaccines can erode the public’s trust”

In the Philippines, 600 child deaths are currently under investigation after children received the Sanofi-Pasteur dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia. Fourteen government officials have been indicted for acting with “undue haste” in procuring the vaccine and launching the mass immunization campaign before the clinical trials were finished.

The debacle in the Philippines offers a key lesson for governments and manufacturers when it comes to approving and selling new vaccines. Physician and bioethicist Keymanthri Moodley, who directs the Centre for Medical Ethics and Law at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, advises researchers and public health officials to “slow down” because mistakes with testing vaccines can erode the public’s trust and have long-term consequences for the health of an entire country. He said,

When a vaccine goes wrong, it creates fear and anxiety in terms of the public, especially the parents. That fear can impact negatively on the established immune programs that are actually safe and work very well.24

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  1. Primary reason to avoid this shot, every company making this has moved the goal post from what they have originally told the public. 21 days between shots were the absolute guidelines for the shots to be effective the public was told but now, it does not seem to matter. Not suitable for pregnant women but now pregnant women are being encouraged to get it. Now they want to give it to kids. More disturbing is they give no scientific reason why they have moved those goalposts. Just like moving the goalpost on the number of people that need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. CDC has never given a scientific basis for those assumptions.

    1. Yes, exactly. No studies to back up any of those recommendations. The fact that children have a better chance of being struck by lightning multiple times than dying from Covid should make people question why a child would even need an injection. They have reversed the “think of the children” mantra to “think of the teachers” as if children getting the shot will protect them.

    2. Watch Brendon O’Connell on Brighteon. Everything coming out of CDC and all of the bureaucracies is meant to purposefully keep you off balance. Cov1984 is a multi-pronged attack with multi-purpose end goals.

  2. It is bad enough that adults have taken the place of animals in testing out new drugs and vaccines. They expect us to sacrifice our young children to be used as guinea pigs for their unproven/untested vaccines? No parent who loves their child should ever risk that child’s health and life for a drug company. How could they even sleep at night?

  3. A parent who allows their child to be a human guinea pig for an untested unproven vaccine or medical procedure amounts to child abuse in my opinion

  4. Since the CV19 virus #’s seem to be going down, wouldn’t it be logical for those who want to be vaccinated, be vaccinated, & then they would have immunity to CV19, and it would seem fine for people to be able to intermingle & people ( individuals ) to be fine. I don’t quite understand the thought of vaccinating for a virus which there is a supposed simple cure for. I listened to
    Dr. Lee Merrit, and she said you “vaccinate when there is no cure, but there are several ways to treat this strain”. I am not a scientist, but found what she had to say interesting.

  5. I see the vaccine being called a messenger RNA vaccine. When I read Pfizer’s protocol it states it is a modified RNA vaccine. The M standing for modified, not messenger.

  6. Please God help these parents wake up.
    There are treatments for Covid. There are no treatments for vaccine injury. There will be parents who will live with heartbreaking regret the rest of their lives.

  7. I’m an RN who is watching my patients develop tremors over this, just days after receiving it. I literally feel nauseous thinking of giving this to children in an age where there is no informed consent and I could be potentially fired for telling someone they are part of a trial.

  8. It is inexcusable to test these “vaccines” on children and adolescents. Children are at very low risk of death from Covid-19. The long-term effects of the vaccine are unknown. The effect on fertility is unknown. The vaccines could be permanently modifying the DNA, or the genetic code, of the recipients. There is no proof that these “vaccines” are safe for children, and if a child or adolescent is harmed, the vaccine manufacturers have no legal liability.

  9. Every person on the planet should have the right to choose what they put into their body, PERIOD! No Govt. should make decisions that override a parent’s right to choose.

    Informed consent is necessary

  10. Why anyone would want to volunteer their child to be a guinea pig for a vaccine whose known side effects are vastly worse than the disease itself, is beyond me. And why aren’t they seeing that vaccine companies are admitting, even as they are looking for volunteers, that the vaccine for all ages is in phase 2/3 trials? Most drugs are not released until after phase 4–and even then there are disastrous results and consequences.

  11. Here’s an idea: since they are running short on volunteer children how about they pick them among the families of all the scientists, Pharma executives and government officials who are so confident that this is safe and useful? Heck, let’s make it mandatory for the tests to be run on themselves/their families first:-)

    1. The only “Investments’ most of these doctors care about are the ones in their bank accounts!

      “She observed that the fact that COVID-19 is usually so mild in minors makes it hard for parents to justify enrolling their kids in trials.”

      Yet they push for this experimental vaccine anyway! Who in their right mind would let their kids do this?!?! An insane blind believer in the religion of Scientism, that’s who.

  12. Reasons for NOT getting this EXPERIMENTAL, UNAPPROVED MEDICAL DEVICE; it is NOT a vaccine by the FDA and CDC’s own definition – it is a treatment which has NO BASIS in science or medicine:
    Anecdotal stories
    Professor of Molecular Genetics issues ‘chilling warning’ on Covid mRNA vaccine
    Urgent message from Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi – CoVID vaccine grave misunderstanding
    PLEASE educate yourself. These are NOT “vaccines”!

    1. Thank you for posting this link. Truly alarming and scary. It’s a HARD PASS for me. I have never uttered the words, Please inject me with your poison…

  13. This is completely insane and unconscionable. There is no need to use these gene therapy technologies on anyone under 18, or anyone period. They need to be thoroughly tested on animals before humans. Of course, they haven’t. Your RNA is being systematically altered and what is going to happen to your immune system after several years of these fake vaccines? No coronavirus vaccine has ever been successful. Over the next year there might be millions of deaths from these poisons and all the while they will be blamed on Covid, some other fake virus or pre-existing medical conditions. Since pharma has no responsibility for any of these fake vaccines, they can do whatever they want to you. Think about that.

  14. remember everyone that the trials for these ‘vaccines’ don’t finish until 2023…… just to be clear anyone that takes these shots are a part of a huge experiment and you haven’t even been told. Just a tiny bit of research and you will see for yourself they have hidden this in plain sight. So much for informed consent.

    1. I’ve told an eldest family member this. She is in get 70’s and had several chronic illness. I shared the Norwegian study of the country complaining about deaths among its older population after thew c19 vax. She said she wants to do her part and if she has to be a sacrifice for science so be it. My heart sunk because she is a very intelligent person. But many people believe the fake news and won’t even look at the truth coming out of these companies mouth. On Pfizer’s website it shows that phase three isn’t until 2023. So in 2021 what phase is this?

  15. The latest “sell” on this corona virus vaccine is just keep the public/vaccine receivers minds on this topic with endless versions of how this will be rolled out. The reason is quite simple. Billions of dollars will be made as this continues on with more billions to come because there are dreams to have a yearly new version of another corona virus be fed into willing hoards. The current blindness is working so well just keep it going for the next version.

  16. This is one big trial and scientists actually have no idea what they’re doing.

    No10 launches world’s first trial into whether mixing and matching coronavirus vaccines can enhance protection

    The new study, named Com-Cov, will initially look at mixing doses of the Oxford and Pfizer vaccines, as well as different intervals between doses.

  17. Isn’t it illegal in the USA to experiment on kids—that’s why the drug co’s normally go to dirt-poor countries where they are desperate enough to rent out their.
    _ It’s an interesting point—-I don’t know the law on it, but does the EUA allow special experimentation? That would be …… bad, but very I.G.Farben/Hitler-like.
    _ The gov is a sold-out lying whore, did you know, mom, dad? Fauci loves Bill Gates.

  18. Because many believe that blacks Hispanics are really”suffering” more their willing to put their heads in the sand because it affects “them”. Understand that third country’s hidden racism is why it’s going on so long. Race had been proven over and over again to have no impact in our physiological makeup for medical purposes. But if these psycho paths can trick you into thinking “it’s the blacks”… it was only because they knew your racism and prejudices would make you complicit.

  19. So many untruths couched in the statements of people. To start, this “vaccine” prevents NOTHING. It’s not even a vaccine by the technical definition, admittedly by the manufacturers.

    Vaccines innoculate. These, NONE of ’em, innoculate anyone!

    What they do is alter the person’s RNA, … to what ultimate effect?

    What, young people getting these now are going to see the results in their future children? … or how many months/years down the road in themselves?

    If there were any justice, they’re round up ALL of the execs at ALL of these Big-Pharma companies along with Gill Bates, and force them and their children to be injected with what they insist the rest of the world be injected with. Then wait 5-10 years and see what the results are before proceeding.

  20. You still have to wear a mask and maintain social distancing after being vaccinated, because the vaccine does NOT prevent transmission, it’s only designed to lessen symptoms! Children do not need this vaccine because children do not experience severe symptoms and it won’t do anything to prevent them from passing it on to grandma. Putting them in these vaccine trials is criminal!

    1. What is scary about this is in reality if you did get anything that relates to a bad infection after this vaccine it wouldn’t lessen your symptoms at all…….that is all media talk with no basis what is more likely to happen is that you will die. There has NEVER been a covid vaccine that didnt kill all ofits subjects once they get the real deal. Even Peter Hotez at the beginning of this (being so pro-vax it is sickening) said this is not a vaccine you want to be messing around with and that is has never had good results. This is gonna kill a LOT of people and you just know that it will be labelled as ‘a new deadly strain’ which they will have to make a new vaccine for until we are all sick and dying.

  21. Why would they want to do trial testing on children?? My answer is $$$ as always. That’s the main goal of pharmaceutical industries, of course. That’s absurdly wrong. As far as my understanding goes, children have much better chance to recover from covid than those who are around 70’s to 80’s. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to force vaccination on people who live in a nursing home.

  22. I cannot believe parents can sacrifice their children like this. How can they allow them to get an experimental vaccine that has had no long term clinical studies and, according to all the current data, has not been proven to stop anyone getting the ‘virus’, nor stop them spreading it? It’s diabolical.

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