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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

California Person Dies Hours After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

I’m really relying on the [COVID-19] vaccine to, in hope, cure this pandemic. Britney Tucker, one of the many people eager to get the [COVID-19] vaccine and get on with life. But fear of the unknown is why Eric Parah doesn’t want to get the vaccine in the first place. This was rushed just so fast. Hearing of a person dying, though, hours after being vaccinated does leave Britney uneasy. … Little is known about the person who died in Placer County… their age, gender, what vaccine they received and if they had any underlying health conditions.

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  1. We are singing to the choir… albeit the NVIC choir is harmonious indeed!
    We all need to share NVIC and other sites with everyone we know, including our local health department, school board, senior center, etc.

    See Dr. Simon Gold, America’s Front Line Doctors. Her presentation here is a great INTRO, yet very inclusive, about corona vaccines:


  2. This vaccine is an activation catalyst to make the otherwise relatively harmless virus more lethal and kill more people. The CIA has been working on this virus for over decade, and Obama told Fauci to shut it down, but instead, he had the virus sent to Wuhan, where it was perfected, and then released on the general population to begin spreading worldwide. This was always the plan from day one, and it is going exactly as intended. Gates and Fauci are both known eugenicists, and now are known mass murderers.

  3. “In California, Placer County officials said a man died shortly after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine on Jan. 21. They did not identify the vaccine or the person, but said he had tested positive for COVID in late December and that the vaccine was not given by the Placer County Public Health Department. Facebook posts say the man was a 56-year-old aide in a senior living facility. That death is under investigation … .” Article by Teri Sforza for Orange County Register, 1/26/21, [email protected]

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