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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

There May Be Side Effects to a Coronavirus Vaccine

Several companies [are racing] to get a [COVID-19] vaccine approved, but early trials show you may need to prepare for side effects. … These side effects are expected to be mild but could really impact your daily life. Yes, it depends on how you react and how you take that feeling of feeling crummy, because that is what the early data is suggesting… that several of these vaccines may make you feel crummy for a couple of days, and then you’ve got to go get that second dose.

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  1. So they got everyone wearing masks, spraying and eating hand sanitizer, they keep ‘cracking down’ and all this B.S., yet they still have “cases”. Gee, seems the masks aren’t working, or maybe it’s thanks to 5G and the symptoms of microwave radiation sickness is ‘flu-like symptoms”.

    Man people are so easily brainwashed. So take the vaccines with God knows what in them, heck it could modify your DNA but we just have to blindly trust the agenda-driven science, I mean, it’s the Religion of Scientism, no problems there! Not like “science” has ever screwed up in history, right? That little bugaboo with Thalidomide- OH- and DES, well sure thousands of babies were born with no arms or legs, and DES babies ended up with genital malformation and vaginal cancers (and their children are at high risk as well),but gee whiz folks, I mean scientists are ALL trustworthy! They never (well hardly ever) make any mistakes! And they never have any hidden objectives like Bill Gates and his sterilizing vaccines…well he’s not a scientist, but he PLAYS one on TV so I guess that’s ok….

    1. Excellent examples of what can happen when a drug is approved without adequate testing. People need to look at the history of Thalidomide and diethylstilbestrol (DES) and learn about what reasoning was used to get these drugs marketed and prescribed for pregnant women (!) before they were tested for long-term effects. Obviously, someone was in a rush to get these approved. and, just as obviously, the health of the women and children (many of whom paid a horrific price) was disregarded. What does the medical establishment not understand about why so many are “hesitant” to take this new, inadequately tested drug? It’s tantamount to a gamble. Who wants to gamble with their future? The drugs’ manufacturers are willing to gamble that their drug is safe to inject into everyone (does that include themselves and their family members — I seriously doubt it). All we know for sure is that the manufacturers are “safe” from any and all liability if/when the damage is done. With “millions” being encouraged to roll up their sleeves, we have to consider that some will suffer the most adverse of reactions (it’s in the science!); even at one percent — what’s one percent of millions? And who’s at risk? As it now stands, there’s no way to know. None of these vaccines have been thoroughly studied for long-term effects. What the fresh hell were people thinking? Good — rush to develop a vaccine; they did it in record time. What can’t be rushed are “long-term safety trials.” Give that some serious thought. Thank you.

  2. These people have to be out of their minds. Letting themselves be used as lab rats is crazy, can you say unethical? The testing (CSR) is flawed, as stated by the designer of the protocol, it was NEVER meant to be used as a diagnostic tool. It generates huge amounts of false positives!!! This is why the numbers are going up. You are putting your faith in the wrong people! When I hear someone say “I trust the science”, you have to ask yourself whose science are you talking about? Do you believe Dr. Fauci? The guy that perpetuated the ‘gain of function’ research in China that was paid for by U.S. tax payers? It is time to wake up!

  3. If you want you can listen on YouTube to Med Cram slides #116, #117, #118 on the different vaccines. Great discussion. Common side effects: pain at injection site, redness, swelling, fatigue, fever, muscle aches. This doctor does state that the longterm effects of the vaccines are unknown. Also, stated was the vaccine is only used to limited the symptoms of SARS-CoV2. It does not prevent viral infection.

  4. What worries me most about the panicky production of vaccines is their reliance on Bill Gates’
    recipe including mRNA (“modified” RNA [which = mutated]), which breaks the helix and changes one’s genetic setup in ways totally unknown. Contrary to the idea that a genetic change of even 1% can cause a person to become inhuman is a bit off the wall, a valued MD friend of mine says it’s a serious consideration, plus the fact that Dr Fauchi & Mr Gates are both involved with the NWO’s desire to drastically reduce the population of the earth is quite suspicious. Frankly, I have no desire to change the genetic makeup the Lord gave me, especially since the change goes to places we have no idea of. Peter

  5. Well gosh golly darn…thank the Lord there will be no long term affects for a newly created and hardly tested vaccine. My vaccine will be hi-doses vitamin D and that will work without ANY side affects or negative reactions.

  6. Getting the facts to the rest of the population is the problem. So many are clueless. Common sense should tell people NOT to hide away from a virus in the first place. It’s absurd. Vaccines have become crimes against humanity and this new one will be the star of the show. I don’t know how to fight the ignorance that keeps some cowering inside waiting for the vaccine to save them. It’s so ridiculous. It’s time to mask off and defend our rights before it’s too late.

  7. Let’s see – if you get COVID you have low grade fever, nausea, headache and pain – but if your a relatively healthy person, you’ll survive. If you take the vaccine you get the side effect of low grade fever, nausea, headache and pain …. so what’s the point of the vaccine????

    1. Well Dan, the reason is that even though they will get the symptoms that are exactly like getting the virus, they won’t get as sick as if they didn’t get the vaccine. Of course, they’re just assuming that they would have gotten sicker if they didn’t get the shot. Yep, I had someone tell me that before this flu nonsense became popular, that even though they got the flu shot every year and got sick from it, they claimed they would have gotten sicker from the flu without the shot. This fuzzy logic boggles the mind.

  8. This may be a question of futility, but when you go into a store and the sheeple I mean workers confront you about not wearing a mask, short of lying, what can you or do you do to keep from being kicked out, especially when all the other sheepies are wearing them and acting like a combination of Howie Mandell and Michael Jackson (both germ phobes)? And I don’t go to many stores, this is really the only one I go to for food shopping and it is way far away from us.
    I don’t want to comply with their foolish worthless and misguided mask policies.

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