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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Barbara Loe Fisher on Medical Exemptions to Vaccination

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The American Academy of Pediatrics and other medical organizations, who do receive funding from the pharmaceutical industry, have stated that their goal is to eliminate non-medical exemptions [to vaccination]. And in this country, the only way that we have the right and freedom to exercise informed consent to vaccination is the exemptions that exist legally in state vaccine laws. … Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to get a medical exemption in the United States anymore.

Doctors won’t write them because when they do and those exemptions don’t conform to very narrow guidelines of what constitutes a medical reason for not vaccinating somebody, that’s promulgated by the AAP and the Centers for Disease Control, then they are called by public health officials in the state and they’re harassed for giving a medical exemption. … They’re leaned on to withdraw the exemption. They’re leaned on to conform strictly to the very narrow guidelines of medical contraindications.

So if a physician, in their personal, professional opinion believes that a child or an adult is at risk for having a vaccine reaction… even if they believe that, they are afraid to give a medical exemption if it’s not a CDC or AAP guideline. And, frankly, ever since the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed, those contraindications to vaccination have narrowed so that almost nothing is a contraindication, medically, to not give a vaccine to someone.

So here you have very few medical exemptions being given. Parents whose children have suffered vaccine reactions, who have been permanently injured by vaccines, can’t get a medical exemption for their children or the siblings of their children. This kind of oppression leaves people with only the non-medical exemption to take. That is the personal belief, or conscientious belief exemption, or the religious belief exemption to vaccination. But, again, those exemptions are under attack by the medical/pharma lobby that don’t want to have any exemptions, except the ones that they give, medically… which I already have said, they don’t give.

— Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)


Mercola. Dr. Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher. YouTube (published Oct. 20, 2011)

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  1. I understand that vaccines have never been rigorously tested for safety or perhaps they have not been tested to reasonable standards or they have not been tested at all. Adjuvants have not been tested to my knowledge. So, why is this allowed? The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act appears to have been passed to shield the pharmaceutical industry from doing work related to safety of vaccine, work that would be able to show that every ingredient is “safe” and when an ingredient is found to not be safe, that that information is widely disseminated. I see ads all the time on TV where a list of horrible side effects is read for the drug being promoted. Why are vaccines not treated the same?

    Why doesn’t anyone point out to Congress the fact that as the number of vaccines increases, so does the incidence of Autism disorders. A lot of science is done in these times with correlation, not causation. Well, there is a strong correlation between the number of vaccines, the schedule of vaccines and the adjuvants in vaccines, plus specific characteristics of each vaccine and the incidence of autism.

    If the incidence of death due to car accidents rose, would anything be done. The answer is yes. We see laws about driving tests, age limits, eyesight testing, etc.

    Why isn’t there testing done on babies before they are EVER vaccinated to see if they are at risk? I know, we don’t have these tests. But, why not? There are genetic tests available to see who might react to certain drugs; doctors generally don’t know this or follow guidelines to withhold this information from the patient. I’m referencing the CPY-450 enzyme pathways, may of which have been elucidated and for which there are tests available.

    What would it take to sort through the genomes of all known autism spectrum disorder patients? It would take money and the will to do this work. This work is screaming to be done.

    I’m not advocating to not have vaccines. I advocating to have SAFE vaccines with safe adjuvants and testing for all individuals before ever receiving a vaccine to find those who most likely cannot tolerate even a really safe vaccine.

    Additionally, the Vaccine Court should be something every doctor is required to tell his or her patients. Very few people in the US are aware of the vaccine court and most everyone believes vaccines are safe. How is it that the medical community can actually say that vaccine are safe when there is no published data to show that. There needs to be truth requirements forced on the medical community so that people are not harmed without any knowledge of risk.

  2. Its a vicious cycle Barbara. Big pharma pays off legislators and physicians as well as has the money to brainwash Americans via TV ads and in newspapers and magazines. Big Pharma is entwined with our govt starting at the top and our hospitals are getting federal money for staff and patients that are immunized. The hospital and medical staff are coerced, demonized and humiliated to either mask-up or be fired. How’s that for discrimination? The ACCV is starting to discuss new vaccines and having patients being forced to get them before surgery will be done, for their own good…. Because they MIGHT get staph aureus…. The form you fill out for surgery is written to where you consent to ANY biological. My local childrens hospital is online signature and you cannot change anything, if I don’t sign and agree to everything, my kids cant be seen. Since all records are electronic now with NO opt out, things can be written or unwritten and we have no control because we can’t even see our medical record. Our records, like mine, was hacked and I can do nothing. Soon our medical records will be linked to our drivers license, passports, etc It’s all coming down to the govt control of the people. As it is, the govt legislators make the rules for the rest of us, they don’t follow them, themselves. They don’t eat like us, they don’t have the same medical care like us, they don’t live like us. They only make the rules and enforce it upon us. Whether they know anything about the bills they are forcing on us like whats in vaccines and the damage they are doing to our kids, that’s a whole other problem, they obviously don’t and don’t care, it’s all about he money. Chronically ill kids and adults are dependent upon Big Pharma for their life long medicine and vaccines cause a lifetime of damage, just follow the money.

  3. Where did you get your information about doctors being pressured to not write medical exemptions? I practice pediatric primary care in New York State. I know of no instances where a school district refused a medical exemption or a doctor pressured to withdrawal a medical exemption.

    1. You don’t practice in California because I have been told by every doctor I have tried to get a medical exemption from that, they’re not writing any exemptions because they’re not getting involved in the politics and risking losing their medical licenses. Dr. Richard Pan is a piece of shit of a human being an is pushing for legislature to exclude medical exemptions. If you want your child to go to any school in California then you either play Russian roulette with your child’s life or home school. And, you can’t get a medical exemption out of state and even if you move to California with an exemption, you need a new one from a California doctor.

  4. Do that before you have children. I would like this country to be full of vaccinated people just in case when I have kids and they have allergies that prevent them from getting vaccines, they won’t have a higher risk of dying.

  5. Why is vaccine advertising/promotion not required to disclose risks and possible side effects in each message like other pharmaceutical advertising? You would think something pushed so hard and without the normal product liability that is the norm in the USA would require full disclosure as part of the required medical consent. It would be logical for the parent or adult patient to sign that they fully understand this change in basic liability from the standard US legal product liability process (including personal liability of providers) and the replacement process with the Federal National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

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