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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Barbara Loe Fisher on Forcing People to Violate Their Conscience

excerpts from research on vaccines and vaccination policy

In the absence of scientific studies to compare all morbidity and mortality outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals to determine scientific truth and with vaccine experts busy comforting themselves with the scientifically idiotic supposition that the risk of dying after eating bread is identical to the risk of dying after being injected with a vaccine containing toxins that are used to deliberately induce seizures and death in lab animals, more and more people are refusing to blindly trust and put their lives and the lives of their children in the hands of the experts. They are demanding the right to decide for themselves which risk to take and the right to select the kind of preventive health care that is appropriate for their family.

There are those who are attempting to paint the people calling for better science and the right to informed consent as anti-vaccine child abusers and traitors to their country. And all they are doing by falsely characterizing people, who are only trying to be good parents and responsible citizens, is to pave the way for the day when you will see Americans marching with their children in the streets; standing up in court and in front of the TV cameras; willing to go to jail to fight for their human and civil rights; and defending with their lives their moral obligation to obey the certain judgement of their conscience and protect their children from harm.

You cannot take away freedom and force people to violate their conscience and expect to get away with it. Maybe in the Gulag or in Peking. But not in America.

— Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)


Fisher BL. Workshop On Risk Communication And Vaccination. Institute of Medicine Vaccine Safety Forum May 13, 1996.

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  1. Thank you for this Barbara! FINALLY someone who realizes that vaccines not only HURT but are NOT scientifically proven! Not to mention, the TOXINS forced into the TINY bodies of our young CHILDREN. My son will never get the MMR. I do not care what the CDC says, that is a government entity who is trying to force this kind of toxic crud on the public. If people would only do their research before they decide whether vaccines are right for their family or not. Even BEFORE having kids. READ the ingredients in vaccines people. They ARE available for you to review online. You will never want another vaccination as long as you live once you read the ingredients.

  2. Excellent commentary on vaccine abuse in America by the CDC, Big Pharma, and medical practitioners. Even myself had an ongoing issue after taking what I was told a vaccine for Tetanus, but afterwards was told that the vaccine also included “whooping cough” vaccine. I was and still am livid.

  3. So timely…. I attended a State Health Department Leaders conference earlier this week. One of the speakers was an attorney from Arizona who spoke about how to get around the Texas individual exemptions and force citizens and Health Department employees to be vaccinated. He proposed calling in Population Health Concerns to mass vaccinate for routine vaccines, not just in the case of an epidemic. This will all be accomplished through policy changes.
    That same day the news aired reports of a child dying in Ft Worth because she did not receive a flu vaccine and news of a “possible” outbreak of measles in Waco due to an un-vaccinated child. The truth behind these stories is: the tragic death of an otherwise healthy child was from the reports of the child’s father only- no MD or health official confirmation and the measles case had not been confirmed, one case is not an outbreak… They are tugging at parents heartstrings and using scare tactics.

  4. Thank you Barbara for getting the truth out. In the book, “Power vs Force”, David Hawkins speaks about how people can be forced to do things against their will, but ultimately it’s true power that will win out (example, the Berlin Wall). Much of what the pharmaceutical companies and the government are claiming is meant to coerce. If the vaccines are so effective and those that want them, get them, aren’t they then protected? So what’s the real problem? That if we use our right to choose and choose not to be vaccinated, it will affect Big Pharma’s profits. Greed!

  5. Hi ! I would love to download and print this but the page is not laid out for printing properly? When I try to download as a PDF it gets distorted. Is it me? Thank God for your work on behalf of democracy. M

  6. What is it going to take to turn the tide back to real health. I have watched in my life time so far for the past twenty years the posoining of innocent lives. This mercury/aluminum plus other adjuvants put into vaccines is the poison. And big pharma knows it. My own twins were affected twenty years ago. I knew intuitively something was wrong. Even after all the evidence of which the vaccine companies, NIH, CDC, and FDA do have they choose not to fix it. If even they won’t admit now how about secretly remove the mercury and aluminum. That would be a good start.
    I reviewed the mercury numbers many years ago from the vaccines my sons received and came up with 235 mcg load over a period of five years. I just finished watching vaccines revealed and trace amounts. Appalling still the evil ensues. Now I still believe it is still more evil and the abortion industry feeds the vaccine industry. Co-evil atrocities. May the creator of life be mocked no more. May the truth of the evils be exposed.

  7. Taking toxic substances do not heal illness, they increase the problems. Why take poison in the name of health, it does not make sense. A vaccination is not immunization. If you had measles you are immune. I had them two kinds of measles in childhood, they are not that big a problem, I lived. It builds a natural immunity and is not toxic.

  8. wait, we can’t eat bread? aren’t vaccines gluten-free?

    YES BARBARA—YET WHEN THE RICH FILTHY TAKE OVER A GOVERNMENT, CHOICES WILL BE INSTALLED TO PROTECT THOSE RICH. It’s a human thing. Constitutional checks and balances have been beaten down. While Franklin & other Founders warned they had not put enough checks on the Judiciary, no one could imagine dirty chemical companies, like I.G. Farben, Monsanto, & these vaccine makers, Merck, Pfizer, et al. Corporations were never supposed to take over the gov—isn’t that fascism?
    =>>NEVER BEFORE HAS THE WHOLE MAINSTREAM MEDIA BEEN IN ON THAT, drooling to destroy this land that gave the the liberty to be fools & useful tools.
    It’s almost like some rich want to kill us off?
    _ The D.J. T-Rump has little idea who all to fire. Yet, that is exactly how to eliminate appointed Executive Branch alphabet ‘Agency’ traitors.

    _ Check to see YOUR CONgressfolk paid. And for what access?

  9. Dear Barbara & all . Thanks for keeping the truth out there about the dangers of Vaccines…….we have to keep educating all we can………it’s vital to all the children’s health. The Recent News reports on the Horrible Outbreak of Measles in Washington was so overblown, and so many lies about un-vaccinated children…….how do we know how many were really vaccinated or not? Hey, back in the 50’s we all got measles, mumps, and we all survived………maybe because the Doctors back then knew what to do and so did the parents.
    My son got the chicken pox at age 5……..and I got them ….age 30. I used Herbs & Homeopathics – we came thru all very quickly. We will just keep trying. My thoughts & Prayers go out to all the Parents/ Children who have been damaged by Vaccines…..I know way too many.

  10. Sure, not having your kids get vaccinated will protect them for ‘toxins’. Luckily, now you have even less stuff to worry about! You won’t even have to think about high school when your kid lives to the ripe old age of eleven!

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