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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Children Given Flu Shots in School Classrooms

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Story Highlights

  • School districts have partnered with a for-profit corporation, CareDox/Healthy Schools, to provide students with free influenza vaccinations in classrooms during school hours.
  • CareDox plans to collaborate with schools, families and health care providers to provide low cost health care in schools across the country.
  • Important questions are being raised about informed consent, medical histories of children, and vaccine adverse reaction monitoring and reporting.

School districts across the United States have partnered with Healthy Schools, LLC of Jacksonville, Florida to administer influenza vaccinations to children in classrooms for the purpose of preventing absenteeism.

Denise Blatt, Director of Pupil Services for Elyria Public School in Ohio notes: Our days are limited, you know, the time that we get to spend with our students here and get them ready for everything they need to know. One day is important, let alone when they’re out with the flu it can be multiple days sometimes a week.”1 2 3 4

Cintia Johnson, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services for Arlington Public Schools in Northern Virginia says that their goal is to improve student access to influenza vaccines. “We’re increasing awareness about the importance of flu shots, we’re providing education around that through the information that parents receive, and then we’re making it easy for parents to access by having it right there where their child attends.”3 

According to news reports, Healthy Schools is paid to manage the entire school-based vaccination program, from seeking parental consent to setting up vaccination “clinics” on school property.1 4

Healthy Schools, LLC was founded by former Jacksonville Jaguars professional football player Tony Boselli.5 The organization’s website states:

Boselli established Healthy Schools when he realized how often students miss out on valuable classroom time when they cannot access quality care. On top of missing school, kids bring illnesses like the flu home to parents and siblings. Knowing a majority of families can’t afford to stay home, he created Healthy Schools to bring high-quality, no-cost health services directly to public school students during the school day. In-school health services provide a unique convenience for parents, reduce absenteeism in schools, and most importantly, create healthy kids and Healthy Schools.5 

In 2017, Boselli sold Healthy Schools to pediatric healthcare technology provider CareDox, Inc. of New York, where he is now a partner and the president.

CareDox, Inc. is a for–profit company with investors that include 7wire Ventures, AI Life Sciences, Access Technology Ventures, Band of Angels, Digitalis, First Round Capital, Kima Ventures, Prolog Ventures, Startup Health, Texo Ventures, Wanxiang Healthcare Investments and WTI Advanced Technology.6 7 8

CareDox, Inc.’s largest program, Healthy Schools, is focused on providing annual flu shots to as many school children as possible.6 The program expects to administer 600,000 flu shots to children in eight states at no cost to families.9 According to CareDox, it is able to “offer flu shots at no cost through reimbursement contracts with Medicaid and other insurance providers.”

According to an article in the Ponte Vedra Reporter:

Boselli said CareDox has agreements with the school districts to provide the platform in the schools so parents can sign up digitally (or via paper if they can’t digitally). Parents provide their child’s medical history and insurance information to make sure the child qualifies. If they don’t have insurance, Boselli said the company will administer the flu shot at no cost.”9

The article further states:

CareDox then manages the workflow and scheduling, sends nurses to the individual states to provide the vaccine, which is recorded on the company’s platform, and bills services for those individuals who have insurance. The company then shares the immunization information with state registries to ensure records are updated.9

Boselli has said that CareDox, Inc. requests parents to provide consent digitally through their website or via paper in order for their child to receive the flu shot; however, the question that remains is whether parents are given the right to full informed consent by being provided with all the information about the influenza vaccine before children are vaccinated. It is unclear whether the Healthy Schools program operated by CareDox, Inc. or school administrations are giving parents the CDC’s Vaccine Information Statement about influenza vaccination or any other information about potential vaccine complications, including vaccine reaction symptoms so parents can monitor their children and seek medical care or report reactions and have those reactions recorded in the child’s permanent medical record.10

In addition to informed consent, there are other unanswered questions regarding the in-school vaccination process. If no physical exams or personal medical histories are involved prior to vaccination, are children at higher risk of suffering vaccine reactions being screened? Who makes those medical care decisions and how are those decisions made? Are children monitored at the school by a health professional immediately following vaccine administration for signs of anaphylaxis, seizures or other serious potentially life threatening vaccine reactions? Are observed vaccine reactions reported into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)?

According to Boselli, the goal for the company is to grow and not only make sure every child gets the flu shot, but also to move into other areas of health care.10

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the Healthy Schools program being marketed to schools by CareDox, Inc.


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50 Responses

  1. 54% of school children are screwed up medically and/or mentally. When I was growing up nobody keeled over from eating PB&J. Heck, the ‘Profession” can’t even cure the common cold. Do you really trust them? Really? The 9th District Supreme Court stated “Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.” Doctors don’t know nearly as much as people think they do. How can we trust them when they say cholesterol causes heart attacks when their own literature states otherwise? Ask for the box when you refill your prescription of Lipitor. There is a reason the pharmacist doesn’t give it you and throws the box away. Check it out! As for me, I avoid masked men…

    1. LOL! I loved it, you avoid masked men…hee hee! Great comment!!
      It’s like mass hypnosis, people have let their TV’s and media take over their thought processes. I think the vaccines and atrocious politically correct diets have eroded many brains out there.

      It takes many years to get anyone to see the light, kids growing up today think that all of this sickness is “normal”! Everything is degrading, and it’s by design. This is not an accident. Even underwear, socks and clothes don’t last! You can blame GMO’s for that, and the Chinese slavery economy.

      Kids are in much more danger today than they ever were, but it’s a slow lethal danger that is sneaking up on all of them. Cancer used to be for the really old, now even babies are getting it. And, they know the answer to why, but won’t tell anyone.

    2. Love your post!!!
      We picked up a flu vaccine INSERT at Walgreens so we knew the actual adjuvants and metals in this vaccine; as well as other DNAs, chemicals, aborted human fetal cells…..
      I am curious to know how much money this former athlete gets from big pHARMa for the endorsement. ??

      1. “Show me the insert”. They’ll bring back an internally printed document saying it’s all good. Then you say; Show me the actual manufacturers insert. They will say they don’t have it and you will say, that’s very irresponsible medical practice, call me back when we can read the full manufacturers insert over together and please actually read it yourself for the first time… This is the way most medical personnel remain clueless, the colleges and hospitals alike make it a normal point to throw all inserts away quickly before anyone has a chance to read them. Shell game. Deceptive practices. We have lost all trust in big pharma for these reasons.

  2. This is terrible. My Dr. told me that if you do not get these shots, someone can sue you if they catch something from you. I don’t understand how our rights are being taken away from us

    1. “someone can sue you if they catch something from you.”

      How are they going to prove that the child was made ill by an uninfected healthy child? It’s absurd and fear mongering at it’s worst. I wold give that Dr. a number of studies that say the Flu shot sheds virus into the environment because that’s what viruses do. They say the viruses are inactivated but if you do research on virology website they always say they can never be sure if the viruses are inactivated and also the viruses mutate. Tht’s why the Flu Shots are never effective and that’s why the CDC will come out next year around Feb and say the shot was ineffective because the virus in it mutated to another strain. In the meantime they got their money.

      Personally, I would never go to a Dr. that uses fear mongering tactics.

      1. Yeah for real, don’t be a fool. How would anyone prove that? The response to this argument is; If vaccines are effective why would anyone who’s vaccinated need to worry?

  3. I have a sneaky suspicion that the now governor of Florida rick the swindler
    Scott is behind this . I’m not sure if this is a lawful situation. Who will they have on hand to assist if something goes wrong if a child has an adverse effect emergency medical professionals have to be on site with an ambulance if not I would refuse to have my child vaccinated until this is met I rather not have them vaccinated . What if a child is afraid of needles and his peers see this and make fun of them it will have a long lasting effect on the brain Children can be very cruel as we know. Pleas don’t allow this and discontinue this forced money making practice of a despicable corporation with ties to Government.

    1. The article states: Healthy Schools, LLC was founded by former Jacksonville Jaguars professional football player Tony Boselli. The organization’s website states:…”

      That’s the only connection to FL given in the article, the fact that Boselli is a former Jacksonville Jaguars player.

  4. Is anyone checking to see if the children getting these shots are missing more or less days of school? It would be interesting to know the results of such a wellmeaning but miss guided effort.

    1. Cochrane Collaboration study showed years ago that the flu shot didn’t impact days lost from work significantly. I think they put it at 1.5 days.

      No Value in Any Influenza Vaccine: Cochrane Collaboration Study


      The Cochrane study found very little evidence to support even a small improvement in time off work. Even that finding needs to be put into the context of industry influence. The authors wrote:

      This review includes 15 out of 36 trials funded by industry (four had no funding declaration). An earlier systematic review of 274 influenza vaccine studies published up to 2007 found industry funded studies were published in more prestigious journals and cited more than other studies independently from methodological quality and size. Studies funded from public sources were significantly less likely to report conclusions favorable to the vaccines. The review showed that reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety of the studies. The content and conclusions of this review should be interpreted in light of this finding.

      “…industry funded studies were published in more prestigious journals and cited more than other studies…”

      “…reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin…”

      “…there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions…”

      Most assuredly, the “content and conclusions of this review should be interpreted in light of this finding”!

      Even without taking into account the shoddiness of the studies in general, the authors were still hard put to find any benefit of any sort for influenza vaccinations in healthy people. At best, they found a small decrease in number of days off work. They did not find that the vaccinations had any benefit whatsoever in complications or mortality.

      I’m assuming the same would apply to children.
      Also keep in mind studies done by the Cochran Collaboration are now in question because they were purchased by The Gates Foundation.

  5. I have a sneaky suspicion that the now governor of Florida rick the swindler
    Scott is behind this . I’m not sure if this is a lawful situation. Who will they have on hand to assist if something goes wrong if a child has an adverse effect emergency medical professionals have to be on site with an ambulance if not I would refuse to have my child vaccinated until this is met I rather not have them vaccinated . What if a child is afraid of needles and his peers see this and make fun of them it will have a long lasting effect on the brain Children can be very cruel as we know. Pleas don’t allow this and discontinue this forced money making practice of a despicable corporation with ties to Government.If it is no cost to the parent then the Gov. is paying and we are the Gov.

  6. OMG.. they have lost their ever loving minds… Public schools it must be demanded they STOP receiving Federal monies.. and the STATE funds must be specifically channeled into needed supplemental educational programs including the ARTS… no co-mingling of funds… what is wrong with us.. stop this craziness.. I am a retired high school teacher.. stop normalizing these behaviors from the administration trickled down from our federal government department of education.. these agencies need to be shut down … giving shots in a classroom… OMG.. what’s next? this is a slippery slope…

  7. New Haven, CT has just announced flu shot as a prerequisite for pre-K entrance/enrollment in all New Haven public schools.
    There was no mention as to whether or not there would be physical exams or medical history reports, just that your kid’s not getting into school without it.
    Nice, huh?

  8. Death to your door! Time for homeschooling. Quite frankly, with the sort of education, or lack thereof, in public schools, if they missed 100 days of school they wouldn’t be missing much.
    This is unconscionable.

  9. Who exactly is giving the shot? Vaccine injuries can also occur by individuals who are not
    RN’s that are not trained in the correct anatomical spot to give a shot!

    1. Haha every nurse is trained on how to give a vaccine! How do I know? Because I am a nurse. You clearly DONT HAVE A DAMNED CLUE WHAT NURSES LEARN IN SCHOOL. Idiot!!!!!

  10. This is disturbing news just another corporate business with no liability – something people need to be aware of – especially young parents and conflicted parents. I just recently met two women – one a grandmother who shared with me about watching – I believe a grandson who had a vaccine reaction – and another woman whose teenage son is now using crutches after his flu shot which was recommended because his sister has Leukemia. I need to ask if either has reported this to VAERS,

  11. Omg please let someone ask me if i or my kids have had the flu shot or tell me i should get it…just so i can tell them “no thanks we rather the flu so natural immunity can kick its butt”

  12. They’re ‘increasing awareness’ of their private for profit pro pharmaceutical product business plan. Wouldn’t it be something if the absentee stats increased after administering this program? Keep track of their numbers if you’re able, they’re likely to cook the books and present figures that promote their business first and foremost if they’re in charge of presenting those statistical figures on student attendance. Still waiting for a paid yearly subscription option for the vaccine reaction in paper magazine published form so we can leave this at the doctors offices… Thank you.

  13. This borders on criminal. Where are the educational programs for parents to make INFORMED CONSENT – which is the ONLY legal version of a contract? Schools get several hundred dollars per day per student in attendance. How stupid can we be? They also now are getting a kickback to “provide this service.” What a crock of shit.

    Then there are more questions:

    How secure are the databases? Medical history? Personal information? Electronic databases? Again… How stupid can people be??? Want to let them chip the kids like a dog, too? (Which is also criminally insane on the part of parents/owners.)

    Parents simply assuming that putting their child’s personal information into one of these databases (note – it was medical history, not merely vaccination records) need to be slapped with a stupid stick.

    Likewise, assuming that there is not far more monetary than humanitarian benefit to both school and corporation requires a second slap with said stupid stick.

    Where are the kids in all of this when even adults are dying with correlation to the flu shot – and which other vaccinations are next? There is far too much push-back on mandatory vaccinations so they decided to scoop up the apathetic, ignorant and lazy through the school system – with a profit motive to yet another government institution to slip it all in through the back door?

    Wake up people – and wake up your family, friends and neighbors. There has to be a line somewhere… GrannySue

  14. Any government mandate (be it federal, state, or local) for an invasive procedure, such as a vaccine injection, is unconstitutional. This is a 4th amendment violation to our right to privacy of the person. There is legal precedent to support this statement. In 2012, a driver suspected of DUI, refused a breathalyzer and was arrested and taken to a hospital for forced blood testing. Well, he sued and won in front of SCOTUS which ruled that a needle piercing the skin without consent is a violation of the right to privacy. I have included the decision and encourage any person who is aware of their government attempting to mandate a vaccine to use it as an argument.

  15. In our district, JUST BEING IN SCHOOL is considered consent, even if the parents already signed something saying they didn’t want their kids to get the shot. The only way that the kids wouldn’t get it is if they were not in school. I think that is disgusting.

  16. Just so you all know – the schools are given money per day per child that attends school. Big Pharma and schools both are in it for the money. I have a 3 and 5 year old grandboys – one diagnosed with autism and the other with allergies and asthma. I have been trying to no avail to give good information to my daughter in law regarding this, plus I just found out my son wants the grandboys to have flu shots. I am horrified. Angry. Helpless. Fearful. Resentful. And, want to know where we can help get this horrifying medical treatment of the masses taken off the market. HOW! I bought books, doing research here and other places, and will continue. Thank you for giving us a voice and a choice.

    1. If only the NVIC would publish a monthly newsletter you could subscribe family to, hand to others, leave at doctors offices, etc, etc… I don’t understand how NVIC expects to make progress if we can’t hand people comprehensive magazines regarding the wealth of information on these websites. The content is already present on these sites, all NVIC needs to do is turn it into magazine form and tag on a monthly subscription cost… Homeschooling is not an option for most people so whomever thinks that is a go to answer, get a clue.

  17. “for the purpose of preventing absenteeism.” really? the american school system SUCKS. I hated most of my teachers and most of the subjects they made us take. I had a hard time focusing in school and barely made it out. Not a single teacher noticed and I was terrified of telling them I just dont understand MYTHOLOGY or SHAKESPEARE and don’t see why we have to get tested on CRAP like that anyway or waste years of our lives learning it. They should focus on improving our schools and teaching kids things that ACTUALLY matter like debt and better health, self-defense classes, exploring their own interests. This is just making me more convinced than ever that I should home school my kid, it’s a shame not everyone can afford to do that. I stopped taking Flu shots about 10 years ago and I’m still alive. In fact I got more sick with those damn shots than I do now. Such crap

  18. “We found 52 clinical trials of over 80,000 adults. We were unable to determine the impact of bias on about 70% of the included studies due to insufficient reporting of details. [Junk science] Around 15% of the included studies were well designed and conducted. [85% were badly designed!] We focused on reporting of results from 25 studies that looked at inactivated vaccines. Injected influenza vaccines probably have a small protective effect against influenza and ILI [influenza-like illness], (moderate-certainty evidence), as 71 people would need to be vaccinated to avoid one influenza case, and 29 would need to be vaccinated to avoid one case of ILI. Vaccination may have little or no appreciable effect on hospitalisations (low-certainty evidence) or number of working days lost.

    We were uncertain of the protection provided to pregnant women against ILI and influenza by the inactivated influenza vaccine, or this was at least very limited. [useless]

    The administration of seasonal vaccines during pregnancy showed no significant effect on abortion or neonatal death, but the evidence set was observational. [useless, junk science]
    Inactivated vaccines can reduce the proportion of healthy adults (including pregnant women) who have influenza and ILI, but their impact is modest. We are uncertain about the effects of inactivated vaccines on working days lost or serious complications of influenza during influenza season.”

  19. This comes directly from a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) document published on 9/6/18
    Recommendation for Increased Funding to Support Additional Special Masters, Staffing and/or Funding Resources for the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)
    From FY 2013 to FY 2017, the number of VICP claims filed has more than doubled from 504 to 1,243. This dramatic upsurge is primarily due to the increase in the number of claims filed resulting from receipt of the seasonal influenza vaccine which accounts for approximately 60 percent of claims filed annually.
    Because of the large number of influenza vaccines administered each year, when the influenza vaccine was added to the Vaccine Injury
    Table (Table), many more people became eligible to file a claim with the VICP.

  20. In the sunshine state why would you even need a flu shot.. get outside for that immune booster vitamin D. Ridiculous! It’s all about population control and using children who cannot say “No” to push their sick agenda. The parents should get together at these schools and file a class action lawsuit.

  21. This is sheer, utter madness. They are knowingly inflicting BRAIN DAMAGE on every child who receives this shot. Mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, phenol, polysorbate 80, MSG and many other toxic poisons are contained in these shots. Every person who gets injected has some level of brain damage, it’s unavoidable. Vaccines also damage the immune system, the blood, nervous system, various organs like the liver and kidneys among others. Autoimmune disease will result in a percentage of these kids as well. Somehow this insanity must be stopped… people YOU ARE BEIING LIED TO BY THE CDC AND BIG PHARMA. There is no evidence that these things are safe and effective, there is plenty of evidence showing the harm that these metals and chemicals can do to living things.

  22. There have been studies of children that have never been vaccinated, not once, have higher I.Q’s.. It has been proven and has been proven again when I had my daughter at age 44.. She is ahead in her class…I’m amazed everyday how fast she catches on to just about everything. Also has taught herself how to potty train at age 2 and taught herself how to swim. Very creative and artistic too. My son who has been vaccinated, age 13 now, almost died at 6 months right after having a series of shots and I immediately stopped vaccinating because it was obvious that’s what caused it and after that I learned so much about this idiotic game that medical people play!!!! My son is alive today because I reversed this disease naturally and took a lot of hard work, money and sacrifice. (Because insurance doesn’t cover healthy treatments) Parents get your religious exemption forms! It’s the law.. Don’t try to explain “why” you opt out to these ignorant people that think to be healthy is all in a magic shot… Good health takes WORK, not laziness, junk food, shots, and drugs…

  23. New York city was given the green light to require Flu Shots for Preschoolers or else they are not admitted to public school. This is so disturbing. Inform consent is given yet your hands are tied. No flu shots no school. How did we get to this place?
    My granddaughter is a preschooler she was given a note stating she has to get her flu shot, or would not be admitted to school.

  24. THIS IS ABOUT POPULATION CONTROL. Just wait till people realize that in giving their children these vaccines that they are infertile once they become adults. They are doing this in third world countries, the women are exposed to anti HGC and when they become old enough to conceive, they can’t.

    Also, just look around at all the sick kids and I don’t mean just kids with the sniffles. So many children are so damaged, not just autism and other problems. This is what happens when you trust your MD and the government/USDA with your “health”, or more like LACK OF IT.

    Kids were never this sick 40 or 50 years ago! Kids didn’t get cancer and diabetes like now. Kids didn’t have medical problems like you see today. Gee, wonder why.

    1. Also, it’s the genetically modified foods and glyphosate in cereals… Anything foreign which is not organic and readily digestible in nature is harmful to the human body. People are stone cold crazy to continue to eat non organic and get all these shots, it would appear the public school system has already failed them and now the problem is becoming systemic. The more you know.

  25. This is not a new thing, just a return to the old–when I was growing up in the late 60s/70s, we were vaccinated in school. We all lined up and someone (a doctor, it seemed?) took a giant vaccine gun and swabbed/punctured each of us. The difference is that no one questioned it then. And we MUST question it, now that we know more. The schools have been over-reaching into our children’s health care for a long time. The schools–not the parents–are seen as the ‘gatekeepers’ of children’s health in this country. The pro-vaxxers never want to discuss that *murky* area of “do you have the right to decide what goes into you or your child’s body?” It’s a personal choice, and I’m betting that there is some legal precedent somewhere to fight this. I’m also wondering how many “mistakes” the schools will make, vaccinating allergic or otherwise compromised children whose families have declined the in-school vaccinations.

  26. VAERS




    Then there are those parents who are told for your child’s injuries we MUST PERFORM an MRI and it must be with gadolinium contrast. FOUR types of gadolinium based contrast agents have been removed from the market in Europe due to suspected injuries of fibrosis cognitive dysfunction

    At the completion of its year-long review of GBCAs, the EMA’s Pharmacovigilance and Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) “found convincing evidence of accumulation of gadolinium in the brain from studies directly measuring gadolinium in brain tissues and areas of increased signal intensity seen on MRI scan images many months after the last injection of a gadolinium contrast agent”.


    In its press release, the PRAC noted that deposition of gadolinium in other organs and tissues has been associated with rare side effects of skin plaques and Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF).  It also noted that “non-clinical laboratory studies have shown that gadolinium can be harmful to tissues”.


    In rough order of frequency as reported in our Survey of the Chronic Effects of Retained Gadolinium from Contrast MRIs,
    * Pain – aching; burning, tingling, and/or prickling pain (paresthesia); deep bone pain.  Typically in extremities or joints, and sometimes in the location where the MRI occurred, like the head.
    * Dermal changes – like tight skin, lesions, hyperpigmentation.  Most often in extremities.
    * Muscle issues – twitching – small, local, rapid contractions and weakness
    * Ocular problems – worsening vision,  dry eyes, bloodshot eyes
    * Cognitive symptoms
    * Ear, nose and throat – tinnitus, swallowing, and voice problems
    * Low body temperature
    * Hair loss
    * Itchy skin
    * Balance problems
    * Swelling of extremities (edema)
    There is one symptom experienced by many that transcends several of the symptoms listed above.  It is a sense of an electrified, vibrating, twitching feeling typically just under the skin that is sometimes localized and at other times a more overall feeling.  Sometimes it feels like something is crawling around under the skin.  This is a particularly alarming feeling when first experienced as it is unlike anything that the person has ever experienced and it is very difficult to explain to doctors.

  27. Given the commentary on this board, I would like to make a request of NVIC: A map of every state where parents would need to be concerned about this non voluntary no consent needed sort of vaccination approach as other parents on this board have illustrated. And that’s why we have had detailed conversations with our children and their response is; “No shots!” We make them repeat it. No shots, no vaccines. When we see damaged children in wheelchairs and such it’s also a good learning point for the kids, ‘look, that’s what can happen if you get shots.’ That’s enough to capture a childs attention, sure enough captured mine. We’d never forgive ourselves if a child was vaccine damaged and school officials should be aware we would never forgive them either, and would take action against any such offense to our independent medical decision making. Home schooling sounds noble but it’s just not an option for most of us.

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