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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

The Triplets

Well, we have beautiful triplets. We had two boys and a girl in September of 2006, and we were completely normal development… I carried them for 36 weeks. They were about five pounds each, I was huge. And we decided really to postpone our vaccines, and even considered doing one at a time. Our doctor was fine with that. So we were going in June 25th, 2007… they were nine months and four days to get one pneumococcal vaccine. We went in for a 10 am appointment. They did Claire first and she got a really big red mark almost immediately on her leg, started screaming, but that screaming kind of never went away but we went ahead not knowing… oh, they cry, it’s a shot. And we did the boys. That was 10 am. By noon we watched Claire… uh, the only way we could describe it was as if her soul was sucked out of her body. She was literally the shell of a little person we used to know. Her personality… gone. All her reflexes were gone. She stopped blinking. She stopped coughing, sneezing. Her suck reflexes… everything was gone.

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  1. I am so sorry for your tragic situation and I wondered if Claire has been affected by the aluminium in the vaccines. I have recently become aware of the 20 plus years research by a team led by Professor Chris Exley, Keele University UK. They found aluminium in very high levels in the inflammatory cells in the brain – directly from the vaccines, in children with a history of autism and in people with Familial Alzheimers. This paper was sent for publication and discussed at a French Autism Conference in November 2017 (
    They have tested all known supplements which claim to remove the aluminium and state that only silicon rich mineral water will achieve this. There is a lot of information on You Tube.
    I hope you find this helpful.

  2. I am the grandfather of a child that is, let me just say, debilitated. I am well aware of the issues that the medical profession causes, and there callus disregard for the fact that they swore to do no harm.
    I’m going to send this video to the legislature in my home state because of forced vaccinations. They care not of the outcome, but I want to make sure that everyone understands what is taking place in this nation. We have people so evil who’ve taken up the seats of power that it is inconceivable to almost all people.
    I’m going to make a statement here and I hope you fully understand it. THIS IS WHY THEY WANT TO DISARM THE PEOPLE.
    The problem we have is that we are accepting our fate rather than enforcing the law as the Founders hoped we would.
    My website is listed, I hope you will take some time to read it and comprehend the dynamic of what is taking place in this nation.

    1. Hi Nicholas, I couldn’t find your website address in your response. I also tried to find you in a google search, with no luck. Could you please post it here?
      Many thanks, Natalie

  3. In view of the Facts it is tragic that doctors will not realize nor investigate vaccine problems. Vaccines are very profitable not only to the doctors, but to Pharma and the CDC which holds patents and gets $$ from vaccines. Follow the money. Watch out for mandatory vaccine governmental push. Our children are becoming useless because of Pharma negligence.

  4. So many people and their children have been sickened, poisoned, crippled, by vaccines. I hope that at every town meeting of every politicians, we show up and force the politicians to admit how much money they receive from Big Pharma and Big Med, and we force the politicians to confront the facts.

  5. What about nagalese and hcg on top of heavy metals and neurotoxins? Check out Bill Gates and depopulation programs!! How about having the doctors and or nurse administering them sign a form stating they will take responsibility if the child dies or is maimed ???

  6. I’m so sorry for you both. I realize big pharma can’t be sued but can’t the doctors be sued for non report? Not reporting puts all the other children at risk, there’s no telling how many of them there are for this one vial. If it was not reported and others were injured what can’t the doctors themselves be sued for not reporting? If this started happening, they would start reporting more and the bigger picture may finally be revealed.

    It seems we should be able to do something to turn this around.

    Such folks should march on CONgress, although that’s an unreasonable hassle. Some CONgressjacks might still have souls and grow a change of heart. (Others just wait & get a new artificial heart.)
    And CONgress already KNOWS it, and the mainstream major media whores won’t cover it, anyway. As with service men & women, IT’S NOT THE CONgressjacks’ family, at risk in harm’s way.
    CONgressjacks and the nearly-500 Executive Branch alphabet Agency whores are still getting paid HUGELY, for pushing bad drugs–drugs the FDA NEVER tests when they release them, where the gov employees try to invent some test or patent so they can rake in tons;—-and they do it on their gov -job time.
    The majority of Americans still have no idea this is going on, though they likely wouldn’t be surprised if they could hear about it. YOU ARE NOT “REPRESENTED”!!!

  8. I am so deeply sorry for the tragedy you have experienced as parents. Your love for them shines through and thank you for sharing and participating in the movement for change.

  9. So similar to what happened to my daughter. Almost 3 years I fight with doctors, I try to tell them that my daughter was a normal child before vaccinations, the changes happened within minutes after she got her shots. They didn’t report it too. I know at this point that her brain was damaged, She had simptoms similar to meningitis. But no, I asked them to send her for tests – too much work for them, and what if I am right, what are they going to do – vaccines are officially 100% safe.

  10. until you make mandatory adverse event reporting on the same level as all the mandatory giving of vaccines, we will never know the true data to drive the decision process- maybe that is the legislative way to start a rational process-
    get agreement on need to report ADR’s and try to move forward- jmk

  11. So, the doctor destroys the life of THREE children via vaccines and not only are they not held accountable, they then tell the family that because they are no longer choosing to vaccinate, they are no longer welcome at their clinic?

    This is similar to an abuser telling the woman he beat that it was her fault for being abused and that he wants to break up with her.

    And people just carry on as though it’s business as usual?

    The arrogance, ignorance, and negligence of these doctors is simply accepted socially. These people are not Gods. They literally know nothing about vaccines – they know what pharma teaches them about vaccines – yet proclaim they are the experts. And what’s worse is that people believe them.

    This is Dr. Teresa Holtrop. She is the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics in Michigan and knows literally NOTHING about vaccines. This is the NORM, not the exception. Let that sink in people.

  12. For all of you that have had your child vaccinated too help remove this heavy metal from the brain please turn to homeopathic medicine these produce a signature wave to remove them. When I was a child I went to Guam and had to to vaccinated, in a matter of weeks I had a hole in my ear drum, had to have surgery, I was only 10 yrs old and later down the rd I was bitten by a tick developed lyme’s disease in the brain, almost died, I met a man who saved my life, by using homeopathic medicine the first thing he ask me was for my shot record ? I was like why, well I found out why when he informed me the horrors of vaccines and he then put me on these homeopathic s to remove vaccines from the cells..I lived to tell this story..I have many books on this, the best one I have found is by Kate Birch VACCINE FREE…I hope this finds parents who really need help.THERE IS HOPE …Patricia

  13. Homeopathic does wonders for removing vaccines, even if they are 50 yrs in the body, it does not matter, this heavy metal stays in the cells I have been through it and lived Please read VACCINE FREE, BY KATE BIRCH I have been I know it works , It cant hurt to try them.They are safe and natural…Patricia

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