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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Baylor’s Doc Hotez Bullies Parents of Vaccine Injured Children | Barbara Loe Fisher

Many years ago when I was having a conversation with a senior official at the Centers for Disease Control during a public engagement meeting, we explored the reason for why public health officials and parents of vaccine injured children were at such odds with each other. I said it was because we disagreed about the science. He said no, it was a disagreement over values and beliefs. Recently, a physician dean at Baylor University College of Medicine made it clear that it is a lot about doctors getting off on demonizing and bullying parents of vaccine injured children.

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  1. If someone took the ride of the medical merry-go round (as I did)he will learn that Doctors being unable to help you, they will turn against and blaming you, instead of admitting their lack of effectiveness in the art of healing. They are trained to manage not to heal. To manage mean whatever you want to mean to you.

  2. Dear Barbara and team, Thank you for all you do to help educate and cause positive change. I encourage all of your viewers to watch/listen to this interview by Dr Jennifer Daniels. She tells the truth about how doctors are educated, i.e. licensed to kill. Not feel good info, but a very important aspect of Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex.

  3. Barbara, you amaze me! I have a 32 yr old vaccine injured son and I am 62. I am getting tired, but you NEVER seem to tire! What you have done and continue to do for all those parents trying to make such difficult vaccine decisions is astounding. Your integrity, intelligence, persistence and passion continue to WOW me decade after decade. Some would say that there is a special place in heaven for you. I say that there is most definitely a special place here on earth for you—in the hearts and minds of millions of parents around the world who love, and want to protect, their children.

  4. The whole charade is incomprehensible to me. Every vaccine safety sheet that is found in every package of vaccines warns of a post market adverse reaction called encephalopathy, generally diagnosed as ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is printed on every vaccine circular I have investigated to date, by every manufacturer. Everthimg can be found online. I testified before the Hawaii State legislature last week regarding the importance of FULLY informed consent. I displayed an insert to a totally shocked group of legislatures and to those in the audience. The only medcal professionals that have read the inserts were sitting with me advocating for informed consent. If a doctor or nurse reads the imsert and gves the vaccine anyway it is a truly criminal act because they are now acting with full knowledge of the possible sde effects they are exposimg the patient to, which far outweigh any possible good outcomes, and we have not factored in the death rate yet, which is large as reported but probably larger as most adverse events in the vaccine world generally do go Unreported. By the way, the director of health was sitting in the audience, having testified earlier, and she appeared ignorant of the insert information as well.

  5. Of course it’s the science. How is it that anyone in a position of the person you spoke with at the CDC can think it otherwise. Do they have their head stuck in the sand? The average person out there used values and beliefs as a conduit to opt out of these toxins. It’s the avenue they have to use. No one at the CDC is going to let parents argue the science because Western Medicine and the CDC in their minds is the last word on that. So, we use whatever means we can to keep our children free of these poisons. In the words of Dr Mayer Eisenstein, ” every vaccine causes neurological damage”.

  6. Although I have no children and my husband and I are both in our late 60’s I am very thankful to have an organization such as yours. The thing that really upsets me is the cool-ad drinking parents out there that will not speak up even when they know the facts. I despise bullies and especially doctor bullies. I have learned to talk back and not only say no but hell no if I don’t want what they are peddling. I am putting a small donation in the mail because I truly do appreciate what you and your staff do.

    I want you to please watch your back because it is apparent that the FDA and Big Pharma are out for holistic doctors or anyone who doesn’t kiss their rings. You may remember Dr. Bradstreet in Chimney Rock, NC and the tragic surroundings of his untimely death. To this day his family does not believe he committed suicide nor do I believe it either. The more I study his case, the more I see the writing on the wall about GcMAF.

    I wish you a most Blessed Easter and please pray for our country as with each day it seems to become more evil.

    Louise Gallagher

  7. Barbara you said it so well. .we are proud of you as for others who dare to stand up and proclaim fearlessly what the truth is .Truth will prevail. It always has.There are sacrifices and this is painful to bear to all of us. We all sympathizers for all those unfortunate ones that became victims(including you) of this terrible crime in the name of so called greater good, which is of course stand no merit whatsoever.I myself ended up here, for having 5 grandchild and to some degree all suffered some vaccine damage, one way or another. Parents and us too grandparents being clueless of the dangers involved with this practice. Now, I stand in defense to these children from further harm and find myself in hot water-so to speak-from authorities.The future is fearful and uncertain.They are brute, merciless and we are no match in power to them.We all pray to God, to deliver us from the wicked-Amen.

  8. Thank you ms. Fisher

    You do such a great job speaking for our cause. Thank you for all your years of service to our children. God bless You.

  9. I can’t even begin to imagine what you have been through! My 33 year old son is vaccine injured but does function – just at a much lower level that he could. High intelligence, manual job not good for his body! I was so naive when my kids were little. We just did as we were told. Oh – the doctor knew best! I find it difficult to understand that this attitude still exists. Young parents today spend more time researching cribs, strollers, car seats, etc than they do what goes into their babies’ bodies. We must turn this around. Thank you for your strong leadership and perseverance! Blessings and love to you and your family.

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