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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Jonathan Emord Talks About Corruption Within the FDA

What concerns me is that a significant minority… significant minority of drugs that have been approved by FDA have been approved over the FDA’s own medical reviewers’ objections on safety grounds. And the FDA’s whole system of drug review is bogus. It’s designed to protect and advance the interests of the drug industry. A lot of people don’t realize this but FDA never tests the drugs it approves. FDA does no independent testing at all. It relies entirely on the testing done by the drug advocate, the proponent of the drug application that has a self-interest and a conflict of interest. That party is looked to for all the drug testing. They do their own testing. There have been multiple instances of corruption in this process where false information or negative information has been kept away from the FDA so the FDA will approve the drug.

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  1. Abbott, AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, just to name a few, are publicly traded companies and legally have a responsibility to their share holders to make a profit. These drug companies have no concern for the adverse outcomes that happen to people who take their drugs. Thank you for exposing the corruption within this industry!

  2. Yes, thanks! You hallucinate the D.J. T-Rump clan is crooked? Please, amateurs!!
    Feel free to pay for lying fake awards, from J.D. Power Ass., Better Howzkeeping Ass. and any number of filthy-rich dirty-whore SOBs–incl., the nearly-500 Executive Branch alphabet “Agencies.” AND the Credit Collusion Bureaus, et al. While gov is way too big, sure, worse: IT’S WAY TOO CORRUPTED, ABSOLUTELY.
    Godless Russky Commie Vlad Lenin said if you tell the big lie enough, folks will come to accept it as if the truth. Hearst proved it; he Clinton/Gore Gang proved it; the Republican Party heads proved it. ADVERTISING PAYS, and is overpriced so the common man cannot afford it. E.g., Imagine if We The Poor People could have a StuporBowl commercial pointing out all drugs are hardly tested, made in slave-labor lands incl. Puerto Rico!), and their owners are greedy POS SOBs. THEN AMERICA MIGHT BE BRAINWASHED IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

    1. Your post is like many I see in response to corruption at all levels within the capitalist system, a crass shotgun blast that reminds me of a Alex Jones or George Nori rant. Clean it up, lay out your objections and deliver in a more intelligent thought out way. In other words, add something to the discussion that will further your point and present research sources instead of all the bloviating.
      And It wasn’t Lenins quote, I believe it was Hitlers propaganda minister of info: Joseph Goebbels.

  3. How can the FDA approve these drugs that are advertized on TV?The side effects are life threatening causing irrefutable harm.Skin problems can be cured with prickly pear or pine pitch.So many illnesses can be cured with plant based medicines,you just have to do research.Anyone asking their doctor or even a doctor prescribing some of these insane concoctions of death has to have the IQ of a squirrel,Maybe its the vaccines or the flouride,pesticides,weed killer that is causing this brain death in society that noone sees the forest beneath the trees,and trusts the FDA and other criminal organizations.

  4. Another source (link below) of corrupt drug approval process. Are we surprised? I believe the biggest deception brought on the American public through drug trials was with AZT, a chemo/dna chain terminating drug, rushed through approval for “treating” AIDS. By itself it killed 100’s of thousands of gay men and heterosexuals. Iatrogenic in every way.

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