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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Film Essay about Cipro Adverse Reactions

Dear 16-year old me, your fast-paced like is about to hit a wall and shatter. You aren’t ready, but I promise you will get through it. February 17th, 2015, you will be prescribed the antibiotic ciprofloxacin. A few days later, your right arm will start hurting. You will think you slept on it wrong. You will think, this sucks, I have rehearsal tonight. The pain will spread to your shoulder, the right side of your abdomen, your right leg. You will go to rehearsal. The pain will spread to your left arm, the left side of your abdomen, and your left leg. Then to your neck. Then to your face. And then everything will go numb. You will spend two weeks fighting the clouds. Two weeks of complete psychiatric regression. Two weeks of talking to walls and getting spoon-fed apple sauce. It will be one of those battles you didn’t know you were fighting… until you won.

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    1. These are antibiotics being discussed, not anti-diarrheal medications. The Fluoroquinolone family of medications are not prescribed for diarrhea.

      1. Actually, fluoroquinolones should not be prescribed for anything that is not life threatening and which can be treated with a different antibiotic, but unfortunately doctors still hand them out like candy despite the recent updates to the labels and increased warnings by the FDA. It is sad how many of the ten thousand or so of us who have found each other on facebook were given an FQ for no reason at all other than just in case. Most doctors are criminally incompetent pill peddlers who have no clue at all how to help people become healthy…

  1. Levaquin is worse. I was given it twice, blew out my knee tendons. Stay away from the entire Fluoroquinolone family of antibiotics, Cipro included, unless you’re going to die without them. Look up Levaquin issues on the internet. I found out my urologist gives one Cipro after each extensive exam. Tell them NO! Ask for another kind or don’t take any. Use biocidin or colloidal silver for non threatening things like exams. They’re not worried about you, only the hospital’s liability. Rant over.

  2. How could anyone say anything is worse than what this young woman experienced! An anaphylactic allergic response is life threatening…that’s about as bad as it can get!

  3. This is devastating for the elderly who are already frail. They think they’re just getting old and don’t consider side effects to their medications. Some surgeons use it before/after surgery to prevent infection.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this great video and thank you Zoe for putting it together. You can hear Zoe and about 30 other people including me give testimony to the FDA on Nov 5, 2015 in this video, not pointed at us, if you can handle it. This may be the most heart-wrenching thing you ever hear. I hope you will check it out because you need to know just how dangerous this class of drugs really is. Best wishes everyone!

  5. I do not advise playing russian roulette with your health. If you do experience a symptom with fluoroquinolones,it is already too late, no going back. Even one pill can deliver permanent side effects. I do not call them side effects. This is damage.

  6. Zoe, thanks for such a beautiful and upbeat view of your life in the flox zone. You are a true inspiration. I hope to run into you again some day. God bless you and your family.

  7. My husband was damaged by Cipro. Thank you for putting this out. I’m glad you are Okay.

    I know a lot of people who never were able to reverse the damage that Cipro and other Floxacins can cause.

    My husband is now a cripple after less than a week on the medication as a prophylactic after surgery. His doctors have put a lot of people on that medicine. Many have no problems and think “this medication is not harmful” For my husband and many others it damages them beyond repair for the rest of their lives.

    As a family we keep working on solutions to help my husband get better.

  8. Those antibiotics are poison. They will ruin yr body permanently. They damage your body on cellular level, so no healing. There is no cure, no relief from the pains they cause and no acknowledgment from the medical system either. Dont take the risk!!

  9. This video was very well done, thank you. Its sad that physicians continue to prescribe fluoroquinolones so easily. The damage they do is not forgiving and is life changing. You describe a life of doctor visits and multiple testing. Because the medical community is not educated about the adverse reactions from Fluoroquinolones, people spend thousands of dollars looking for answers in which there is no cure! Some recover or almost recover but many do not. Patients should not be given these drugs unless its life or death.

  10. I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin April 2016 and my life changed in every way as I knew it. I lived through Hell. I had severe CNS side effects and psychiatric as well, along with all the physical. I spent thousands of dollars getting well again. Still paying. I took 2 other medications to help me through the hell I went through. It really makes you question who really wants to help people….I wish all doctors followed the oath they took to ‘first do no harm’; many do not. Seek out a competent doctor, educate yourself and avoid Fluoroquinolones. It has taken me a year to stabilize. You have no idea how damaging these drugs are until you experience it. I already knew alot about alternative ways to treat the body, but now I know even more–especially how to help the mind…meditation and subconscious hypnosis. Dig deep and find ways to heal yourself…it is not easy or fast or at times cheap, but seek and you shall find.

  11. So sorry you had to go through this at such a young age, may you continue to heal and find joy. What a great contribution you are!

  12. Fluoroquinolones will destroy your life.
    Thirteen years ago for me, and I still have not recovered.
    Thank you for the article.

  13. I have been poisoned more than 10 times by Cipro. This medication ruined my career and my life. This medication can give you symptoms up to several months after using. Also, like Russian roulette, you never know which pill will ruin your health. Stay way from these drugs. They are a Nightmare.

  14. Thank you for your post. I also got poisoned from a couple of pills of CIPRO. The poisoning continued after I stopped the short prescription. It was a nightmare experience for me. I have lost trust in the medical system, because of if. I am so glad that I am much better now. People need to know about this, because the well meaning medical doctor, who prescribed it, didn’t.

  15. I’m so so sorry to hear what you have gone through. I am currently dealing with the effects of Cipro from Sept 2016. Without improvements to my tendons in multiple spots. Nothing like you have gone through. Everything started around the same day almost exactly 2 months to the day after taking Cipro. Side effects do not necessarily happen right away. I was never told not to work out or the possible side effects. The pharmacist didn’t even know that Cipro could affect anyone, she thought it was only dangerous to seniors. Most likely, because of my weaken tendons, I tore my lateral meniscus on my knee while walking my dog. My body use to be strong, now I can barely open a jar. It amazes me that these drugs are even prescribed, and without warning, well at least in my case. For all of you out there that are suffering, I feel for you, for those of you who are thinking about taking Cipro, please don’t! Find something else if you can!

  16. My 18 yr old daughter was prescribed Cipro for a bladder infection and when the pharmacist fulfilled the prescription she came out from behind the counter to warn us that if my daughter experienced any kind of joint pain to stop taking it immediately. She took it for 10 days without any symptoms. However, a couple of weeks later she experienced a cold sensation in her fingers for a few days. Then numbness. Then the pain in her thumb/wrist joint, which over the next few days traveled up to her elbow, then shoulder joint. This lasted for about 2 weeks. We didn’t equate it to the Cipro until a few weeks later when we recalled the concerns of the pharmacist. We then called the doctor at the urgent care center who prescribed the Cipro so that we could report the side effects. She completely blew us off! She told us that the symptoms my daughter experienced were unrelated to Cipro. So I sent her the side effects right off the pharmaceutical website! She never responded and I am sure she never reported my daughter’s Cipro related symptoms which should be illegal. We weren’t looking to sue, just to prevent this happening to others. Doctors feel like they are beyond reproach, that the average person doesn’t know anything. We know our own bodies best and know when something isn’t right. Doctors doing no harm. How about BIG PHARMA do no harm!

  17. My Kaiser doctor knows I do not take drugs because of their dangers. Cipro is one of the top drugs to stay away from. The problem patients seem to think the doctor knows best, when they know very, very little and nothing about hormones! I had to have a minor surgery 1 1/2 yrs. ago and I told him I would not take an opioid or any drug for pain and had to sign a consent not to take them. With my spouse, I had dto tell his doctor he could not take certain drugs but she prescribed them anyway and almost killed him, so I sent him back with what he could take (had to take pharmaceutical studies in OM as part of Western Med studies) and finally he was given the safer meds. People need to search and become informed before accepting a drug just because a doctor says so. Poison is poison and many just take it like candy.

  18. Thank you Zoe for your story. Its always good to hear of someone who has recovered or gotten better! I am coming up on that 2 year mark since being floxed in August 2015 by Cipro, and my fingers are crossed for some positive changes. I still suffer with whole body tendon pain, neuropathys and Neurotoxicitys. Some things have gotten better, some worse. Sadly it took a while to understand that many things I was eating ( sugar, processed foods, msg, preservatives etc…) and taking during the first year (NSAIDS, acetaminophens) were only making me worse. Its important to be your own advocate, learn all that you can about this toxic reaction and how to heal yourself. Good luck to you, and all of us that suffer from fluoroquinolones.

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