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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Childhood Cancer Up 13 Percent in Past Two Decades

child with cancer looking out window
“Cancer is a significant cause of death in children and adolescents, in spite of its relatively rare occurrence before the age of 20 years.” — Christopher Wild, PhD

A recent study, coordinated by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), published in Lancet Oncology shows that childhood cancer was 13 percent more common between 2001-2010 than in the 1980s, totaling to an annual incidence rate of 140 per million children aged 0-14 years worldwide.1 2

Although the data for this study was gathered from 153 cancer registries in 62 countries, the results are predominantly based on a child population coverage of almost 100 percent in North America and Western Europe.1

Based on 300,000 cancer cases diagnosed in 2001-2010, leukemia was the most common cancer in children under the age of 15, amounting to a third of all childhood cancer cases. Tumors of the central nervous system accounted for 20 percent of all cases and lymphomas accounted for 12 percent.1 In children under the age of five, a third of the cases involved embryonal tumors such as neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma, nephroblastoma, etc.1

Also for the first time ever, the study reports on cancer in adolescents (15-19 years old). Based on 100,000 cancer cases, the annual incidence rate was 185 per million adolescents.1

IARC director Christopher Wild, PhD states:

Cancer is a significant cause of death in children and adolescents, in spite of its relatively rare occurrence before the age of 20 years. This extensive new set of information on the pattern and incidence of cancer in young people is vital to raise awareness and to better understand and combat this neglected area of health early in life.1

According to a press release by IARC, cancers in children are more likely triggered due to a genetic predisposition when compared to cancer in adults. “To enable the identification of causes that could possibly be avoided, high-quality information about cancer occurrence is needed for a representative proportion of the global population.” states the release.1

It is worth noting that most vaccine package inserts include a statement along the lines of, “This vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility.” This suggests that the potential link between cancer and vaccination has not been thoroughly studied.3


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2 Steliarova-Foucher E, Colombet M, Ries L, Moreno F, Dolya A, Bray F, Hesseling P, Shin H, Stiller C. International incidence of childhood cancer, 2001–10: a population-based registry study. The Lancet Oncology 2017.
3 Martin L. Is There a Vaccine Cancer Connection? The Truth About Cancer.

11 Responses

  1. I read that the cow bovine serum used in vaccines has Leukemia cells in it but they are too small for them to be removed. Perhaps that is because they might lose a profit? People do not know the history of shooting folks with Aluminum, Mercury, aborted Human fetal cells, Ammonium Salts, pig cells, dog, monkey cows, insects, dangerous peanut oils and other drugs & chemicals. The First Polio Vaccine made by Salk used Cervical CANCER CELLS because Cancer cells multiply rapidly. He scraped the cancer from Henrietta Lacks who died of it. Cancer was rare back then but today it hits 1 out of 3. Now you know!

    1. Thank you for mentioning that studies comparing vaccinated to un-vaccinated are necessary. It has been difficult for me to find scientific data to uphold the general consensus of this newsletter. Stating one line in the drug insert doesn’t qualify. There are other environmental factors present in the last 20 years that could be the cause as well. Trust me, I would like to see the real truth as much as anyone.

  2. As board-certified pediatric Neuro-surgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, indicates, there is even MORE to be feared here: To Wit: cellular death due to the punctures, themselves, of vaccine syringes. Every time you are punctured with a vaccine, your microglia cells [ SEE brain ] are put on an ALERTED status. The more vaccines you receive, the more protracted and violent is the process of your Alerted Microglia cells. Eventually, your microglia cells emit toxins which are dangerous, which result in cellular attenuation and finally cellular death. When an infant is given a multi-series of injections, the amount of mercury [in some cases] and the aluminium and other dangerous ingredients can cause an acute reaction.

  3. I have long wondered if vaccines are the culprit of childhood cancers. I also wonder if institutions like St. Judes are really looking at vaccines as a possible link. I am certain that they are but could they also be turning a blind eye? A little girl (about 6 years old) mentioned in her Sunday School class today that she had had 5 shots and she got really sick and threw up. We are harming our children trying to keep them “well”. But we all know it is not really to keep them well, they are just an expendable profit source for all components of the medical field.

  4. It’s so sad to see children sick. It’s especially heartbreaking to see them sick, and also witness the parents continuing to trust big medicine when there are alterenatives which could be helpful. We met another family recently where father and son both had autism, the childs much worse. They’re arguing that diagnosis is better these days. Their auto blinders turned on the moment we mentioned it’s probably vaccines. People have been conditioned through years of pro vaccine propaganda and they can’t get their mind around it. By admitting vaccines are possibly a problem, one also has to admit they’ve made absolutely dangerous medical decisions. There is a guilt factor, an ego factor, as well as a bravery factor. Most people won’t let themselves admit it because the truth might be that painful. It’s far easier to let others mandate their personal medical decisions. People have a blind trust in the system, presuming higher level safety and testing mechanisms are working. The introductory phase is not to talk about vaccine danger, but rather to talk about a broken system of safety approvals, where in today’s age the approvals are bought, not earned.

  5. It would be all too easy to blame vaccines for this increase. However, with the rapid deployment glyphosate and other pesticides, the introduction of GMO crops and the horrible nuclear accident at Fukushima, Japan, we must take all of these into consideration. Certainly vaccines play some part of the increase but so do many other external stimuli. The human body was never meant to be exposed and detoxify all of these hazardous chemicals, heavy metals and radiation. And yet, the medical establishment is either extremely stupid in saying they do not know why or more likely they DO KNOW but have vested financial interests.

  6. One fact they are keeping from the general public is that many of the cell strains used in these insane vaccines have cancer in them but hey nothing to look at here. Hey look over there is is Lady Gaga and ISIS.

  7. Every other pharmaceutical on the market is tested for carcinogenicity (cancer causing) but vaccines aren’t. Why not?—Do they already know the answer?

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