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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

I Was Told To Ask the “Older” Generation About Vaccines… So I Did

If you’re young, and you don’t support vaccines, you’ve probably been told at least a few dozen times that the reason you don’t vaccinate is because you’ve had the luxury of living in a time where “vaccine preventable diseases” aren’t prevalent. Just ask a grandparent or someone who had polio and they’ll tell you the story of how vaccines saved the day and just how devastating measles and chicken pox really were.

Their testimonies are valid… unless of course you actually have a grandparent whose lived an entire century and can tell you how things really were, or you have a friend who had polio and doesn’t support the polio vaccine. Their testimonies don’t count.

I was told to ask someone from the older generation about “vaccine preventable diseases,” so I did. I grabbed a notebook and a pen, and sat at the feet of my great-grandmother as she told me what life was like… after the Titanic sank, during two world wars, the Great Depression, and the insanity that was the vaccination movement.

She’s 100-years old, still lives in her own 2-story house, and even watches my babes once in a while. I’m lucky, I have several people in my family who are approaching the 100-year mark and are sharp enough to set the record straight. I’m not sure why people in my family live so long. It could be the organic diet, the herbs, or the fact that all of my century-old relatives are unvaccinated. If my grandmother dies in the near future, it will only be because she’s started eating hot dogs and no one has told her that hot dog is mystery meat. Do they make a vaccine for that?

My grandmother has 11 brothers and sisters—three of which are still alive. They were all born at home and grew up unvaccinated. My grandma had chicken pox, mumps, and the “tough german measles.” She got over them and developed lifetime immunity. Her entire family got influenza during an epidemic and all survived with no medical intervention and no vaccination. Her son got whooping cough as a baby. Whooping cough was tough but he too developed lifetime immunity. He also had chicken pox as an adult, and his wife got the mumps but it wasn’t serious enough to keep her from eating “dill pickles” which apparently you couldn’t do if you have the mumps.

Mumps, measles, whooping cough, chicken pox, and even the flu were rights of passage that almost every child experienced which challenged and groomed the immune system and protected them from more serious diseases as adults. Deaths from these diseases were rare and only occurred in the really poor children who had other “things” as well.

When you’ve lived a century, you’ve also seen the drastic changes in living conditions. The biggest house her family of 14 lived in was a four-room house. There was even a bed in their “living room” which they shared. My Grandma’s family lived off of the land and drank milk from their own cows, gathered greens (what we consider weeds) in the fields (which you wouldn’t be able to do now because of chemicals), and dug a trench in the winter to store produce. Their family was poor as were the people around them. Quarters were close, baths were rare, outhouses were used, and sometimes, yes, people got sick; but not like the “sick” we see today.

In the last decade I have had to explain to my grandmother what Crohn’s disease is, autism, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, ADHD, peanut allergies, and thyroid conditions. She never saw those health conditions growing up. “Vaccine preventable diseases” were replaced with “vaccine-induced diseases.” Can we even compare chicken pox to rheumatoid arthritis?

I know, we have better diagnostic methods now right? Crohn’s disease and autism were always around, they just weren’t labeled or diagnosed. Wrong. I had Crohn’s disease and believe me, you’d notice the kid who spent the entire day in the outhouse or had to poop on the side of the road at least 15 times on their walk to school. And have you met anyone with autism? Trust me, a parent with an autistic child doesn’t need the diagnosis to notice the difference.

I have to admit, my Grandma and her husband got one vaccine… the polio vaccine in the late 1950s contaminated with the SV-40 virus that is infamous for causing cancer and has been found in human tumors of the brain, breast, lungs, bone, and lymph. My Grandfather later developed lymphoma and died of cancer. I never met him.

My great-grandmother doesn’t understand the concept of vaccinations. She also doesn’t understand iPads or cell phones or Skype. She believes in sunshine, hard work, prayer, and good food (minus the hot dogs). She had common illnesses as a child and has never been sick as an adult. I can tell you that my Great Grandmother, Great Aunt, and Great Uncle (who was a Pharmacist) have not survived a hundred years because they were vaccinated.

Maybe we should question the older generation who experienced these “vaccine preventable diseases” they were never vaccinated against (and easily survived). But, if you’re looking for a fear-mongering, fright-inducing story about chicken pox, measles, and influenza, or the rubella that was never seen, and the whooping cough that never went away even with a vaccine, you might not want to ask someone who has lived a hundred years. You might not like what they have to say.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published at Living Whole.

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  1. What a condescending article. Irony, my great grandmother was Pennsylvania Dutch and guess what? She had the exact opposite view of vaccines. See she lost playmates to the flu, to consumption, of polio, and a host of other preventable diseases. I wouldn’t have considered her to be “one of those poor children” with “other things.” In fact being Amish I’d say she was the poster child for clean living. Guess what else she used to say? That she was lucky to live to 102, and people who don’t vaccinate are stupid. See I can use antidotal evidence to argue the opposite.

    1. condescending? it is a factual testimony. you are judgmental and injecting something that isn’t there.

      why don’t you write your full story here without attack? it’s not like you are being blocked.

    2. To Jennifer Kilpela:

      You’re right. Anecdotes are not facts. However, there are many more anecdotes that concur with the article than yours. I’m only in my 50s and remember going through the same common childhood diseases. No big deal. My parents even forced me to go to “chickenpox parties”.

      So you see, people that understand the true history of medicine are increasingly saying NO to artificial chemical injections that do more harm than good.

    3. If we go back 100 years from today that puts us at 1917. What vaccinations were being readily given out in that year? I dont think vaccines were being dispensed regularly to the public until the mid 30s or 40s and that would more than likely mean your grandmother lived without vaccinations throughout her childhood. Was she vaccinated as a child?

    4. Yes, you are right, anecdotal evidence can be used to argue both sides of an issue. It doesn’t prove anything. However, for me anyway, the bigger point of this article is that anecdotal evidence is always considered acceptable if it fits in with the standard view of vaccines and their impact on society. The minute it doesn’t, it is rejected.

      There are thousands and thousands of parents across this country who have seen their children’s lives permanently altered (or even lost) due to adverse effects of a vaccine. These parents have been crying out for years to be listened to, but instead of taking them seriously, the medical profession has brushed them aside because it is “anecdotal evidence”.

      And the author has a valid point. While this doesn’t apply to all “vaccine preventable illnesses”, some of the vaccines given today are for diseases which were truly not considered a big deal when children had them. The story of chicken pox, for example, is being re-written so that young parents today have started to fear it and see it as a great threat to the well being of their child. This is how a vaccine – which like any medication has some potential nasty side effects – is sold for a disease which had an extremely low rate of complication. The story can’t be completely re-written, though, until all the generations who grew up with chicken pox as a rite of passage have passed on. But the pharmaceutical companies and their cronies are certainly trying.

    5. Jennifer, when was the last time you injected liquid aluminum into your and your children veins? Are you looking forward to the anti alcohol and nicotine vaccines so you can assure your children will never deal with the possible risks of drinking and smoking? What’s personal to you, and how would you feel if I took control of your liberties and told you to comply?

    6. Jennifer,

      Sounds as if you and your grandma were both conditioned to believe that vaccines could be anything other then a guaranteed money maker for the pharmaceutical companies.

      Follow the money and do your homework about the money being thrown behind this new “industry” that creates droves of future patients for the medical community with multiple mystery symptoms.

      I am fortunate enough to be one of the “unvaccinated elders” who remember the pre-vaccine days and I wholeheartedly concur with the contents of his article.

  2. I think it is a great article, I agree with every word and I am 61 years old, I had measles, mumps, chicken pox and german measles, when we were small and got one of these illnesses, the mothers would put us all together to play so that we could catch the illness and get it out of the way increasing our immune systems for life.

  3. How is this article condescending? She is talking about her grandparents – not yours. Are you the type of person that doesn’t like being spied on which the govt. does without your permission ( see Snowden and others)? If you are- then allow my privacy and right not to vaccinate and read and see Vaxed because there are whistle blowers in this area as well and truthful doctors, nurses, parents.
    The point is leave my choice to me and I won’t bother you.

  4. Great article. jennifer kilpela, we already have been bombarded with views & opinions like yours so no need to be so defensive… you are completely rude in your remarks. i have noticed that people like you Jennifer like to put down & judge anyone with opposite opinion to yours. narrow minded ignorance is running rampant.

  5. Amish do not vaccinate their children. Great grandparents and grandparents who did vaccinate while they were young did not have the massive amounts of vaccines now becoming mandatory for our young in today’s age.

    The polio vaccine had live SV40 cancer causing adjuvants in it and the American gov didn’t care.

    Today, all viruses are owned by a patent from DYNCORP. That patent number is 5911998.

    DYNCORP is a private and secret paramilitary organization that is sometimes used for border control on the US border. During the swine flu scare that began on the Mexican/American border in the summer, the area where it broke out was in the exact same place that DYNCORP was patrolling.

    The AIDS virus was placed into vaccines in America and full one page ads were taken out in the San Francisco Chronicle for homosexuals with multiple partners to come and receive a new hepatitis vaccine to keep them healthy – for free. Those who took it got aids. They did the same thing in Africa and after the aids virus spread the US blamed African men for its spread because they were having sex with green African monkeys.

    The polio vaccine was going to be used as a weaponized cancer causing attack for Cuba’s dictator Castro. They experimented with the vaccine prior to trying to give it to him by giving it to state prisoners. It worked so well the subject died rapidly. There are two books you can read that exposes that creation:

    Me & Lee: How I cam to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the Unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald.

  6. I would say that you are blessed to have generations that old living! Stop trying to argue with people and go have tea and awesome conversation! Ask about DDT and the use of chemical’s.

  7. Not really a condescending article. I am only 73, but I have had in my life (most before the age of eight)Scarlet Fever, Measles, Mumps, and Chicken Pox…NONE of these were ever thought to be life threatening in my community. We all lived through them just fine, thank you.

    As for Polio, I was not unhappy to be vaccinated for it. Nor did I poo-poo the smallpox vaccine. However, most of the new vaccines for “childhood” diseases don’t seem to have led to healthier children. Just the opposite. The only people who seem to be helped by those are the drug manufacturers. Today, young children being BOMBARDED with vaccinations (filled with dangerous adjuvants) at an early age doesn’t seem to be working.

  8. I don’t usually respond to these articles but I will. I actually asked my dad about measles. He said it was inconvienent but non lethal for almost all of his friends living on Long Island. He is in his late 60’s. He said measles was uncomfortable but it was no big deal. He lived through it. I myself got chicken pox along with all of my brothers. Again no big deal. Lets stop drinking the all vaccines kool aid and look at each vaccine individually. Do we really need a chickenpox vaccine? No. Hep B for babies. Again, no. These are inappropriate. The idea that you need every vaccine on the schedule for living a healthy life is simply not true.

    The other piece that has not been discussed is how the human race has survived through the strength of their immune systems to this piont in time. Animals live in the wild unvaccinated and they survive and even thrive without assistance. It is assumed that we must interfere with our immune systems to make us stronger and their is no actual evidence performed by third party companies proving otherwise. Lets look how who stands to make a profit from vaccination, who provided money to publish the studies that vindicate vaccination before jumping onto the bandwagon of calling other people stupid.

  9. Human health is extremely complex. We are, as carbon based life forms, electro-chemical organisms. Mineral compounds from the periodic table of elements make our bodies work.
    Vaccines are still unproven and questionable. I follow the money and therefor disapprove of the idea of inducing a chemical cocktail of poisons for improving your health, especially when a needle is used.
    As I see it, the best way to good health is natural. Good foods, exercise, rest and managing stress and stress is most often a mental exercise.
    Economically, you can chart the longevity of people the best. Throughout history, those with the best economic situations live the longest. They don’t have to be the richest, but money certainly helps.
    So, in conclusion, I suggest a health balance to life, and good luck on that issue in our modern world.

  10. Jennifer…you are such a liar. When you were composing your lie, I bet you did not realize that the Amish DO NOT VACCINATE! So i trying to lie you just proved the author’s point.

    1. Sorry – some Amish do vaccinate, and there is a small number of Amish with ASD – but there are other links to autism, including a strong one to acetaminophen…

  11. I’m far from being 100, but I am 57. I grew up in a time when children got mumps, rubella (German measles), Rubeola (Old fashioned measles), chicken pox, and whatever else was around. I had both kinds of measles growing up, pluys chicken pox; I now have lifetime immunity from both.
    My dad had whooping cough as a child and my grandma made a homemade cough syrup from boiling flax seeds. which helped a lot- and all the brothers who also got the whooping cough all got over it sooner than others.
    An uncle got pneumonia as a baby back in 1945 and the doctor told my grandma how to make an onion poultice (4 of them) and to apply to my then baby uncle’s chest and back until the symptoms subsided. My dad remembers this as he was about 9 years old at the time. He said my grandma kept reheating the onion poultices and applying them until my uncle’s pneumonia symptoms were gone- about 10-12 hours after the poultices began. When they threw away the onions they were black.
    I have a now grown daughter who was vaccine-injured from either the MMR or Dtap vaccines back in July 1990. Both the MMR and the Pertussis in the Dtap can cause Thrombocytopenia, which she contracted within 3-4 weeks of her vaccines. I’d much rather she’d have had the measles or whooping cough as we practically lived at Children’s Hospital for the following 7 years and she had to have 2 surgeries- one to implant a permanent port, and one to take it out when she finally went in remission. Once you’ve seen your 22 month old child bleed from the nose for 3-4 hours, have 12-18 inch blood clots that come out of her nose, throwing up the blood that went into her stomach (looks like coffee grounds), and on several occasions almost had to have blood transfusions from loss of blood, the measles sound like a picnic. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars it cost my insurance company over the years. And all the money it cost us from out-of-pocket expenses in medical, gasoline, and the cost of parking at the hospital. We often had to go 2-3 days per week.
    All 4 of us kids had measles and chicken pox and it was just an inconvenience- nothing major.
    All 8 of my kids had chicken pox and it was just an inconvenience- nothing major.
    But my eldest son had tubes put in his ears twice, allergies, and I know these were vaccine-induced problems as they are side affects of some vaccines. Another child had/has learning disabilities with numbers and was a late reader who still struggles with reading at almost the age of 25. Again, the CDC website states learning disabilities as another side effect of vaccines.
    It is also well-known that children who get the measles more severe are either immuno-compromised, malnutritioned, or low on vitamin B complex. Treating measles with vitamin B complex and vitamin E helps reduce the duration and the severity of measles.
    I live close to the Amish and I would not call them ‘poster children’ for clean living. I often haul Amish friends to the store or do their shopping for them when I am able. They mainly shop at Aldi and they eat a lot of saltine crackers, graham crackers, store bought breads, and canned goods. They can all of their produce and do not eat much fresh fruit or vegetables in winter. Their children seem very susceptible for colds. One of my dear Amish friends has had hip replacement, which is caused from osteoporosis, which is a lack of calcium, though they have their own dairy cows. She is only 6 years older than I am and had her surgery when she was 55, younger than I am now. Being Amish does not necessarily mean one has good health.
    Being “English” obviously does not, either. (What the Amish call all non-Amish).
    Today’s young parents have been taught to fear childhood diseases that we took in stride as a rite of passage of childhood. Most of the diseases children are vaccinated against are not the bogeymen that our government has made them out to be. But children do attend school more, which means the school does not lose as much money due to illnesses.
    Polio is back- just under a new name. Pertussis is back (Whooping cough) and is a stronger strain that is hitting the vaccinated. Measles are returning and attacking the vaccinated. It seems superbugs are being created.
    One needs to know how to treat these things naturally and through nutrition in order for one’s children to survive them without much incident, just as we did when we were children.

  12. The response to this article from Jennifer K is very suspect. I am from Amish country. In general, the real Amish do not ascribe to vaccines. This is likely why there is very very low autism in the Amish community. The autism that does exist has been found in the children who were adopted from outside the community that were vaccinated, and in the Amish who decided to vaccinate.
    It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that injecting a neurotoxin (like mercury) into a human body is going to create some problems. Those who have taken the time to look at the facts instead of the propaganda, have come to the obvious conclusion.
    >The problems vaccines create are greater than the problems they they claim to solve.

  13. Jennifer, your anecdotal evidence is missing some details. Regardless of her opinions about vaccines, was your great grandmother vaccinated herself? Did she get a regular flu shot? After all, she is the one who lived to be 102, not the unnamed masses of vaccinated individuals. She certainly never had 25 vaccines before the age of 5. Is it possible that she also experienced a number of these childhood illnesses, granting her lifelong immunity? Since she did not die, we can assume she was not “one of those poor children” with “other things,” but perhaps her playmates were.
    The greatest irony of your response is that Great Grandma was part of the Amish community, which historically has not vaccinated, and which does have much lower rates of cancer, autism, etc…. They are the greatest testimony for NOT vaccinating. If, as some now claim, they have begun to vaccinate their children, and those statistics change, it will be a telling moment.

  14. I grew up in the 50’s. My older siblings and I got most of the childhood diseases including scarlet fever. So did al or of our friends and neighbors. No one died. I had two vaccines for what, I don’t know. We played outside and got dirty. C. Getting dirty helped build up immunity to more diseases. Big Pharma has paid out over $30 billion to victims of vaccine damage that the vaccine makers say doesn’t exist. The CDC is financially vested in Big Pharma so the more vaccines, the more money in all their pockets. The government collides with Big Pharma and produce phony statistic. Even the flu shot that’s pushed onto the unsuspecting public doesn’t prevent most types of flu nor were any clinical trials done. At the very least, people should be allowed to make informed decisions about their health care, not government mandates.

  15. In response to Jennifer. Losing people to the flu – interesting u use that as an example considering the vaccine for the flu has the worst efficacy rate of all vaccines and is considered worthless. How many people do you know that have had the flu vaccine and still got the flu? Who does from Measles? Chicken pox? Really? Maybe your grandmother knew people who died of polio because polio became a non issue when sanitation improved, not because of a vaccine. Maybe they didn’t have the best sanitation out there in farm country PA. The fact that these old people were subjected to the bacteria and the common sickness of their time is probably why they were so strong and lived so long. Nowadays kids immune systems are weak and dependent on man made garbage vaccines. Get a clue.

  16. And I didn’t think to add that all the time I was growing up- attending 7 different schools in 12 years (I didn’t attend kindergarten), I only knew one kid who had peanut allergies in all that time. That was it.
    Also, I have a cousin who had to have tubes in both ears when he was just 9 months old; another cousin whose son got Nephrotic Syndrome at age 2 from vaccines; a co-worker whose daughter came down with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 3 from the MMR vaccine (she still has a pending lawsuit); my husband’s cousin whose 2 month old daughter was found dead in her crib within hours of her first round of vaccines and it was labeled “SIDS”; and a friend whose child at age 18 months came down with Autism within days of his MMR vaccine- she too has a pending lawsuit with the government. And this does not count all the children whom I know of with Autism and whose parents are in denial that vaccines may have been the trigger factor.

  17. [to commentator] Jennifer … I am incredulous. I am hard pressed to give credibility to your story. I will be candid, in fact: I’m not even confident that Jennifer Kilpela is your real name, but is, rather, a moniker.

    IN CASE YOU’RE INTERESTED … the Federal Government [in 2017] will not GIVE any researching scientist a GRANT, where the study involves a direct Comparison between Non-Vaccinated Children [esp the Amish] and Vaccinated Children.

    And … Why NOT?

    Because Amish children are strong as an Ox! They RARELY get sick. An honest, accurate, and in-context report which contrasts Vaccinated children v. Non-Vaccinated chldren, would indicate very catastrophic evidence, regarding the health of US citizens. It would concomitantly serve as a clear indictment against the Pharmaceutical industry, in general, and the VACCINE industry, in specific.

    NOW … let’s contrast that FACT with THIS wee bit of data : Currently, in 2017, the United States has the most Vaccinated Children in the World. Period! Britain falls just behind the USA.

    Simultaneously, the USA has the sickest numbers of children of any developed, industrialised Nation on Earth.

    Simultaneously, we ALSO have the highest SIDS rate in the WORLD and Britain is neck and neck with us.

    Simultaneously, we happen to have the highest child mortality rate for youths between the age of 0 and 5. None higher.

    I would be MOST amused to hear the rebuttals from “the Industry” and I have heard MYRIADS.

    LASTLY: As Board certified Pediatric Neuro-Surgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, stated: ” Most physicians have NO idea of Neurology and the effects of Vaccines on MICROGLIA cells [ your body’s 1st line of defence, located in your brain ]. If you ask most physicians about Microglia damage from Vaccines, they will ask ‘What’s a Microglia?’ ” Most Young, beginning physicians are clueless and simply regurgitate what their Pharmaceutical subsidizers tell them on the PrintOuts. An honest Pharmacist will tell you that most of these PrintOuts are Truncated / Edited before they reach them. Willkommen in Amerika, mein Freund!

  18. I thought this was a great article and the “moron” who posted the above comment has their head deeply buried in the sand or some where else.
    Fact: The rate of infant mortality is greater than it has ever been in the U.S. right now!
    Fact: The rate of cancer has continued to increase year after year, with the survival rate not improving significantly.
    Fact: The number of deaths and injuries from vaccine is greater than the number of deaths caused by the disease.
    So…. if your going to use anecdotal evidence perhaps a historical perspective is what you must realize. Something is wrong! If we as a nation and as a culture continue on this path there will come a time where we don’t have to worry about over population but rather on the viability of our off spring as we have damaged our DNA to the point where healthy offspring are a rarity! Remember 1:68 births (and annually worsening) are the current trend of autism!

    This site dares to ask the questions which should be dealt with in a Scientific community. However, if you cling to the “Word is Flat” theory and cannot look toward vaccines as a possibility of causing harm or damage then do us all a favor… Don’t come to the NVIC website. Type in your response to Web MD and illustrate how much you like their pharmaceutical miracle drug or vaccine! Stay away from here. It’s really not suited for you.

  19. Unfortunately, the Amish are not an ideal control group. We live near a huge Amish settlement in Northeast Ohio and we are fortunate enough to get some of the best quality certified organic produce, milk, meat, etc. from local Amish farmers. But we also have many, many Amish who are some of the sickest people in the area. Autism, mental retardation, extreme physical handicaps, etc. So Jennifer’s family may have been healthy, the families around them, may have been very sick. Some of the Amish vaccinate in this area and some do not. So the question is if Jennifer’s offspring who are now vaccinated; how healthy are they? Are they living healthy, without disease and illness. I believe this is generational and as each generation vaccinates more and more, the sicker and sicker the next generation becomes.
    p.s. my mom (almost 70) had chicken pox, German measles, red measles,and she doesn’t remember having any trouble and she has lifetime immunity.

  20. Unlike Miss Jennifer, I did not think the article was condescending at all. In fact, I thought it was a well written article that contained some good, old-fashioned Truth that too many people just don’t want to hear anymore. They’d rather have their multitude of doctor appointments and ‘scripts’ for their multitude of health problems….many find comfort in their self-imposed misery.

    Also, I’m willing to bet that children vaccinated in the 50’s weren’t getting the 49 doses of 14 vaccines before the age of 6 either that babies and little children are being jabbed with now. Whatever your viewpoint on efficacy, that’s just not a safe practice given the ingredients in them.

  21. My grandparents on both sides agreed. Neither one of my parents was ever vaccinated. My 88 year old mother had no polio, smallpox or DPT vaxx, and is healthy and proud to say so. This indoctrinated, ignorant reliance on vaccines for “health” is really (arguably) the greatest sales pitch of all time. Hopefully eyes and minds are opening to the truth: vaccines damage and kill. Question everything, especIally who profits from anything that’s MANDATORY.

  22. Jennifer – that’s “anecdotal” evidence.


    Anyone, especially the CDC, can cherry pick the literature, anecdotes, testimony, “research” and whatever other piles of verbiage they choose in order to find some “evidence” to support their claim. “Scientists” also have been known to make up or fake whatever evidence they need to support some theory that is failing.

    I suppose I qualify as a member of an “older generation.” I’ll tell you that I lost far more brothers, lovers, and others to the Vietnam War than I did to measles, mumps, chickenpox, whooping cough, rubella, influenza, RSV, hepatitis A through Z, and HPV COMBINED. We got a few vaccines. Most of us got all our childhood diseases and were up and running in under one week, without fail.

    We were not groomed to be constantly worried about getting sick. People today are continuously being fed propaganda about all the things that might be wrong with their health. And it is expected that the concerned citizen WILL seek medical treatment, WILL spend lots of money on many tests, WILL pay outrageous prices and become a LIFELONG consumer of pharmaceuticals, and WILL have healthcare “coverage.” Not necessarily healthCARE, just coverage.

    The CDC has been working overtime for decades trying to justify its continued existence. When better hygiene and living and working conditions resolved the worst of the nation’s health problems, the CDC had to find a reason to be needed. So they have been scaremongering ever since. Begging for ever more funding to chase whatever the Disease of the Season is. Anthrax? Ebola Virus? Zika Virus? Swine Flu? Bird Flu? SARS? Hantavirus? What happened to all those public health emergencies?

    If you believe it, it’s your time wasted, but go ahead. The healthy older generation(s) will be out enjoying life and not worrying. Turn off the TV, the computer, the electronics. Go outside and play. Go solve some real problems.

  23. In my family, you don´t even have to go that far back to see the differences in health. Growing up in the 60´s, my sisters and I had measles, mumps and rubella. No big deal. A fun week off of school, with pampering. We grew up healthy, in part due to good hygiene and healthy foods.
    My first two children were born in the early 80´s and had very few vaccinations and no chronic health conditions. Yet, when my last 2 children were born in the late 90´s and in 2000 respectively, things changed considerably.
    Both of my youngest had vaccinations until the day they went into convulsions immediately after their injections. They both have had loads of physical, developmental, and emotional problems. Its been a full time job, including medical research just to raise them.
    I don´t attribute it only to the vaccines. I think factors include the vast and increasing amounts of roundup in the food and water supplies, and other chemicals. This impedes the development of the immune system. Their immune systems just could´t handle the increasing schedule of unsafe vaccinations.
    I tend to agree with Dr Seneff, at MIT, who believes that the whole model of immune function was not well understood when vaccines were developed, and that the immune system works well with acute disease, which then imparts lifetime immunity which can be passed on to offspring. The model of constant doses of vaccines which give at most a few years of (maybe) immunity sets up the system for chronic disease. Not to mention the toxins like thimerasol and aluminium, which should never be injected into anyone.
    Thanks for the gentle article. I do believe that with Trump and RFK Jr in charge, these matters will be better sorted out to the benefit of public health and policy.

  24. My Father had Measles and Chicken Pox, My Mother had Tetneaus and Chicken Pox. I had Chicken Pox and my Mother and Father told me it’s no big deal, we had oatmeal baths and it was over in a week. No one started getting Asthma on either side of our family until we got vaccinated. I rather wish I had not been. However I was vaccinated during a time when you could sue the vaccine manufacturer when something went wrong. Vaccines had strict safety and efficacy guidelines then. Unfortunately not only do they not have safety or efficacy testing on vaccines, you can’t even sue if something goes wrong. I gave 2 shots to my Son and my objections that he was sick and we should not vaccinate when he was sick were overruled. Within 6 hours he had a 104 degree fever, seizures and high pitch (indicative of neurological damage) crying @ 10 months of age. I wasn’t informed of the risks to vaccination, only the benefits. I wasn’t told that if anything went wrong, I could not sue, not what vaccine reactions looked like, nor what to do when they occurred or what the likely outcomes were. I wasn’t even provided with the vaccine packaging insert. I was told if I didn’t vaccinate my kid, I was a BAD Mother and my kid would die. Within 2 weeks he was diagnosed with Asthma. I kick myself everyday for not sticking to my guns. When i was a kid I got 13 vaccinations. When my Father was a kid, he got 3, my Mother received 2. My Grandparents received none and my Paternal Grandmother lived until 93 and Maternal until 96. They died of old age. Autism was practically unheard of. If vaccines prevent disease, then prove it by comparing the health of the unvaccinated (like the Amish) with today’s 70+ shot vaccinated kids. Compare the health outcomes. See where it takes us. In millions of years of evolution, we never needed vaccinations. Our creator didn’t say “PHARMA” I left the immune system unfinished, I leave it in your hands.” We are poisoning our kids out of fear. The Mercury load even in vaccines where it has been “removed” leaving trace amounts far exceeds the Federal EPA limit on what is considered toxic waste in drinking water. 200ppb is considered toxic waste. One flu shot has 50,000ppb.

  25. Unlike Jennifer, I found this article to be a lovely sharing by Megan Heimer about her family’s health history. On the other hand, I found Jennifer’s response to be motivated by an “I’ll show you” attitude rather than simply sharing her perspective, which seems to be the norm from pro-vaccers. I also question the honesty of this tale of a pro-vaccine Amish woman, since it is well known that the Amish do not vaccinate. What’s up w/ that?

  26. What a great article! Your great grandmother is a wise woman. To think that humans have survived on this earth for at least a couple hundred thousand years without vaccines, but now all of a sudden we’re being told that a child cannot possibly be healthy unless he or she is injected with a boatload of toxic vaccines. Such garbage!

  27. An imperfect world. We had a child die from seizures due to DPT vaccination. A brain autopsy was performed and results showed white matter injuries. If there are scientists out there looking to do research on non-vaccinated brains your family should consider donating the organ. 🙂 I know you joked quite a bit during your article, maybe the topic could be approached light heartedly. In regard to the comment above, I know of a college professor who is wheel chair bound due to the Polio vaccine. Therapies were introduced for polio victims (not vaccine related) around the same time that vaccines were introduced. These solutions were not given a chance to take hold. Another frequently discussed topic is that, many poor environmental attributes that contributed to certain diseases have been significantly improved; such as clean water.

  28. I disagree with the first comment. The article doesn’t state that all older folks will criticize vaccines. I’m sure many will support them. But, like the article suggests, you’re quite likely to get some interesting critical points of view. My own elderly father said that his reaction to the smallpox vaccine was “the closest I ever came to dying”, and he understands my concerns about modern vaccines.

    I completely don’t see this article as “condescending”. Condescending toward whom? It urges people to simply seek the wisdom of experience in older people.

    I agree that anyone who regularly gets the modern flu shot–with all its mercury and aluminum–likely has a much smaller chance of making it to 100 than someone who doesn’t. One recent study found that people who had gotten the flu shot were 4x more likely to have a flu-like illness over the next 250-some days than people who hadn’t. A lot of good that does!

  29. So Jennifer… which big pharma do you work for? You come onto this site to denounce someone writing about the negatives of vaccines ON A SITE THAT IS ALL WARNING PEOPLE ABOUT THEIR DANGERS! So either you are a damn fool trying to incite people, or you are a damn PAID pharma shill trolling the internet looking to denounce anyone who has an opinion different to your paid masters. PLEASE GO AWAY!

  30. So your Grandmother lived to be 102, that was not luck it was life…How many of her playmates had Autism,RA, asthma, eczema,psoriasis,food allergies,ADHD,diabetes,IBS,crohn’s, cancer, and the likes?She was the perfect example of not being vaccinated.Thanks for the information, it makes perfect sense.

  31. Wow, thank you for sharing that! I spoke with my great grandmother a number of years ago before she passed away and asked her about measles and mumps. She, too, saw many with it and had it herself, and she didn’t know of anyone who had any serious complications.

  32. I received DPT vaccine as an infant in the early 50’s which also caused a severe reaction. Other than that, only a polio vaccine several years later. As far as the typical early childhood disease, I had chickenpox as a baby but never had mumps or measles. The vaccines seem to be more about population control by inducing illness in those that receive the shots.

  33. Well there you go.. both sides, and at one time the vaccinations may have not had mercury and live diseases put in them, or maybe they did anyway… who is to know ? maybe it is just a process of elimination anyway..I know that babies really do not need shots if they get their immunization from their moms milk… breast feeding is the best food for our children..

  34. The condescending article is your post Jennifer Kilpela.
    I have seen too many people sick BECAUSE of their getting the vaccines. My Mother lived to 101 and it was not because she was vaccinated. My Grandmother lived to 89 years old when she passed away in 1962 and My Grandfather passed away I 1957 at 91 (almost 92). They lived long lives not because of vaccines – but because of good eating, cleanliness, etc….

    Your Grandmother lived long is because she did not have those vaccines. That is the point ! And you go right by it and point out other people around her that died.

    You are a shill for Big pHARMa is what I see in your response.

  35. Nice try, Jennifer. But, YOU LOSE. Yur an idiot. You don’t even know what “antidotal evidence” *IS*!….
    The word you *THINK* you’re using is “anecdotal”…..
    Oh, the drug companies *LOVE* fools like you!

  36. These differing experiences. This is exactly why we MUST keep vaccines as a personal decision. Only that family can decide what is best for them. And if vaccines are as good as they say (or should be). Then the “theory” of herd immunity can stop being used as an excuse to force vaccinations.

  37. serious, Chicken Pox? Mumps? I and everyone else had them when I was a kid, they were really no big deal, I did get the polio and measles vaccine. But there WAS NO Autism!! I remember there were a lot of mongoloid kids (now called downs syndrome) I think now people get tested during pregnancy so you don’t see it as much. What I’m saying is I saw a lot of kids with that, kids in the neighborhood, my parents friends kids, siblings of my school friends, etc. but NEVER autism. If there were there I would have seen them, they weren’t. My sister child was the first time i’d EVER seen any child like that and she had been normal up to that point (just before her shots.

  38. As an 80 year old this year I don’t have a living relative from an older generation to query, so I asked my self the author’s question. I too experieced mumps, measles, german measles, chicken pox, influenza as a child. I lost a close relative to polio, as no vaccine was available Then. One vaccine was available in my childhood and was widely used for a terrible disease – Small Pox. I was vaccinated for smallpox along and received booster shots along with my parents, siblings and school mates.
    The author states century old great grandmother received NO vaccines. This assertion compromises the credibility of her entire article. She doesn’t even mention Small Pox although a near universal, worldwide vaccination program is given credit for eliminating the Small Pox virus except in the biological warefare laboratories of some governments. Due to the success of the vaccination program, Small Pox vaccination is a thing of the past. Possibly the author, and her century old relatives forgot alll about this successful, discontinued vaccination program.
    Opponents of mandatory vaccination for every disease known to man should not ignore ancient history, smallpox vavvination and Jenner.

  39. I work as a caregiver with the elderly. Most of my clients are in their 80s to early 90s. They are mostly rich people and their family takes very good care of them. Every year they dutifully take their parents to the doctor and get their flu shot. They are some of the sickest people I have seen. Most of them have dementia and alzheimer’s, and terrible joint and back pain. I also worked in a memory care facility and the nurses regularly came around and gave them their flu shot. They all had severe Alzheimer’s. My grandmother was healthy and walked to the store to get her groceries into her 90s and she never got a vaccine. Is this hard evidence? No just an observation to consider. I love caring for people and dreamed of becoming a nurse. I gave up that dream because I will not get their assortment of shots they are forcing nurses in California to take. It won’t be long before they force the private caregivers to do it as well. Then I will look for another job.

  40. I’m 70. Is that old enough? (And British so perhaps not subjected to as many vaccines as those in America.) I had measles, chicken pox, mumps, influenza (the actual deseases, not the vaccines!) and came through them all with barely a murmur. And of course, the vaccines that I did have, what….lets think….diphtheria, typhoid, polio, tuberculosis, I had 55 years ago and as we now know, those vaccines wore off at least 40 years ago…. if they even ‘took’ in the first place. So…. I have been completely ‘unprotected’ for over half my life, as are most people of my age.Vaccines are a scam. A complete con. A very dangerous lie and one day lots and lots of chickens are going to come home to roost and crap all over the heads of those people who have perpetrated this disaster.

  41. i’m a shade under 62. My family had eight kids who went to school from 1954 through at least 1982. We – through the years, many classes, many people in both the family’s church, the private school, the public schools – never had any problems from our all getting measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc.
    We never knew anyone who died or was permanently injured by the diseases everyone is now taught to be in terror of. Like you are living in Chad and need to drink out of a puddle with feces in it while malnourished. Your body is not in the same stress and biochemical incapability.
    We did have a neighbor who was damaged by the polio vaccine through her tonsillectomy… (tonsils are the only place in our body that can make polio antigens – and it opens up the nerve endings for the enterococcus to travel and cause poliomyelitis…)
    So my generations had actual immunity. NO vaccine provides immunity, because the definition of immunity is that you have PERMANENT protection, and no vaccine provides that at all, ever.
    It provides a different take on the stories about “epidemics of measles (mumps, chicken pox, etc) because i’m always hoping those fortunate enough to NOT be vaccinated manage to become sick so that they too can enjoy real immunity from that disease – instead of shuffling it’s occurrence chances to a later age where it becomes dangerous instead of mildly inconvenient.

    i’ve waded through outbreaks of some of these diseases and been just fine through the years the relatives, and their kids…

  42. I have worked in the field of nutrition, specializing in enzyme therapy, courtesy of the training I received from Dr. Howard Loomis, the leading expert in the field. My 3 children all had chicken pox. 2 of them had it for only 2 1/2 days, the other, for 4 days. My oldest son had the measles for 1 day – PERIOD! They were all diagnosed by a regular physician thru the usual testing.
    As soon as I knew the diagnosis, I treated them with specific enzyme formulas.
    In the 1930-40’s several doctors were successfully treating polio with Vitamin C infusions. Dr. Fredrick Klenner was one of them. He published his work in medical journals.
    There were numerous doctors treating measles with vitamin A (sometimes together with Vitamin D) beginning in the early 1920’s. This information was buried in the journals and ignored by the medical community.
    The “germ theory” IS STILL A THEORY propagated by Pasteur. But if you dig into medical history, one finds Antoine Beauchamp, a colleague of Pasteur. Beauchamp insisted germ’s were incapable of causing disease in a healthy body. Thus, if a person is receiving all the necessary food components (protein, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and enzymes and more) dgesting them properly and utilizing them, one will not get sick. Otherwise, how do you explain the FACT so many people are exposed to “germs” and only a handful succumb to illness? It is because their bodies have more than adequate nutrition strengthening their immune systems.

  43. All I can say is the brain dead among us will always live in the land of OZ as Jennifer does never spending the time to investigate the harm of vaccines,GMO’s,pesticides etc.but changes might be occuring about the lies of the CDC as Robert Kennedy jr was appointed 6 days ago as in charge of vaccine safety by Trump.If you have followed Bobby in his quest on vaccine insanity We can hope things will change and Merck’s stock with Monsanto’s goes to 0

  44. I am a 79-year-old lady. My Hepatitis B (HBV) disease appeared at the age of 74, with no hope of a cure from the hospital i looked further for an alternative treatments, a friend of mine told me about Health Herbal Clinic in Johannesburg South Africa who sell herbal treatments for diseases including Hepatitis B disease, I contacted the herbal clinic via their website and purchased the HBV herbal remedy. I received the herbal remedy through DHL couriers within 8 days and i immediately commenced usage as prescribed, i used the herbal remedy for about a month and 1 week, my condition has greatly improved, all my symptoms including Abdominal pain, Nausea and vomiting, Loss of appetite, I am HBV free! contact Health Herbal Clinic via their email healthherbalclinic(AT)gmail(DOT)com or visit www(DOT)healthherbalclinic(DOT)weebly(DOT)com PLS HBV is not a death sentence, there is a cure!

  45. It’s obvious some patient with HIV/CANCER are been enslaved to the antiviral and other supplementary Orthodox medicine just to help suppress the virus and not a cure.

  46. Yes I’m 63 yrs old I’ve had red measles, chickenpox, mumps & scarlet fever. When any children in the neighborhood had an illness the children would be gathered up so that we could catch it & strengthen our immune systems, Polio and small pox was a vaccination when you were born.

  47. This article is spot on. I my eyes the bottom line is vaccines mess with the immune system and create a host of problems for the body, many of which we may not even be aware of yet and which may show up years or even decades later. Pathogens and disease are a part of life. Our bodies fight them off naturally. I vaccinated my kids til they were 4 and 2 years old, respectively. Then when my holistic friend told me to research vaccines, I stopped vaccinating my kids. My husband, kids’ friends, neighbors, kids’ teachers and administrative staff, and nearly every mom I know is pro-vaccine and looks down on me for not vaccinating. My kids finally decided to get vaccinated on their own volition, a little over 3 months ago. I accepted their decision and took them to their doctor to get shots. My daughter opted for a flu shot. Soon afterwards she developed major depression. Prior to that she had been experiencing a more minor depression, mostly at the time of her monthly cycle. But then things took a turn after her flu shot. I didn’t make any connection til she kept mentioning her symptoms have been greater and constant “for the past 3 months”. I did some research and found articles how the flu shot increases 2 inflammatory cytokines in the brain, causing mood disorders/depression in virtually all people who were involved in 1 particular study. She had suicide ideation last week and nearly slit her wrists. Her school counselor is helping our family. My daughter has an appointment with a second outside counselor (1st one from start of the school year didn’t work out for her) and my husband quickly booked a visit to a pediatrician, on advice of my daughter’s school. My daughter didn’t want me to go to her appointment since I’m “anti-vax”. So my husband took her. When I took my daughter to get her vaccinations 3 months ago, the physician offered her the HPV shot but I declined it. Well when my husband took her they gave her an HPV shot and my daughter happily accepted. I’ve been reading all the many articles about very adverse reactions from that shot, and I’m terrified. My daughter had a difficult gestation. She scored very low on her alphafeto protein, during my pregnancy. When she was born (5 days late and 6 pounds 11 ounces), the delivery doctor said her placenta was very small – about half-sized if I recall. Also it didn’t attach to the womb in the normal spot so he had to fish for it as it separated (could have caused baby and me to lose half our blood but luckily we were safe). I’d miscarried my first pregnancy a couple months prior to getting pregnant. I have negative blood and my husband has positive. Baby had positive blood and I got the rhogam shot after I gave birth. Anyway my daughter had symptoms of lowered estrogen as a baby and she is naturally thin — doc said she’d have a hard time gaining weight her whole life due to her smaller placenta. Fat is protective so I feel her system may be especially vulnerable to vaccines and their aluminium and mercury adjuvants and so forth, for starters. If I tell my daughters counselors and pediatrician my fears and ask them to please administer no more flu shots or HPV shots (at least) they will frown on me and dismiss my concerns quicker than anything. The vast majority of people are pro-vaccine and it’s not because of big pharma/money so much as it being about the fear people (especially mothers perhaps) have of their children contracting an “infectious disease” and either being harmed from it or dying from it. People have these nightmarish visions in their head; people don’t like being sick. Your article is very telling and I wish more of today’s generation of parents could read your article or go back and live 100 years ago. But they won’t get it. They’re sold and convinced. But it’s more important than ever to allow everyone a choice on whether their children are vaccinated. It is a human right and a freedom and people will have to accept that sickness happens.

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