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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Are Doctors Being Trained to Manipulate Patients About Vaccines?

Video conference meeting
The Pro-Mandate agenda now advises doctors to ignore these vaccine safety questions and focus on the fear of disease to manipulate parents into compliance.

The number of parents questioning the safety of vaccines, the ingredients used, and the expanding 70-dose CDC schedule is growing, and medical organizations are trying to understand why. Numerous studies have been conducted to learn the reasons more parents are selectively refusing vaccines and what tactics may work best to overcome their doubts. Proponents of mandatory vaccine laws are now hosting medical conferences on how to use the right sound-bites to persuade parents to follow the full vaccine protocol without question.

But shouldn’t these seminars be designed to help doctors take a closer look at vaccine safety in order to better understand the legitimate concerns parents have?

The main reason more and more parents are now opting out of vaccination is safety. No doctors can discuss vaccines transparently with their patients without revealing the many possible side effects both the CDC and FDA disclose. Ironically, safety is the one aspect of vaccination that Pro-Mandate supporters don’t want doctors to talk about. But isn’t an honest conversation really what informed consent is all about?

The only goal of these Pro-Mandate conferences is to reduce vaccine refusal, regardless of how legitimate parental concerns are. Those who support this agenda are recruiting doctors to help. The problem is doctors are supposed to be impartial. They are supposed to be invested in the well-being of each patient individually, which means any course of treatment can vary depending on the child. Addressing parental concerns about vaccine safety acknowledges that there is risk, that parents should be fully informed about the risk, and that we need to better understand why some people have reactions. Instead, the new directive in these conferences is to use emotional tactics to persuade parents that vaccines are safe enough without admitting there is any risk.

This new strategy has been featured in several recent news magazines sent to all pediatricians and was unveiled at the Confronting Vaccine Resistance Conference in New York, hosted by Senator Pan (D-California) and Dr. Offit (creator of the rotavirus vaccine). They’ve determined that pediatricians who capitalize on the emotion of the doctor-patient relationship may be more successful in persuading parents who won’t follow the full vaccine protocol to change their mind.

But no parent should be emotionally manipulated. Educated parents who research vaccine safety on a deeper level conclude that vaccines have more risks than they are being told by their doctors. And many parents just don’t trust much of the vaccine safety research anymore due to conflicts of interest in the pharmaceutical industry. Parents now know that many of the doctors and researchers (including the former head of the CDC) who determine vaccine policy receive funding from vaccine manufacturers.

The Pro-Mandate agenda now advises doctors to ignore these vaccine safety questions and focus on the fear of disease to manipulate parents into compliance. But compliance isn’t a real solution. Improved vaccine safety is a solution. A less aggressive vaccine schedule is a solution. Giving fewer combination shots and less doses per visit are solutions. And that should be the goal of these medical conferences.

Asking questions about whether or not vaccines are safe enough doesn’t make you anti-vaccine. It makes you pro informed consent.

Note: The article was reprinted with permission. It was originally published by the Immunity Education Group—a community of medical and legal professionals, businesspersons, educators, journalists, and advocates who are passionate about immunity education and the right to informed consent.

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  1. Doctors are paid year end bonuses at HMOs depending on how many of their patients have been poisoned, I mean vaccinated!!

    So of course, some of them will be inclined to accept only patients who agree to be vaccinated. Where does this money come from? Surely, from BIG PHARMA!!!

    One and only way to stop this madness is to repeal the immunity BIG PHARMA has enjoyed in AMERCKA for more than 30 years. Please sign this petition at

    to sop this insane schedule of vaccines.

    Please share with everyone you know. We need to mobilize!!!


    1. Doctors are not the only ones paid. For very child vaccinated in the public school system, the school receives federal government payments per child. For all those un-vaccinated children, the school does not receive any federal kick-back money/ So it is in the school’s financial interest to convince parents to vaccinate their children. It’s ALL bout the money!!!!!

      California probably realized how many children were not being vaccinated thus hurting their “bottom-line”. THAT’s why CA passed this law. It’s ALL bout the money!!!!!

  2. How about discussing the removal of toxic chemicals from these vaccinations….. such as aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde??? These chemicals were never meant to be injected into human beings.

    1. Aluminum & mercury(Thimerisol) are adjuvants – which simply means they deliver and keep around the virus or bacteria; as well as create inflammation so the body will attempt to fight off virus or bacteria; without them the vaccine would not function to be delivered in the body.

      You cannot simply take out certain ingredients and the vaccine will be safe.

      Thimerisol was taken out of all the childhood vaccines but the flu shot; however, they then just added more aluminum.

      Suzanne Humphries has many great videos on vaccinations on Youtube…the one on aluminum is fantastic.

      Also, aluminum has NEVER been tested and proven to be safe!

  3. The Fed Gov is quickly becoming the parent for our children. Removing parental rights in their upbringing by swaying public opinion on vaccinations using the news media. Parents should have the absolute authority for bringing up their children, not the government. Vaccinating their children should be based on parental judgement, not the states.

    Passing a new law in the state of California that now makes it mandatory for children going to school to have all the CDC’s vaccines actually exposes how there was no law at all until this new law was created. What’s so upsetting about this law, is parents who were fooled into thinking prior to this law actually existing do not realize that they were fooled into giving their children vaccines before it. And what’s worse is none of them seem to care. They were so used to making their own kids vaccinated prior to the law that it made no difference to them once they were told, “it now is the law”.

    I never vaccinated my children in California. When I was constantly told by the school administration that I had to do so in order for them to continue their education (education is mandatory and the state cannot deny a child an education), I asked the school administrators to show me the law or tell me what code it was under in order for me to see it for myself. The school never could tell me because it didn’t exist.

    The actual law at the time stated that all parents had the right to refuse vaccinating their children and if the parent asked for an exemption form, the school by law, had to provide one for them. When I asked for the exemption form, the school administrators kept telling me they did not have one and I’d have to go to my doctor or the county health department in order to obtain one. This was not only breaking the law on the administrator’s actions but it was a total lie as well.

    After obtaining an exemption form for the state of California on line from the NVIC and downloading it, I found it quite troubling that on the back of each form at the bottom of the page it read, “Under no circumstances are you to show this form to any parent”.

    The politicians who passed the new law in California that now makes it mandatory for children to be vaccinated in order to go to school were found to be paid off by the very corporations that make the vaccines. Californians ignored that. In fact, they’re so ignorant and complacent with the state gov that another new law, written by the same crony who had just wrote the last one will now make it the choice of the child to become vaccinated even if their parents have an exemption form.

    Under this newer law, the state can remove the child from the household under an endangerment clause and place the child into foster care under state supervision and Californians so far haven’t done a thing about it.

    If this new law SB-18 passes, parents will become obsolete in their children’s upbringing and the state will then oversee their health from birth to the age of 18.

    Until this law had been written by a politician gaining monetary funds for doing so, has there been a problem with disease or viruses so badly that there was a need for it to now exist?

    It appears that not only have Californians lost their children to the state but they’ve also lost their common sense.

  4. When I finally stopped vaccinating my children and was discovering all the side effects. including how and why my daughter came down with Thrombocytopenia- I was not going to allow medical personnel to bully me. Anytime vaccines came up as an issue (doctor’s office. urgent care, ER) I’d tell them that if they signed a paper stating they would personally be liable for any vaccine injury my child might succumb to then I’d allow them to vaccinate my child. None took me up on the offer and all dropped the subject.

    1. Hi Lori- my 17 month old baby girl, Sabrina Lee, died from a brain bleed (ITP) after the MMR IN 1979! It took me 20 years to put the pieces together. It took my grief to a whole new level! I just had to comment as I haven’t heard many other parents whose child had ITP. I hope you daughter is doing well. Sharon Johnson

  5. The CDC and their pharmaceutical company cohorts are likely not willing to walk quietly away from their multi-billion dollar annual profit derived from vaccines.

    Seriously, it’s such a simple question once you put the issue of efficacy aside: Are they safe? Are 49 doses of 14 vaccines containing aluminum, thimerasol, formaldehyde, yeast, peanut oil, the DNA/cells of cows, pigs, chickens, monkeys, dogs and aborted human fetuses injected directly into the muscle tissue of babies and little children SAFE? Logic and simple common sense tells me, not likely…and that’s without reading the ‘science’.

    Vaccines are Nazi mad science, and I cannot imagine for a second that it was what God intended for the human body.

  6. This has been Pharma’s agenda for a couple decades. Whenever someone asks me for a reason that I am declining a vaccine I just say, “I don’t need a reason.”

  7. The problem is, people do not educate themselves, and believe whatever they are told. It is really alarming how people do not question these things.
    I think that is just as scary as the vaccines!
    I remember the day, I took my kids in to the Pediatrician, and the nurse walked in with a bunch of shots for them. I told her they would NOT be receiving them, she looked at me and said,”youre going tell him that?” I said yes, Iam!
    And I proceeded to tell him (the pediatrician), how I had already read the
    The documents that the pediatricians were sent to try and bully parents into these shots.
    I said to him, I know you are a smart man, I said the reason youre doing this is because, if you believe what Im saying, that the shots are hurting our children, then you will have already hurt so many children, and you do not want to believe that!
    He had tears in his eyes, and said , Ok, whatever you want to do is fine.
    Unfortunately, before I knew all this, and I had even had separated the vaccines before….
    My son still had 2 seizures and has autism!
    Thank God he is high functioning, but its still an everyday battle for the simplest of things……
    I pray that God opens peoples eyes to the evils of big pharma and take a stand, not be bullied, and make a stand!!!!!
    When even just a little bit of time goes by, people forget, and that’s what they hope for!

  8. Kaiser still refuses to furnish the actual manufacturer inserts. Medical educational communities continue to deny the liberty of education in medicine to people whom believe in informed consent with their mandatory vaccination compliance schemes. SCAM: Scheming, Crafty, Aggressive, Malicious. Don’t let them scam you. Simply ask them to measure and then report back directly to you, the exact amount of liquid aluminum which is present in the cumulative total of all the vaccines they wish to give you and your children. Emotional manipulation works both ways and most doctors have never seen the NVIC safe dosage web tool.

  9. And I expect most will be indoctrinated and comply, not daring to inform parents of the dangers for fear of jeopardising jobs, careers and funding source.

  10. The title is laughable as doctors have been “trained” by pharmaceutical companies since the late 1800’s and especially after John D. Rockefeller commissioned the “Flexnar Report” in 1910. It was the chemical industry AKA pharmaceutical companies deciding there were too many players in the field of medicine and pressured the AMA and government agencies to pass laws against homeopathy, herbalists and all other practitioners of natural medicine.
    Since then, all so-called medical “education” and training, has been determined by the drug companies via laws enforced by the State(s).
    As a parent, I will not be played upon nor forced to vaccinate my child. I have over 1,455 clinical studies (in PDF format) on vaccinations and will present them to anyone trying to encroach upon mine and my child’s freedom of choice. I will do WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to keep my child safe against those who would harm him – ANYTHING!
    The pimps & prostitutes of drug medicine have preyed upon parents far too long and have to be punished for the harm they have inflicted. And all the politicians who in bed with them (most) have to be punished as well. When will the public WAKE UP?????

      1. I have spent the last 35 years amassing them by going to the medical libraries. At first I had to photocopy what I found. For the last 10 years, I have been able to find and download the PDF versions, most of them online at the med library.

      2. No way would I educate you!!! Since you ARE on-line, you can surely do the same thing I did years ago for myself … I spent time researching and developed my own opinion, which was quite easy to do, and, harder to implement, but I did it. I have 3 children and I fought against vaccines as each one was born.

  11. Thank you for all you do NVIC!!! Package inserts for almost all vaccines are available online. Read them. Most likely, your doctor has not. Avoid well-baby check ups! Your baby will STAY well if you STAY AWAY from doctors and medical offices.

    Watch Vaccines Revealed 9-Episode series! I just finished watching Episode 9. It is available at no charge for 24 hours.
    Learn the truth about the vaccine industry, about building a healthy immune system naturally, and about cellular detox to remove heavy metals, etc.

  12. My DO has told me that doctors are being trained very differently, now, than they were years ago. And, most of them are going into the practice because it is so lucrative; there is much money to be made, but none of it is involving actually helping patients. The main object in Healthy People 2020, is exactly that; manipulative doctors, as well as incorporating employers to pressure employees and also religious leaders and even your neighbors. It’s going to get pretty ugly.

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