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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price Supports Individual Autonomy

Rep. Tom Price
U.S. Representative Tom Price

U.S. Representative Tom Price has been nominated for the position of Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) by President-elect Donald Trump. The six-term Republican congressman from Georgia’s 6th District currently serves as Chairman of the House Budget Committee.1

If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Rep. Price, 62, would lead a department that has an annual operating budget of more than $1 trillion and oversees a number of key health regulatory agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).2 3 4

Rep. Price is an orthopedic surgeon.1 5 He is a member of the GOP Doctors Caucus in the House—a group of physicians in the House that has aggressively opposed the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare.6  He is a strong proponent of individual autonomy, which includes the right of patients to make independent choices about their health care options, with minimal intervention by government. In an interview with ThinkProgress, Rep. Price said:

What government-run medicine does is forces other individuals besides themselves and their families making medical decisions. … [W]hat I support is allowing patients to make independent medical decisions.7 

Rep. Price is also a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), which supports informed consent to medical risk taking and opposes mandatory vaccination. The group has called for a moratorium on all government mandated vaccines.8 9 10  

AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, MD, stated in a press release issued by the organization that,

“Our children face the possibility of death or serious long-term adverse effects from mandated vaccines that aren’t necessary or that have very limited benefits.10 

Dr. Orient added:

It’s obscene to threaten to seize a child just because his parents refuse medical treatment that is obviously unnecessary and perhaps even dangerous. AAPS believes that parents, with the advice of their doctors, should make decisions about their children’s medical care—not government bureaucrats.10

Rep. Price has said that, “when patients, and their families, and their doctors are not allowed to independently decide what care should be provided, we lose more than our healthcare system. We lose our morality and our freedom.”8


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  1. Finally… Someone who understands informed consent. I am a nurse & since I did not get the flu vaccine, I am required to wear a mask! I don’t get sick & rarely call in to work for sickness. But got a lot of sick co-worker who have been vaccinated and are always sick!

    1. God bless you Nancy. Sticking to your guns in today’s workplace environment can’t be easy. Every time I go in for a routine checkup, my doctor (or his assistant), always asks if I want this shot or that shot. I just start shaking my head left and right “nope, nope, nope.” I haven’t been sick in many years from colds or the flu, but I notice that many of my friends and associates, who took the shots, have big problems. Keep up the fight Nancy.

  2. Let’s hope he will support repealing the 1986 law that has shielded Big Pharma for 30 years.

    This law has already destroyed the lives of countless families.

    Please google “Repeal Immunity for Drug Companies Against Vaccine Injuries” and sign the petition. This 1986 law must go.
    Please take a moment to sign and please share with friends and family.

  3. It’s nice to learn that someone in an authoritative position is thinking logically in terms of freedom of choice for medical treatment. My daughter currently takes part in an public online homeschool program that is tuition free and have had quite a scare several times knowing that bills have been introduced and will continue to be introduced in the future trying to take that choice away from parents. If freedom of choice were taken away as to personal/religious exemption for vaccines, my daughter would no longer be able to take advantage of this option or to attend a regular public school. I am sickened to learn of how the parents and children have been treated in CA with the forced vaccination laws from not receiving government checks to being denied medical treatment and an education for not being vaccinated. And so many children have become injured or died from vaccines which is an inferior means of protection against disease–every parent should go to and educate themselves as to the risks of vaccinations which doctors/nurses do not tell you about.

  4. I am delighted since I have been doing alternative medicine for 30 years now. Just hope he stays true to his word and does not cave from pressure of big Pharma.

  5. Good news on the freedom of choice front? It can’t be, we’ve grown so accustomed to tyranny. Who will the tyrants shame for not supporting company profits? Who will they blame? I continue to believe that any company whom may interject through governance, should be limited to non profit. In a free market, consumers make their own decisions. Corporate income should not drive laws or regulations. That being said, these are for profit companies so never expect them to be honest with data or policy making as long as lobbying to create new laws is legal. CDC and FDA should be prohibited from lobbying, so should FNMA and every other federally chartered private company in America. / Thank you NVIC, looking forward to getting the Vaxxed dvd in the mail soon. / To other readers, don’t forget to donate, NVIC is giving out the vaxxed dvd with current donations.

    1. I would hope Mr. Trump can stop the lobbying in Washington. There is not much of a chance for Congress to do anything, as it lines the pockets of the corrupt Congressmen. Shucks, they will not even consider a law to stop insider trading by them. There will be very little progress in lowering healthcare costs as long as the pharmaceutical companies & their 800 lobbyists own those corrupt Congressmen.

  6. Jeez–this is the first, and probably only realistic and humanistic statement of policy from Trump’s fascistic moves. I am sure the source of the thinking is not great, but the result of this would be such a boon for parents and children. I can only hope this happens and we begin to see a reversal of regressive autism and autoimmune deficiency diseases that are affecting our young generations in new and record numbers.

  7. Thank you President elect Trump, for honoring promises you made to the vaccine injured with your selection of Secretary of Health and Human Services, and restoring autonomy and fundamental liberties to parents and doctors!

  8. Like Trump or not, at lease he doesn’t owe the drug companies any favors. We all hope this period of fear tactics and tyranny are coming to an end. A lot of us will be so happy! Maybe the public will be willing to listen to reason when people in important places finally stand up and speak the truth. Is it too much to have realistic hope for this?

  9. His comments about government-run healthcare forcing individuals into decisions is not true. I know this as someone who grew up in the UK and my own personal experience of the NHS. A relevant example here is that childhood vaccinations in the UK are NOT compulsory. And you don’t have to go to the ridiculous palaver that you do over here to be exempt. So while I applaud him in allowing parents and individuals to make their own medical decisions, I wish Republicans like him would not spread general lies about government-run healthcare.

    1. He is not spreading lies, he is exposing the corrupt agenda our government has had with Obama. Already in California it is mandatory for children to be vaccinated whether the parents agree or not. California is always the first state and then others follow suit. You know as well as the rest of us, if states do not comply they are threatened with the loss of government funding. Seriously, how do you explain in the 1980’s children having less than 10 immunizations and it has jumped to over 70 immunizations now. It’s called government control and a cash cow. And how about the flu shot? Every time I had it I got the flu or the at the pharmacy when I told them I wanted the mercury and aluminum free shot, he brought out the one with the mercury and aluminum and got angry with me when I refused it. It’s all about control.

  10. But he wants to destroy Medicare & opposes any government -run healthcare or regulation, leaving insurance companies to do whatever they want to profit from people’s suffering. You can have individual freedom & government.

  11. That would be really great if it’s true I’m dealing with a mildly autistic child right now due to a hospital giving my child 6 shots in 1.I’ve signed a waver from birth and don’t even no how the heck they could have done it.I totally believe it’s the shots for sure our kids need an education and we need to start growing our own food.

    1. If you were in the hospital at any time and were separated from your child that’s when someone gave him/her the shots. When my son was admitted at 3 days old, we were adamant about NOT giving him vaccinations. Flash forward – while in 6th grade, I was asked if I was going to give him booster shot. I said he wasn’t vaccinated. The school showed me documents from the State proving someone, a nurse without a name, gave him the Hep B shot without ever telling me. I send a Freedom of Information Request to the State requesting documentation to which a letter said “No evidence of vaccination” was sent to me. Our family physician has the proof of his being vaccinated also, but the State will not verify my own request.
      If amiable, ask your family physician to request documentation from your State on your child’s shots.

  12. I hope “healthy people 2020” is the first to get the ax, with it’s mandate for 90% flu shot compliance for healthcare workers.

    I’m tired of running around wearing a surgical mask all day for half a year when I’m not sick, while employees who come to work sick but have gotten the flu jab go un-masked.

    Scientific medical rationales turned up-side down!

      1. Thank God for Donald Trump getting in! I am also a Health Care worker that has to wear a mask due to not injecting that poison in my system.Our job is threatened if we don’t wear a mask but the other employees that come in sick do not have their job threatened if they don’t wear a mask. There is no logic at all to this very STUPID MANDATE!

  13. Whew hoo!!!! Sigh of relief! This issue is really bringing people together, all stripes. Lets keep the pressure on the new secretary and not forget hes susceptible to the power of the lobbyists not unlike every other capitalist politician. If this is the only appointment ill thank him for, thank you Mr. Trump!

  14. Wow! That is exciting news. I am a nurse who has been wearing a “flu mask” each winter for the past 6 years. My daughter was diagnosed with a periodic fever syndrome when she was 3 that I think may be related to vaccinations. We homeschool now, partly because of concerns about giving her further vaccinations. I certainly hope to see more positive changes regarding freedom in personal healthcare decisions.

  15. Do you know why Natural News would produce an article saying Tom Price was a shill for Big Pharma and Monsanto? I hope you are right and Tom Price will be good for the position he’s nominated for.

    Thank you for your work,

    Jill H.

    1. He voted in favor of the DARK Act which was a vote against GMO labeling. I have concerns about him. If he is FOR individual rights, why did he vote in favor the DARK Act?

  16. Like with anything Trump does, it’s uncertain what this appointment will mean. I’m concerned about folks here only focusing on one issue, even though it’s a very important one. This man is in favor of eliminating the safety net for millions of seniors and the most vulnerable people in our community.
    Sam reports from the UK about the fact that vaccination is not forced upon people there and wishes that this man would not lie about their health care system. Facts matter.

  17. Trump said he would ‘Make America Great Again’. One of the biggest steps towards that goal is to take back our democracy which has been stolen by the big corporations that buy our politicians and make puppets out of them.

    We need health freedom more than anything else where only we choose what goes into our bodies and that of our children. No CDC bureaucrat should ever decide this. That would equate with governmental rape. Where there is risk there must be choice. No one should ever be forced to take any vaccines that our own Supreme Court has said are ‘unavoidably unsafe’. There can be no mandated vaccines in a society that calls itself free.

    Tom Price has said ‘what I support is allowing patients to make independent medical decisions’. He may just be the man we need for the job ahead.

  18. Giving parents the autonomy to choose and not be forced by the courts is a real blow to the child sex trafficking market. The child vaccine agenda is being used to take children from loving poor families to feed a ravenous international child sex trafficking and private prison system. The WikiLeaks e mails seem to expose a child sex trafficking ring that includes CPS and Oxfam. Canada just busted wide open the child trade market and Australia too. Forced Vaccination laws are being used in courts world wide to separate children from parents and force every kind of pharma drug testing on foster care children world wide. The poorest children in the world have a publicly funded system that preys on their bodies for experimentation and exposes their lives to sexual abuse and bodily compromise. Read the Podesta e mails and understand this issue in a deeper way.

  19. My son had adverse reactions to his inoculations and ended up with a learning disorder. There is no way you can tell me that the government should have a right to shoot us up with what ever they want. Thank God for this appointment. I was beginning to feel like we were in George Orwell 1984!

  20. I reserve the right to be skeptical about this appointment. I do not believe anyone in a high government agency position is impartial, unbiased, or not bought out by the pharmaceutical drug companies. It is too early to cheer. Most people who enter politics with a desire to help find out very quickly they will not be able to do much. For all their talk and positioning about obozocare, the republicans DID NOTHING outside of not voting for it. They had the chance to end it many times and did nothing. Why? Because they have their pockets full of drug money and will not do the RIGHT thing. At 65, I’ve been around the world, literally, been a alternative practitioner for 30 years and researcher for 46 years. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  21. He is my Rep. Whenever I wrote his office about mandatory vaccination, I always got back the standard “vaccines have saved the world” letter. I called a few months back to ask him to request CDC whistle-blower documents from Congressman Posey and to watch the movie Vaxxed. I asked for a personal response on that and received nothing so far. Not sure about him.

  22. hese are the questions that came to my mind reading about this nominee.

    Where is the CDC headquarters located? Atlanta, Georgia
    Where is this politician from? Georgia
    Do I think he got to his position by fighting the powers that be or working with them? Working with them.

    Using basic common sense, to me this is essentially a CDC insider nominee. For me, that represents a very bad choice for this incredibly powerful position ($1 trillion dollars worth of power per year to be exact) given I feel the CDC lacks transparency and is driven/directed by corporate motives.

  23. This does not seem like a good choice to me. It appears that there are too many connections with the corporate world and this will always interfere with the decision making process. If he comes out with a statement that he opposes mandatory vaccination and that he will fight vigorously for a parents right to choose, than I would take a better look at him but at this point he seems to connected.

  24. The AAPS to which Dr Price belongs opposes evidence based medicine ( in other words scientific medicine). We do not want an anti-science doctor managing our health care. Oppose his nomination.

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