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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

France Has Lowest Confidence in Vaccines

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“the negative attitudes in France may come as a result of a number of controversies in the country over the past two decades, including controversy over suspected side effects of the Hepatitis B and HPV vaccines…”

A recent study published in EBioMedicine conducted by researchers from the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and other institutions reveals that public confidence in vaccines varies among different nations with European nations being the most skeptical of vaccines.1

The purpose of the study is to provide insights for policy makers to identify countries and groups with declining confidence in vaccines.2

It is the largest survey conducted on vaccine safety confidence, with almost 66,000 people surveyed in 67 countries to determine their perspectives on whether vaccines are safe and effective or acceptable with respect to the individual’s religious beliefs.1

Within countries surveyed in the European region, seven of 10 countries had the least confidence in vaccine safety with France being the most skeptical about the benefits versus the risks of vaccinations. About 41 percent of individuals surveyed in France do not believe that vaccines are safe compared to a 12 percent global average of skepticism among populations living in many other countries.1

The authors of the study note that…

the negative attitudes in France may come as a result of a number of controversies in the country over the past two decades, including controversy over suspected side effects of the Hepatitis B and HPV vaccines, and hesitancy among a significant proportion of GPs as to the usefulness of some vaccines.1

The study’s leader, Dr. Heidi Larson at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, states:

This shows that vaccine acceptance is precarious and that scientists and public health authorities need to do much better at building public trust.2

U.S. Surveys Reveal Eroding Parent Trust in Vaccination

Last month, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) called for an end to all religious and conscientious or philosophical belief vaccine exemptions in the U.S. by publicizing a 2014 report containing the results of two surveys of about 600 U.S. pediatricians that were conducted in 2006 and 2013.3 The U.S. poll results revealed that 87 percent of the pediatricians surveyed in 2013 reported experiencing a vaccine refusal—up from about 75 percent in 2006.4


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  1. I am so totally against Vaccines that I consider myself a “conscienous refuser of all vaccines.” The reason I am so against vaccines started early in my life. When I graduated from college, I wanted to do something that would allow me to see other regions of the planet. I needed a job that would allow me to see foreign lands. It was either volunteer for the Peace Corp or volunteer to join the American Red Cross in supporting our troops waging war. I am sorry to say that I chose to go to Vietnam in July 1967, as a Red Cross Worker. I SHOULD have chosen the Peace Corp, which I eventually did work for. In 1970 I joined my new husband working in Columbia on the Ecuadorian Border for 4 years with the Peace Corp.

    So between 1967 and 1974 I saw a lot of the planet. I also did NOT want to return to a life in the US, but ended up coming back to the US and settling down in Berkeley to raise a family, which I did, but I never forgot the extensive training I received during those years. Those years now inform my Activism since retirement in 2006! I became an elected representing my county, Sonoma, on the Democratic Party’s Central Committee. In 2008 the Democrats decided to pick Obama as their candidate to run for the Presidency, which eventually is what caused me to stop being a Democratic! I turned to the Green Party. I am still a Green and am working hard to get Dr. Jill Stein in office.

    The United States is literally the most powerful Corrupt Country in the world today and the Planet’s Number One Destroyer of our planet and Humanity Itself and must be stopped!

    And working AGAINST Big Pharma one of my main activites! I am avidly against Vaccines and totally believe they are, in reality, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION that are NEVER a good thing for ANY HUMAN BODY and are, in fact, used by the US to cull its population and must be stopped before humanity is changed into some new entity that will speedily result in the total destruction of our planet… All foisted on humanity by The United States of America!!!!!!

    1. Wilma for President… YES… totally agree… finally a kin spirit that sounds like me… LOL…the goal is to reduce the total world population to 500,000,000… look it up its a monument, a tribute to humanity according to the 1% ters… to those above the law… cause if Bill Gates were to regain his sanity and moral virtues and had a child and decided NOT to vaccinate… what government agency would go after him… NONE!!! …. but us slaves and peons we get slammed.. persecuted by HAHAHA the well intentioned CPS… by mislead and uninformed humanoids… who do as they are told… and put people who believe in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights right in the “slammer”… (jail) and take our kids away to another form of humanoid enslavement system… called foster care… WHAT country is this??? are we sure we haven’t been transported to the NAZI era… nice reading you Wilma…

    2. I agree with you! With all that we know and all the evidence of America’s failing health, it seem like people have been so indoctrinated, that instead of stopping putting chemicals in one’s body, they keep saying, “we need more studies”! Why?! How about let’s stop vaccinating as most of us smart people know more studies means fudged data and hidden consequences of these greedy, man made substances. Thank you for speaking up. Ugh!

  2. I have -0- confidence in any flu vaccine.
    #1. Aluminum. I am NOT a robot.
    #2. Mercury, by any other name. I am not a thermometer.
    The safe mercury level is very low – below 100 mc.
    The average flu shot has over 20,000 mc.
    The BS I get from the nurse at the clinic demonstrates that she and the doctor have been brainwashed with Big Pharma propaganda or OUTRIGHT LIES.

    Furthermore, I don’t get any respect from them when I refuse the damn shot.

  3. It going to be hard for liars or at best, well meaning, self righteous know-it-alls to build “public trust”. Trust is based on mutual respect not coercion, brow beating and threats.

  4. The fact that some vaccines are mandatory for school entry in France is likely to be at least partly responsible for French people’s jaded outlook on vaccines as medical fascism of this kind is in my estimation unlikely to sit well with them.

  5. “He doth protest to much.” The harder they try to cram vaccines down our throats, the less I trust them. “If you build a better mousetrap, people will beat a path to your door.” Why don’t they spend their resources on improving the vaccines, instead of on advertising?? Perhaps because they know vaccines are nothing but money makers? A commercial is NOT going to change my opinion!

  6. Trying to convince truly educated and informed people vaccines are safe is like trying to say a grizzly bear is a cute, cuddly creature like the Disney types. I have accumulated over 1,300 clinical studies on vaccines. The majority of those studies very clearly point out vaccines do not work to prevent the disease they were created for and they cause irreversible neurological and other immune damage – the key word being irreversible!

    I’ve traveled and lived all over the world and have never received a vaccine for any country -even China. It is a shame the majority of people world-wide are kept ignorant by their politicians, media and the drug manufacturers. Then we have the “Bill Gates” of the world who systematically are given a free-ride into other countries with his vaccine programs that are meant to reduce the population and cause disease all the while making millions.

  7. So the public health authorities have to do a better job at “building public trust”. What does this mean? Just more intimidating commercials, more public relation advertisement?
    Not actually improving the effectiveness and most importantly removing potential harm. Showing legitimate independent studies on vaccines. No, instead of doing real work. We will just use smoke and mirrors to improve “relationship”, not anything concrete. So redoiculous.

  8. The reason for skepticism among french GPs is that many of them are also practicing homeopaths. From a homeopathic point of view vaccines cause both acute and chronic conditions, often irreversible. Even children who are not vaccinated can suffer the effects from their mother’s vaccinations!

  9. I’m with France on this most important issue of health freedom from mandatory vaccines! I have read, at length, of the history and function of disease and of vaccine development; of the neuro- and exito-toxicity of many vaccine ingredients and adjuvants, including heavy metals and formaldehyde; of the complete lack of actual science to support the entire vaccine protocol; and, of the vast, unfettered profiteering on the part of just a few enormous chemical & drug corporations such as Merck, Sanofi-Pasteur, and GSK, GlaxoSmithKline. I view the modern vaccine as a dangerous threat to health, rather than the public health miracle others cherish. I view modern vaccines as based on junk-science, corporate propaganda, and defunct, Dark -Age assumptions. Modern Science understands next to nothing regarding cellular immunity, and plays fire with temporary, antibody immunity, as well as by the introduction and use of retrovirus’. The general disdain for actual health, derived through nutrition and physical fitness, is as illogical as the widespread and uquestioning embrace of any and all vaccine ingredients.

  10. Yes, vaccines are not safe or effective in most cases. The CDC has admitted that “vaccines are unavoidably unsafe” but they aren’t pushed on the public to cull the population, rather to make billions for the pharmaceutical industry, which is not liable for damages according to an act of congress. There are far more effective ways to reduce the population, such as lax gun laws, chemical-laden food and water, and rampant pollution.

  11. Look into Gc-MAF research, nagalase and dead holistic doctors…mandatory mass vaccination is a great way to cull the population and/or create a massive population of ailing, drug dependent, medical consumers.

    Force vaccination on everyone, make them PAY for their own death, and expect them to say thank you for the privilege and opportunity.

  12. The key to the prevention and cure of autism lies with the scientists and doctors with integrity and vision inside and outside of government, who will conduct the kind of basic science research into the interaction between vaccines, viral and bacterial infections and other biological factors that contribute to development of autism spectrum disorders. Without the will and funding commitment on the part of Congress and federal health agencies that forges an equal and collaborative partnership between government and independent researchers, finding the truth will be left to parents and private foundations.

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