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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Doctors Advocate for Outlawing All Personal Belief Exemptions for MMR Vaccine

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… the state of Washington already allows for medical, religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions, including for MMR vaccine.

In the midst of growing public opposition to efforts by pharmaceutical and medical trade lobbyists to persuade state legislators to eliminate all non-medical exemptions from vaccine laws, a group of doctors in Seattle, WA have published an article in the March 2016 edition of the journal Pediatrics that ostensibly supports more flexible religious and conscientious belief exemptions for parents opting out of vaccinations for their children, but it comes with a caveat.1

The caveat in their proposal is that parents would be able to obtain non-medical vaccine exemptions for every government recommended vaccine—except for measles vaccine. Measles vaccine, which only is available in the combination MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) shot would be the one “no exceptions” vaccine and, understandably, parents are questioning what that is all about.

The authors of the paper—which include Douglas Opel, MD, Matthew Kronman, MD, Douglas Diekema, MD, Edgar Marcuse, MD, Jeffrey Duchin and Eric Kodish, MD—note in their article that eliminating non-medical exemptions (NMEs) for all vaccines are “scientifically and ethically problematic.” They argue for an exemption policy that “eliminates NMEs just for the measles vaccine” and that mandatory MMR vaccination be “pursued only after other less restrictive approaches have been implemented and deemed unsuccessful.”1

According to an article in The Seattle Times, the physicians acknowledge that, while the push for more restrictive vaccination laws may be “well-meaning,” it “infringes on personal liberty” and “doesn’t work.” 2 The Times quotes Dr. Opel:

We’re realizing that it’s not a scientific and ethical approach. This is less about letting parents choose than about developing sound, sustainable policy.2

Vaccine law in the state of Washington already allows for medical, religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions, including for MMR vaccine.3 So, while the proposal by the doctors at first appears to support more freedom for parents in Washington to make voluntary vaccination decisions for their children, it doesn’t give parents anything they don’t already have. In fact, it would give them less freedom because it would eliminate NMEs when it comes to measles vaccine (MMR). The proposal could be interpreted as an attempt to effectively chip away at medical informed consent rights in that state under the guise of a less restrictive vaccination public policy.

Of course, the state of Washington already allows for medical, religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions for childhood diseases, including measles.3 So, while the proposal by the doctors at first appears to support more freedom for parents in Washington with regard to vaccines, it doesn’t give them anything they don’t already have. In fact, it would give them less freedom because it would eliminate NMEs when it comes to measles. The proposal seeks to effectively chip away at medical informed consent rights in that state under the clever guise of a less restrictive vaccination public policy.

On the positive side, the doctors appear to be opposed to forced vaccination. Their proposal reinforces the fact that the informed consent is primarily one of fundamental human rights, and that sacrificing liberty and having a government vaccination policy that is sustainable are incompatible.


1 Opel DJ, Kronman MP, Diekema DS, Marcuse EK, Duchin JS, Kodish E. Childhood Vaccine Exemption Policy: The Case for a Less Restrictive Alternative. Pediatrics March 2016.
2 Aleccia J. Seattle doctors buck trend, want to allow vaccine opt-outs—except for measles. The Seattle Times Mar. 17, 2016.
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  1. What we really need is to create an Organic version of vaccines and compete with the Pharmacies that have the monopoly on this industry.
    Prediction: they will stop lobbying to regulate.

    1. The Drug Story by Morris A. Bealle on the Rockefeller Drug Trust says it all. The implementation of vaccine enforcement was in the works back in 1949. If every medical student were to read this book, and they could overcome their medical school brainwashing, we would see them leaving their schools like rats off a drowning ship. Unfortunately, because their acceptance in medical school affirms that they are seemingly the most intelligent segment of the population, it would mean a blow to their pride to realize that disease is not what they have been taught. The truth about disease has been so propagandized away that they are taught to accept disease as “etiology unknown,” on the one hand, but that vaccine has protective value against a disease of unknown etiology on the other. It boggles the mind of this lesser mortal!

      1. There is an alternative. They are called nosodes, and they resemble the teething tablets you may have seen or given to your children. Both of my sons take them. A nosode is a live virus with a little milk protein to hold it together. No other chemicals, metals, sterilizing agents, etc. are in nosodes.

      2. I’m very confused by your comment. There are very few diseases that have unknown etiology, and vaccine preventable diseases are not a part of that group.

    2. That reminds me of George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, where those in charge started with the saying that “All animals are equal.” Then after a time, so that the other animals had time to forget the original saying, they posted a new saying, All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” And then after a little more time had passed they posted the final saying which stated, “All of the leaders are more equal than the other animals.” And each time the regular animals accepted the saying because they had forgotten how everything had happened in the beginning and how it was when everyone was the same. Exactly the same thing is happening with losing our freedoms with our control over our own medical destiny, except that now they are simply saying that it is for the better “good” for everyone. We need to be alert or we will lose all of our ability to control our own destiny when it comes to our body and mind … it is happening now and it could get a lot worse if we don’t let our voice be heard!

  2. “Enlightened conversation” as well as balanced journalism would seem to require providing at least a brief summary of the doctors’ reasoning concerning the MMR vaccination. Why that one in particular? If the problem is space, such a summary might have replaced the repetition of the point that WA already allows for non-medical exemptions unilaterally, along with the repetition of the caution that the proposal is a veiled attempt to “chip away” at citizens’ rights “under the clever guise,” etc. A sentence or two should be sufficient to present their argument–unless of course they themselves failed to mention their reasons for targeting the MMR. If, though hard to imagine, the latter is the case, that might have been mentioned here, as well.

  3. It is unbelievable how the fearmongers are winning. First IRAQ. Now vaccinations. What’s next…Trump? I wonder where the Roe v Wade opposers when it comes to FORCED ingestion of made-in-a-laboratory chemicals into the bodies of wee babies and children. The Bible is very clear when it comes to how to treat your body —
    Leviticus 19:28 – Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I [am] the LORD.
    1 Corinthians 3:16-17 – Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and [that] the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? …
    Other philosophies/religions are equally clear about how the body is supposed to be treated. It is HOLY…to be cherished. We fail on so many level by our personal choices — food-tobacco-alcohol-drugs of all sorts-etc. NOW we are allowing our “leaders” to FORCE us to do things which NO ONE can guarantee are 100% safe.
    Am so glad my only child (who has never had ANY pharmaceutical in her body) is now 18. As difficult as it was, I have done my job. My burden is lifted. She must now choose for herself. How terrible… “She must now choose for herself”, instead of “She CAN choose for herself.” The 1st is a burden. The 2nd a freedom. WOW! This is now AMERICA! Long live capitalism and big business!!!

    1. You’ll find this in the Bible also: “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth. And he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.” Revelation 13:11. America rose to power from out of the wilderness, desiring peace and freedom. But the “dragon” agenda is, and has always been, the denial of freedom! What’s happening is in prophesy.

  4. This sounds very fishy! Maybe they’ll settle for just one now, but will add more later. We should have the right to consent or not no matter what! And, why measles? It’s one of the most benign illnesses, regardless of what they’ve been saying for all these years!

  5. Ironically, Trump is the only “politician” to come out and actively, well, openly bring up the idea that a conversation needs to take place regarding vaccine safety.

    He had me for a moment. Unfortunately Bernie is willing to come out publicly in favor of vaccines. What I hope is that his supportive position is only his “safe” public line, and that regardless of his personal belief he will stand for the liberty of the individual against coercive government policy, unlike Jerry Brown in California.

    1. Sanders is a life-long Socialist. They don’t do very well when it comes to individual freedom. They are collectivists and relativists. What a Socialist thinks is good (this week) is good for everyone.

  6. Mr. Caceres states: “On the positive side, the doctors appear to be opposed to forced vaccination.”


    If they were really opposed to forced vaccination that would include the MMR. This is a back door attempt at getting rid of exemptions. It’s call incrementalism or gradualism. Take an inch, then 6 inches, then the entire foot.

    NVIC cannot compromise on this. There can be no compromise with the devil.

  7. For anyone interested, the book by Morris Breale is available for free download as a pdf file. All you need to do is Google it.
    I am terribly disappointed to hear that Bernie Sanders, who I really like, is pro vaccine. I have been a Democrat through and through since I was old enough to vote, but I have very recently discovered that failure to represent anyone but the very wealthiest U.S. citizens is not unique to the Republican party as I once so naively believed. Seems that the real truth of the matter is that we are on our own, and I’m feeling more and more certain that the ultimate outcome will be a worldwide vaccination program with no choices, freedoms, or exemptions in any nation anywhere in the world. And, this policy will apply to adults and children alike.
    I am glad that I am close to 50 years which means that I will not have as many years ahead of me where I will no longer own my own body as some will have to endure. My main concern is for my children. And I never thought I would be saying and truly meaning this, but I have begun discussing the “zero population’ concept with them as a viable, and perhaps the wisest, least selfish option. It just seems cruel to bring a child into the world under these conditions.

    1. My mom said the same thing about not wanting to bring a child into this world. You’re actually falling for the NWO agenda as they want to destroy humanity and bring the world population down to 100 million (ala the Georgia guidestones ‘commandments’). The dumb people keep breeding, and the smart ones like you hesitate or don’t have any kids, then that skews the population to dumber less educated parents, which then creates more ignorant young people, which then plays into their hands. Smarter more educated people have to have more kids to help defeat the evil that is sneakily trying to destroy the earth. Evil prospers when good people do nothing.
      If you have kids, you need to teach them right from wrong, and since you are smarter than most, they will have a distinct advantage over those who have not been so blessed as to have alert parents. I feel bad for those who are just going with the communist flow that our country seems hell bent on following.

  8. I am a Californian and lifetime democrat. The passing of SB277 ( the vaccine mandate ) was a
    personal and frightening revelation for me. I always thought that the democrats stood for our individual and personal liberties. So, why did all but one democrate vote for the mandate, and all but one republican vote against it? As for both Hillary and Bernie, they strongly support vaccines, in the misguided belief that it is for the greater good. I had hoped that Bernie would
    see the connection of big pharma and vaccines and the corruption of the CDC. This has not happened. We all need access to medical care, but, if government is in charge of our medical care, will vaccines be mandated? Lets not forget that our Vets are now required to vaccinate in order to recieve medical benefits. What is happening to America, land of the free? Who will protect our personal rights and beliefs?

    1. Our ‘Constitution’ is being flushed down the toilet so that they can enact the Georgia Guidestone’s ‘commandments’ which command that the global human population is reduced to 100 million total. THAT is the motivation behind Mandatory Vaccines, Monsanto running amok while they worry about cow farts destroying the planet.

    2. I don’t believe democrats have ever stood for individual rights, just the rights of groups of people. Republicans tend to stand for more individual liberties and less government control

  9. Ah, so the measles vaccine must have some sort of really bad stuff in it. I can only imagine what…some sort of reproductive destroying nano particles that sensitize the body’s immune system to attack and abort any fertilized egg that is implanted?

    I’m sick of this having to ‘ask permission’ from the ENSLAVERS.

  10. On the positive side, the doctors appear to be opposed to forced vaccination.

    Well only because they realize that if they force everyone now, they’ll get a huge backlash against the already flagging allopathic ‘medicine’ community.

    They are sneaky, aren’t they? So is the devil.
    The revolution will not be televised!

    1. Respectfully, Jan, the doctors are caving in for the sake of their practices and $$$$. If the doctors themselves united and refused to follow the New World Orders, WE wouldn’t be having this problem.

  11. Those of you who are now disillusioned with the Democrats as I am… Look at the Libertarian party. Socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Small government and leave people alone to live as they see fit as long as they’re not directly hurting others.

  12. I am a Registered Nurse with an advanced degree. For more than 30 years I have been deeply invested in TRUTH regarding vaccines. The oral polio vaccine killd my baby sister when she was only 18 months old……her death was directly caused by this vaccine, per the University of Minnesota pediatric specialists who cared for her.
    I will state this……NEVER, EVER in y career have I beenwilling to give a patient any vaccine other than a Tetanus shot……period.
    When I first had my own dogs I had a vet who refused to provide care for my dogs unless they were vaccinated. I had adopted a litter that needed a home. Two of the dogs developed horrific complications from the vaccines and one of the two literally was at death’s door step from vaccine induced thrombocytopenia.
    After a full six months of intensive treatment at the University of Mn school of veterinary medicine, and literally no resolution to tnis horrific problem, I beganto use homeopathic remedy to treat her…….a remedy spcifically known to be effective for dogs with vaccine induced problems. Within 3 days her condition improved beyond my wildest hopes, and when I told her veterinary specialist what I had used……she gave me the “eye rolling” response.
    Well,long story short, I called her a “smartass” and suggested that she evaluate her approach to treamwnt and her results with the clear, measured, lab test verified results achieved with homeopathy.
    I also advised her that I was finished with her and her “hospital” westernmedicinea approach.

    My point……if I, a deeply schooled and indoctrinated RN can step outside this vaccine bullshit ….so can you. I have never ever allowed my dogs to be vaccinated again. One clinic I was using in North Branch, MN insisted I vaccinate my dogs. My response….”stickyour vaccines up your ass!”
    I do NOT mince words……these bastards need to be knocked downa few pegs. Tnat will only happen of all of us engage at a level they are unaccustomed to.

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