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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Children Should Not Be Required to Get Vaccinated to Attend School

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A century later, the mandate for one dose of smallpox vaccine has been replaced by a federal directive that children get 69 doses of 16 vaccines starting on the day of birth, with 49 doses of 14 vaccines given by age six.

This OpEd was originally published in a Feb. 19, 2016 report on “Vaccine Controversies” published by CQ Researcher as a Pro/Con debate with the Executive Director of Every Child by Two on the question of “Should Children Be Required to Get Vaccinated to Attend School?”

Parents have the human right to exercise freedom of conscience and informed consent to medical risk taking on behalf of their minor children, and children have the civil right to a school education. Vaccine risks are not being borne equally by all, and vaccine laws without flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief exemptions are oppressive, inhumane and a violation of civil and human rights.

Vaccines are pharmaceutical products that carry a risk of injury or death. There are genetic, biological and environmental high risk factors that make some people more susceptible to vaccine harm, a fact Congress acknowledged in 1986 in the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act when it shielded vaccine manufacturers from civil liability.

The Institute of Medicine states that often doctors cannot predict who will be injured because of long standing vaccine science knowledge gaps. Yet there are almost no federal contraindications to vaccination, which is one reason why more than $3 billion has been paid to vaccine injured children and adults under the 1986 law.

Like freedom of speech and press, the legal right to exercise freedom of conscience and religious belief is embodied in the U.S. Constitution. Internationally, these freedoms are considered basic human rights belonging to all people in every nation. So, too, the legal right to informed consent to medical risk taking is defined as a human right and is the centerpiece of the ethical practice of modern medicine.

Although in 1905 the US Supreme Court affirmed the constitutional authority of state legislatures to require smallpox vaccination during “an epidemic of disease,” the Court warned that vaccine mandates should not go beyond “what was reasonably required for the safety of the public” and lead to “injustice, oppression or absurd consequence” or be “cruel and inhuman to the last degree.”

A century later, the mandate for one dose of smallpox vaccine has been replaced by a federal directive that children get 69 doses of 16 vaccines starting on the day of birth, with 49 doses of 14 vaccines given by age six. State legislatures have mandated multiple doses of at least 10 of these vaccines for children, but many are for diseases that do not have a high complication and mortality rate like smallpox, are not widespread, or are not transmitted in a public setting.

Hundreds of new vaccines are being developed and many will be mandated. Vaccine mandates lacking informed consent protections should be repealed.

Note: The author is co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center, a non-profit charity founded in 1982 to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and secure informed consent protections in U.S. vaccine policies and laws.

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  1. Vaccines are full of poisons, human diploid cell from aborted babies, animal DNA, cancer causing things (enzymes, viruses (SV-40) and other compounds like formaldehyde and so on. There is not ONE SINGLE INGREDIENT that promotes heath in a vaccine! I am very pi$$ed that when my kids were little I was NOT given all the ingredients in the vaccines and now knowing there have never been adequate safety tests or studies on vaccinated -vs- unvaccinated…AND we can’t sue the manufacturers when something goes wrong, makes me realize that we have ALL been the test subjects and the Nuremberg Code has been VIOLATED! As has the Hippocratic Oath of all doctors who gave vaccines to children! I have lost faith in allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical companies! My kids have been poisoned and their future is now uncertain thanks to all the cr@p they have crammed in them! NO MORE!

    1. Well I guess my kids will have to be home schooled! The government has to keep the population down and will make everyone weak, sick, or die!

      1. Yes, well: Did you ever notice that everyone who is vaccinated seems tyo be always sick in one way or another? My friends, neighbors, co-workers who are all vaccinated seem always sick with one thing or another.
        Just saying: I’m old enough to remember the culture of the medical community and political people of the early 1970s on. There was a culture in Western New York, that if a doctor said anything about a vaccination causing a reaction (now termed an “Event”), the doctor would mysteriously lose their license to practice medicine in New York State. Wow, corrupt or what. A politician my parents grew up with, went to grammar school with, and said at one meeting: “This is how we do business now”. Didn’t know what that meant back then, but I do now as proven by Dr. Pan from California taking money to push mandatory vacc. If it was safe and proven so, why would they push for mandatory vacc? A friend of mine (who was the Mayor of a small town in New York Southern Tier, always said: “Follow the money” and “If you had a government mandated profit of billions per year, would you let it go for a few nameless faces?” Problem is, I would.

        I was old enough to remember my vaccine episode (Sept 1970, I was 5 years old). The “culture” back then was deny, deny, deny. And if that didn’t work, lie.
        My wife’s eldest child had over 30 seizures from the DPT (later found in hospital records), but at the time, she was told she was a nervous new mother and her dog just scared him.
        How many others are told the same lies?

        In 1970, the doctors said there was nothing wrong when my mother told the intake nurse that I had progressive pain in, and progressing up my forearms, less use of my hands over the previous weeks, and greater difficulty in breathing since the MMR booster. By late September, I was in an oxygen tent, great birthday present for a five year old! In about 1996, almost verbatim to what my mother told the intake nurse was published a type of GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome) in Cambridge University Press, but my mother didn’t use specific scientific & medical terms, she was just smart as a tack. You are NOT going to mandate and subject me again to such torture!
        In 1998 I started to have seizures of an undetermined source. After extensive testing, it was determined I have demyelination of the nerves in my brain from a severe “something in my childhood”.

        Congressman Bill Posey wants an investigation into the allegations of Dr. William Thompson (CDC), which are that Dr Thompson himself falsified the data of the 2003 study of the MMR vaccine in which he states he was part of the fraud, and he and his fellow CDC study personnel destroyed documents related to the study.

        1. They lost their medical license because they were terrible doctors. The only reason the doctor shouldn’t recommend vaccines are because they know that the child is immunodeficient.

    2. The Nuremberg Code, implemented worldwide through the Helsinki Declaration, applies only to human experimentation and if carefully read, The Helsinki Declaration excludes vaccines. The Hippocratic Oath no longer applies to the physician-patient relationship, but obligates physicians to consider, in essence, “the greater good” of society. Lasagna, a Johns Hopkins ex-plant to Tufts, re-wrote the Hippocratic Oath to reflect the Johns Hopkins agenda…To get a better feel of who is on the other side read The Belmont Report about the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and CDC`s justification of it by John Cutler who headed the Johns Hopkins attempt to bio-weaponize syphilis in Guatemala described in “Ethical Impossibility”…Read what Cutler did to a mentally incompetent woman, Bertha, at the request of Johns Hopkins…who later gave him a MPH and lecturers position…but it is worse than all that…Offit and Strickler are Johns Hopkins clones of Cutler and operate outside of FDA/PHS control

    3. Dear Shaila,
      We just had to withdraw our precious granddaughter from pre k church school due to strict vacc policy. My daughter is irate. We are being bullied but have found another school.

      Hope You mothers can unite to fight this dangerous ignorant policy.
      Nan Norman

      1. My mom never vaccinated me, I’ve only ever been sick once in my 21 years of life and that was chicken pox. (other then morning sickness while I was pregnant) I’m perfectly fine. Just because a parent chooses not to vaccinate doesn’t make them stupid. I still refuse to be vaccinated.

    1. Well said, I know some states like mine, if you opt out. You have to go the health Dept. and listen to their B.S. on the what will or could happen if you don’t get your kid vaccinated.

      Another words, bullying you, Mankind today can’t give your child, baby a chance to let their own immune system to mature.

  2. The whole vaccine agenda is insane. Government prevent children from going to school if they are not vaccinated, and then they will wonder why the schools are half empty and unemployment has risen, because of parents having to stay home to look after their children. Revenue from tax will decrease, welfare will increase, less teachers will be needed, and the whole system that has been established over many decades will collapse. The people doing this are either very ignorant, criminally complicit in the vaccine conspiracy or just plain brainwashed by the propaganda machined, owned by Big Pharma.

  3. Hi, I have two daughters, a 3 and 4 year old, I live in CA. Which is the best state to move to? That does not require immunizations. My girls preschool tires to harass me about them not having shots. Please help! Concord Ca, Sandra Johnson @ [email protected] Thank You!

    1. I live in Houston, Tx and my son is 7 and will never be vaccinated. He goes to public school and we do not have any problems. I sign a piece of paper every 2 years about my conscious objection. Good luck to you!

      1. A bill was introduced by a Florida legislator to make the California vaccine law into a national one. Really, no one is safe until we expose the Pharma/ Government connection. I believe it was in Virginia that a bill to make vaccines mandatory for public and private school AND HOME SCHOOLED children was recently defeated by a slim margin.

        1. Alan,

          I am not sure there are any easy answers. If one looks at tobacco companies and the history of advertising, at one point, cigarettes used to advertise that doctors supported smoking. Tobacco companies used to market that throat doctors believed that smoking was beneficial to the throat. There was even an advertisement that pictured a Mom smoking around her baby, and it was advertised as being gentle and soothing. It wasn’t until people started to realize that smoking was causing problems such as lung cancer, it was irritating for non-smokers, and other health ailments such as asthma, increase coughing, etc. that people became wise to the effects of smoking. However, the difference is that no one mandated to smoke, and the American people had the ability to put economic and social pressure on tobacco companies as well as other businesses to become smoke free that things started changing. People can still choose to smoke, but people do so at their own risk. Until successful advertising (not preaching to the choir) that puts economic pressure on the industry to give us options not to vaccinate and until successful advertising that cultivates an openness in the American people to have options and alternatives and still have healthy children that these things can change. Right now, I am not sure that there are too many options. Until people are so inundated with vaccines and they start to recognize the problems associated with them will things come to light. I personally think that the only reason the vaccine industry right now is eliminating the exemptions is because more and more people are looking into this stuff and they are worried. However, it’s not as if they can’t come up with a new product.

    2. Move up here to Oregon. The state just rejected the denial of exemptions. Our religious exemption still covers personal religion (not institutions) and Ashland in the south has a 30% exemptions rate, probably the highest in the country, but most people eat organic here and we have not had any epidemics in the 26 years I’ve been here. Uh-oh here’s where the rents go up. We are already at $905, plus utilities for a two-bedroom apartment, but it is not a “rich” town, and there is help from HUD too if you get on the waiting list.

    3. Hi Sandra, stick to your guns and don’t vaccinate. I now homeschool both my teen daughters. They go to a Christian private school online. My 17 year old has a vaccine injury as does my husband. They both ended up hospitalized at the same exact time after a flu shot. My daughter stayed in the hospital for a week…both diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 🙁

    4. Massachusetts is a good state. Religious exemptions allowed and Supreme Judicial Court case law prohibits asking what religion. Neil Miller wrote a book a few years ago which lists all the state requirements, but as you know they are changing.

    5. I live in Austin, TX and kids can still go to school w/out being vaccinated if you turn in your exemption form every two years. Some of the staff at the elementary schools also exempt their children.

      Unfortunately, Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) will not treat children who are not vaccinated so if you work for the State of Texas (who has contracted w/ ARC for in network insurance) you will have to find a doctor elsewhere for your children to be treated. There are still some doctors who do not force you to vaccinate/poison your children in Austin. My grandchildren are not vaccinated and they are among the healthiest children in their schools, rarely getting sick.

    6. Sadly, I believe many states will follow CA. Exemptions exist for this state, as long as you can find a MD who shares your concern for the well being of your children and adults. Homeschools will more than likely be the next group under scrutiny due to the increased enrollment in this state because of lack of immunizations in this population. Sounds like society is being herded, besides the fact that it is a fantastic money maker for a variety of groups. America seem to have been sold to the highest bidder with no regards to the freedoms both our civilian and military have fought and died for.

    1. There were exemptions, but since the “mickey mouse” mini epidemic, states went into panic mode (helped by big pharma money) and a handful of states eliminated them, so it is home-schooling or vaccines in those places, which includes CA. When our state acted up, I sent a letter to state reps and local newspaper, telling of real life problems from vaccines (as opposed to an ideological objections) something the industry is always propagandizing, like were a bunch of ideologues who are unscientific.

      Everyone should write letters to state and federal representative.

  4. This is very interesting. We are told that you must vaccinate your children. Then when someone has a child that has cancer, they are told you have to let them be treated with (slash, burn and poison). Chemo, radiation and most likely surgery. We are not offered any alternative treatment ever.
    But, if I recall we are also told we live in one of the best Countries in the world. WE have our freedom, and freedom of speech. Really nice to know that.
    We have Nature Paths, I’ll leave it at just them for now. What is happening there! There are many of them showing up dead and worse yet we are not hearing about any investigations at all. Really folks what do you think!!

    1. You say, “We have Nature Paths, I’ll leave it at just them for now. What is happening there! There are many of them showing up dead and worse yet we are not hearing about any investigations at all.” Who is showing up “dead and worse”?

      1. The “Nature Paths” are showing up dead. Quite a few, have been found dead of mysterious causes in the last year or so. All have been natural health/alternative health type doctors. Several in Florida. I can’t name any of them, but I’ve seen a list somewhere.

      2. Dr Gonzalez was a Naturopath in NYC and cured Pancreatic cancer. His was one of the ‘mysterious’ deaths. If u ever get a chance to see his talks to other ND’s on youtube, by all means, watch. A wealth is f information. His parter is still operating the office. My ND worked with him for a while, she said he was briliant, but kept his methods close to home so they weren’t abused. We’re getting screwed and Bill Gates isn’t helping.

  5. Barbara, you are one of my heroes. We are so oppressed in West Virginia. We homeschool and will NEVER consent to all the shots required here to attend school. They just passed the Tim Tebow law here for homeschool children to pay public school athletics…but not before amending it to include that said homeschooler be FULLY VACCINATED. Oxy moron. Now over half the homeschool kids can’t play.

  6. Sandra,
    I lived in Texas, Florida and South Carolina. In Texas we got a philosophical exemption after my daughter starting having adverse reactions which my Pediatrician assured me were “normal.” They were anything less than normal. Pediatrician didn’t like it very much but I held my ground and she hasn’t had once since and she is now 10. My son was born in Florida and we got religious exemptions (just a visit to the county health department and a short visit with a nurse). Some pediatricians gave us some grief so we switched to some Venezuelan Doctors who were ok with having unvaccinated kids in their practice. Same thing in South Carolina all you do there is down load a religious exemption, have it notarized and turn it into the school. Just stand firm with the pediatricians since they sometime try to guilt you into vaccinating. My son who is 7 never had a shot and he has only been sick twice where he required antibiotics. My daughter on the other hand used to get sick a lot and was diagnosed with Chron’s last year which I suspect but can’t prove was a result of all the shots they gave her in Texas until I put a halt to it.

    1. you need to have her vitamin d level checked and if below 55, needs to supplement. Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune disease & vit D (a hormone that controls 10% of our genome) deficiency results in a deranged immune system. It is looking like vaccinations are more likely to cause (be the “trigger”) autism and other autoimmune diseases when levels are low. Anyone in a state that mandates vaccines should have vitamin D levels above 55 to protect them, until people are educated about the corruption in Congress, CDC, FDA–all controlled by Big Pharma.

  7. May our Father God continue to Bless your efforts and provide loopholes for those that fight for their children. Great job educating the public, I support your efforts $$ and voraciously read your articulate articles that continue to keep us informed and hounding our sleepy complacent representatives. God doesnt make junk. Education not Vaccination.

  8. Vaccines are not evil … granted. But MOST vaccines are NOT Safe, nor are they effective ; in fact, they are Counter-effective and oft give a person the very thing they attempt to prevent, such as flu.

    However, the Equally Big issue here is on par with the dangers found in Vaccines [which is admittedly a HUGE ONE]:

    Removal of Parental-Sovereign PURVIEW over their children’s lives and welfare.

    There it is. George Orwell’s “1984” in a nutshell. Erstwhile … Parents were given the purview to wisely determine the lives that their minor children [aka in their NONAGE ] shall live. This cannot be overstated! Any incursion against these sovereign rights [given by God] to parents is tantamount to a Socialist Police-State idiom.

    Vaccines, as an issue of Safety and Health is the TOP of the proverbial “iceberg” and Sovereign Parental-Purview over their Children is ALL of the larger infrastructure which Lies Below the Surface of this Juggernaut!

    1. This question is for commenter Jesse Carnes. Why do you use the word Socialist to describe A Police State? I don’ get it. Actually I’m affended by it.

  9. Vaccines are put into the blood stream of humans – so have there been double blind toxically studies done for these pharmaceuticals, as with other drugs that the FDA must test before marketing ?

    1. Vaccine manufacturers are not required to do any toxicology studies or safety studies. They have been given fast-track approval by our Congress. If they do find an adverse reaction, or death, they are not required to report it, just like the CDC hid the truth when they did vaccine-autism link study. The study did indeed find a link, they omitted the info and the lead scientist in the study exposed them. They still claim “no link”.

  10. Parents should not have to obtain an exemption to opt out of getting their children poisoned for profit by the medical-pharmaceutical mafia under the pretext of disease prevention in the first place.

    In many countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some others, parents simply don’t get their children vaccinated if they don’t want to participate in this child abuse and institutionalised insanity.

  11. This article needs to include kids summer camps along with the public and private schools. I have a medical exemption for my son and it has never been a problem for school, mother’s day out or sports until now. We live in Cypress, TX and wanted my son to attend Carolina Creek Christian Camps and was denied attendance due to their belief that all kids must be fully vaccinated to attend their camp. How does this make any sense? My son can attend school but not a summer camp. If only they knew the TRUTH!

  12. It’s going to take an investigative reporter exposing the Pharma / Legislators connection to stop this vaccine legislation. Pharma has both corrupt officials AND naive and ignorant proponents of vaccines (including MD’s) on their side. How else do you fight this and protect the children?

  13. It’s about time we say it. OUT RIGHT! CHILDREN SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE VACCINATED TO GO TO SCHOOL. School is for education, not vaccination, as mentioned above, by Sandy Lunoe.

  14. I believe parents should be the ones who chose to vaccinate or not, when to if they chose too. My son was born by all measured standards as normal. Everything working order. On that dreadful day Jun 1984 his 6 week well visit, mu son was injected with DPT /MMR. Within hours he had a rash from injection site to his armpit. He was going lethargic, almost comatose. Rush to ER where they said it was a severe case of diaper rash. They gave him a shot…a few hours later he started to come around. He was released.

    Took him home and next day while sitting in his infant seat feeding…he started involuntary movement of his arms. The only seizures I knew is when someone is flailing around or eyes rolling in head. So we thought isn’t that cute he raising his arms like he wanted hug.

    He wasn’t looking for a hug but having an infantile spasm. He was admitted once again for testing, treatment of ACTH. He was given a shot for 8 weeks but it did stop the for 29 years.

    Our son was in school for disabled children and there were 5 other young boys in the class. Lots of them had behavioral and my son became one of them learning by repetition. He started defending his space when changing his diapers, feeding him, trying to hug him. He attacked us with scratching, pinching, hitting.

    A neurologist saw him and out him on a drug called “CELEXA” 20 MG DAILY. It stopped him from behavioral but cause him to go 180 degree turn. Lethargic, sleepy, confused, and 49 side effects where noted. While doing research I found that this was never approved for children under 18 or brain function under 18. My son brain function was 2 years or younger. He should have never been put on it. He began to have seizure and coded to the point I had to perform CPR….thank God I served in military and knew how to administer it. But I will admit I never imaged I would have to perform on my son. They started Him on VALPORIC AVID TO DEPAKOTE, TO LAMICTOL.

    Once we figured the CELEXA was causing the seizures we had to ween him off. No srizure s anymore but new neurologist insisted keep on seizure meds. I wnanted my baby back. Three times that year he coded. I decided against the doctors knowledge and followed my research and heart and withdrew him off seizure medicine. He has now been seizure free about 3 years.

    Doctors are not GOD,yes they are professional with knowledge but use common sense too. I have my son back, he has tremors which scare me to death but hopefully someday they will go away too.

    My son was given an exempt from most vaccines after that due to allergic reaction to most medicines inactive ingredients.

    I wrote to stop mandatory vaccinations here in Florida and two legislators responses were my children were not effected so I’m helping push the bill for mandatory vaccines everywhere. Well I would like for them to meet my son and see pictures of 3 days old and 6 weeks old and 32 yrs old total care.

    My son is blind, neurologically impaired, Wheelchair, non communicative, developmentally under 2 yrs old, sleeps in a hospital bed, had seizures, has tremors now, has coded and performed CPR 3 times in the past 4 years .

    I hope they listen and hear what these parents and my self are saying ….stop mandating and let parents choose. Stop filling their pockets with blood money of our children.

  15. Up north in Washington state, we are seeing our exemptions slipping. Several years ago, the vaccine exemption was more simple. Sign a form, check the box describing the reason for exemption (medical, philosophical, religious). Now, your child cannot be enrolled in public school or home school through a public school district without an exemption form and it is required that form be signed by a medical professional. To add insult to injury, the medical exemption is a fuzzy gray area (no longer available on the form and up to the medical professional signing the document). We must now pay for an office visit, listen to the medical professional “educate” about vaccines and thoroughly explain why we are choosing not to vaccinate. One visit I had with my daughter’s medical professional was cut short when I requested to see a copy of the ingredients list after being barraged by the health benefits and harmlessness of vaccines. The professional would not let me see the list and argued with me about the ingredients. Just as I was about to pull the copy I had in my purse out for discussion, she must have realized I was a lost cause and ended the appointment. After that visit, I lost ALL trust in medical professionals regarding vaccination. Thank goodness there are now homeopathic oral “vaccines”. If they would just hurry up and be readily available, that would be great! A CDC representative came though our county last year highly encouraging ALL of the day cares for smaller children to turn away unvaccinated children, even WITH an exemption, regardless of the exemption type. One particular day care manager I spoke with told me she would not take my child unless she was FULLY vaccinated and she would not accept homeopathic vaccines.

  16. Dear Parents,
    Fight. I hear every day about a child who didn’t make it through the vaccine overload and will have impairments for life, or, collateral damage, as they are called.

    We were just dismissed from a SC pre K since my granddaughter must be vaccinated. She is the only child I know who has not been sick.

    Your input is appreciated,

    Nan Norman

  17. I live in Pennsylvania and at this point my son’s school has not given me any grief about discontinuing his vaccinations when he was 1. He is now 8 and his pediatrician has learned that I’m not going to change my mind about vaccinations. They’ve tried the guilt trip, playing on my emotions, telling me my son would die. My response has always been, IF there is a serious need I will consider having a specific vaccine done. I am so thankful for the information I find in the NVIC site.

    1. Hello Terri? I also live in pa. I have three children. Two are in school. I just received a letter from the school nurse stating that I need to get my child’s 7th grade mandated vaccines asap and send proof to her. ? I stopped vaccines a while back….my two older kids have aspbergers and I believe it is from the shots when they were little. my four year has only had a few shots before he was a year old.. I am getting nervous as to what to do. Do you know how I go about not vaccinating my youngest and still getting him in school? Do I write a exemption letter myself or get a form from somewhere? Who do i send ot to? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  18. Very well informed comments. Nagelase is the cancer/Autism causing ingredient found in Vaccines that blocks the bodies ability to make GcMaf. Some of the Doctors killed were about to go public with this info. Nagelase blocks the bodies ability to utilize Vitamin D to make GcMaf. watch the video on this page. Until we can stop the vaccine fraud, we need to educate and protest laws that violate individual freedom from forced intrusion into our bodies!

  19. I would like to congratulate the US government. A step daughter that I used to think was the smartest child I ever met 20 years later just had premature twins. One 2 12 lbs, the other 3 lbs. Even with such low birth weight the mother who has been brainwashed by the best in the business all through school now doesn’t want to hear about the dangers of vaccines. God bless and make the right decisions for these babies since the mother has been dumbed down to the point of not protecting her babies which goes against nature. Yea, good job NWO!

  20. My grandchildren had not been vaccinated – and were always healthy. Then CA. passed mandatory vaccinations. My son & wife never filled out exemption forms before – as they should’ve – because they never thought they would become mandatory……….well, now they have started vaccines – hoping to do smaller amounts until next July – when actually Mandatory. No such thing as “small doses”. These 2 -now 5 & 8 are always Sick – it breaks my heart. My son only got 1 shot back in 1975 and that was the end – because he got so ill – recommended by the Pediatrician…..and I never had any questions asked at any school back then, even through College. Luckily I and they know enough about Alternative Medicine to get the kids thru these sicknesses. Add a little Wireless to their brains and you’ve got Bigger Problems.

  21. Crime against America, taking care of parasites within! The biggest crisis in healthcare today is over vaccinating people and what’s in vaccinations. I highly recommend you utube Dr Tent on Autoimmune epidemic and Dr Russell Blaylock on Neurological effects due to vaccines. I will be happy to discuss the problem with anyone and I inform all my patients to read the product insert. I believe eventually this will be the largest law suit in America’s history much bigger than the tobacco industry. The drug companies have legal protection provided they know that they are doing no harm. In the contrary, Dr William Thompson with the CDC a whistle blower regarding the MMR vaccine shows an increase in autism of 240 percent. Check Dr David Brownstein free newsletter, this was reported one year ago and still nothing has been done…All vaccines have a neurotoxin in them either mercury, aluminum or formaldehyde; plus animal or human protein; all very toxic to the human intravascular immune system. There are viruses that have been obtained from vaccines years earlier that doctors are now testing for and finding. This has been known by the industry for decades! The industry is corrupt and needs cleaning out; we need the biggest bad ass attorney out there. WE must all speak up for our rights and educate the healthcare system which is propped up by the drug companies. We need a judge and jury for vaccine injury’s not a kangaroo handpicked magistrate. Healthcare professionals have to open their minds and look at the results that many are unfortunately finding and accept the fact, we as an industry have made the biggest mistakes of our countries history, more damage than any war that we have ever fought. I have been in healthcare over 35 years and this problem is way overdue. There is nothing that threatens our health or safety more at this time. The accelerated rate of autism is 1 in 55 expected to go to 1 in 2 by 2020 for those who sit on their hands. And that doesn’t count the viruses and chronic diseases obtained from vaccines that we are now learning of! There is no time to put your head in the sand, look at the information and take action. Please pass it on, we can stop this and correct it but we must first identify the problem does exist and find an attorney to tackle it. I am hoping Daniel Ravicher is the one…(a patented invention may not be injurious to the well being, good policy or sound morals of society-Lowell vs Lewis 1817; and only technology with a beneficial societal use may be patented- US constitution). Vaccines have neurotoxins and they destroy lives. Educate before vaccinating and say NO; your loved ones will thank you.


    Joanne Mendez, ARNP

  22. Stick to your guns! I and my 6 children live in Utah. We had to visit the county health nurse and listen to her pro-vaccine arguments then pay a $15 fee to get our exemptions. $90 is a doable thing vs a lifetime of potential disabilities. May I instill courage in all of you out there facing big pharma/adverse reaction issues head on. “Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this? Esther 4:14

  23. I should probably have said “Stand by your conscience” instead of “Stick to your guns”. What I want to do is instill the courage to do what is right no matter how hard.

  24. America is in Grave DangerI R&D a advanced energy technologies logo originally worked on HIV-AIDS I had lea Ned some 40 Immune ManMade Bioweapons are in global circulation
    Upon contacting Dimwitted GWBush After two years receiv d letter that Bush decided Drugs Olpnly would be deployed This after I advised the vaccines are dangerous and worthless Then Bioshield is passed giving the Drug cartel$3-5Billion/Year for stockpiling dangerous vaccines
    No ,we still have Zero Bioweapons securit yes, Zika is a pandemic headed for America Zika is a wake up call Washington is Corupt and Your kids are considered Colleteral damage in the eyes and f Drug Barons
    I have received war crimes nags and death threats about the BPHarma lose of profits
    We will have a Revolution lot when you are digger no graves because she of the bastards loading Gold into there offshore accounts
    The Enemy s Within Not in Russia or Change back
    God Help Us

  25. New World Order Big Plan
    Elite meets. And decide that the world. Has been overpopulated
    Then Big Pharma tells the Jokers that they can Reduce the Masses with Vaccination
    We have a Police State that will force Thier bullshit on the Masses
    Cancer could be cured rather than kill people with Chemotherapy drugs
    We the people have given in and let the criminals make the laws for Thier benefits
    Th ENDTimes are close
    God help us

  26. Does anyone know whether a fourteen-year-old can refuse to be vaccinated as a civil rights or religious issue? All we hear about is parents refusing to allow their children to be vaccinated, but can the child herself say no to vaccines? I’ve read that kids can get vaccinated without their parents’ consent, but is the opposite also true? Can they refuse to be vaccinated according to their own personal beliefs?

  27. Regardless of being vaccinated or not, children should stay home if they are sick or extremely ill (a common cold may be the only exception unless they are feverish or really sick). Is what happens is that children who are vaccinated are coming to school sick and ill because they are assumed to be “safe” and spreading illnesses. I cannot tell you how many parents of “fully vaccinated” children are coming down with illnesses and doctors have no idea what they have. They are chronically ill. Of course, they are fully vaccinated, so they are assumed to be “safe”. Vaccination policies are creating people who believe that transmission of illness is based on vaccination vs. whether or not a person is ill. We are exchanging common sense with mandates without accountability.

    1. Where are your facts? Where is your research coming from? While some children should not take vaccinations due to allergic reactions, that doesn’t make vaccinations crippling to the rest of the population. Most of my friends and I are fully vaccinated and we have not once thought we were “safe” from getting sick. This thinking is preposterous. We know getting sick is inevitable, we’re just trying to stop actually dangerous illnesses from being spread. We’ve stopped diseases like smallpox and polio in the past, and not thanks to natural forces. This is purely due to vaccines. If someone can look me in the eyes and tell me they’d rather let their children have polio than get vaccinated, then I’ll believe the anti-vax bullcrap

  28. I allowed my son to be given all of the usual vaccines from birth to age 6. Amongst those injections were 2 flu jabs within the space of 5 weeks, during a particularly cold winter. After the second flu jab, he was admitted to hospital for breathing problems and it took 5 days to get his blood re-oxygenated back to 100%. 8 years later my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes totally out of the blue. There is NO history of diabetes on either side of the family, but there is a history of other autoimmune diseases within the family. I cannot prove anything, but it is my feeling that my sons diabetes was directly caused by thise 2 flu jabs he received within the space of 5 weeks, before he was 2 years old!!! Thank you for reading.

  29. When a military family is sent overseas the children are required to have all mandated vaccines. How can we protect these children from the vaccine mandate?

  30. God bless you medical doctors on the post that are guiding and encouraging parents on the blog. Our daughter suffered three febrile seizures while she had vaccines. At the time, I was not educated on the negative repercussions of vaccines. Thankfully, we stopped vaccinating her at about 2 1/2 years. Interestingly enough, at about age 6 she had a fever of 104 degrees and no seizure as previously suffered during the time of vaccinations. During the period of seizures, the pediatrician said that she would grow out of them—interesting. Our next child had a genetic syndrome and did not receive vaccinations. Common to her syndrome was seizure disorder. She did not suffer any seizures until around 11 months. In my heart, I believe that she lived longer because she did not receive vaccines. She went to heaven when she was under two years of age. Her genetic doctor said that her nervous system was very sensitive which made me feel correct in not subjecting her to vaccines. One size does not fit all as thought by many supporting the increased number of required vaccines. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator.

  31. I have 3 grandchildren under the age of 4. We live in NY where all vaccines are mandated for school.
    My question is this, do naturopathic doctors have “healthier” versions of vaccines that are made without aluminum, thimerasol and other dangerous additives. If so, are they permitted to use these for entrance to school?
    If anyone has any suggestions, i would appreciate it. Moving to another state appears to be out of the question.
    thank you,
    Clare K.

  32. Hi Clare. I live in NY, too, with three kids aged four and under. The oldest was partially vaccinated (I followed Dr. Sears delayed vaccine plan) until age 1 when my best friend’s son had a terrible reaction to his vaccine and we began researching the ingredients. I had simply not done my research before, even though my momma conscience never felt right about vaccines. We began homeoprophylaxis with our Naturopath after that and all three are in the program. You receive a kit and administer the homeopathic pillules yourself. It’s really quite incredible. I also “cleared” the vaccines that my oldest had received and her speech improved significantly, almost immediately.

  33. Hi, I would just like to know where your getting this information and if it is a reliable source, Barbara, believe me, I am against these terrible things that cause our children more harm than originally intended. I just want to know where your finding this info, because this is a more opinion based article instead of a factual one.

    1. Vaccines keep people alive. Ask any doctor and they will tell you that the will never let their children play with an unvacccinated child. It is child endangerment to not vaccinate children. You are at far more risk of being harmed by being unvacccinated rather than being vaccinated. Please look at any statistic. Vaccinations NEED to be a requirement to attend PUBLIC school.

      1. If vaccines work so well then why does it matter if your vaccinated child is around an unvaccinated child? Saying children MUST be vaccinated to attend public schools is a complete violation of Constitutional rights.

        1. Vaccines work in a herd mentality and a certain percentage of the people have to vaccinated to protect those who aren’t. Vaccines aren’t making you 100% immune to the disease but the more people that have a higher immunity than the safer those who don’t have good immune systems (the elderly, newborns and small kids, and people going through medical treatments, etc.) will be.

      2. To anyone saying the unvaccinated are a danger i PLEASE urge you to go and do some more in depth research into the dangers of vaccines and get back to us!

        Food for thought – HOW are un-vaxxed children a risk to vaxxed children if you TRULY believe vaccinations work? If they do, surely your vaccinated children are protected right?

  34. I am suicidal. I tried to kill myself by getting 100 vaccines at my local CVS over the course of a week. At the end of the week, I had not developed autism or died. I am extremely disappointing. Instead, when my whole school came down with strep and the flu, I was just fine. I was forced to attend school all week by myself in peak physical condition. My suffering increased because of you. Why would you do this to me? I just wanted to die, and you wouldn’t let me! You said getting just one vaccine would put me in grave risk for dying! You lied! I’m stuck here, unable to get sick! Why would you lie to me?

    1. I just want to die already. I got so many vaccinations… I should be dead by now, or at least have a little bit of down syndrome. Why won’t I just die? Someone help me. The vaccinations didn’t kill me, I crave nothing more than the sweet release of vaccinated death, but it was denied to me. Please, someone…. Vaccinate me to death already!

    2. I feel you Zach. I did the same thing. I went from town to town when my local pharmacy refused to vaccinate me any more. I wanted autism so bad! I love autism, and ever since I was a kid, I wanted it. I was so afraid of needles at first. But after getting so many vaccines that I’m no longer afraid of needles, I have given up hope. I think I will never get autism. I vaccinate my children in hopes that they will get this wonderful condition, but they show no signs of autism. I am disappointed by these evil doctors who warned me about autism. They’re all liers. I wish you well in your vaccinated death journey, Zach.

  35. Vaccinations should be mandatory. To not get your child vaccinations is beyond unethical to your child. Why would you risk the dangers of them catching a dangerous, deadly disease that is preventable? Why would they have to suffer through the disease, if it is preventable?

  36. This site was very helpful and I agree with this statement at my school we did a debate and this site helped my group a lot. We could get the disease with the vaccanation. We won the debate and thank to this site and i still agree

  37. I tried to get autism by getting vaccines but the people said it wouldn’t give me autism! This makes me so mad I mean who do they think they are DOCTORS? this is Cr**. I am a mother of 3 lovely boys and they don’t need a healthy mother.

    EDIT: one of my kids died at 7, probably some vaccinated child gave him a vaccine desire. I’m going to find this kid and UNvaccinate him. This is the last straw

  38. dear everyone who doesn’t vaccinate their children
    I hope your children actually live
    thank you,
    Im NOt GoNNa VacCinate mY ChilDRen CaUse I HaVe essEntial OiLs aNd SalT laMPS.

  39. People don’t vaccinate there kids because they get there source of knowledge off of fake news and statements that have been debunked oh yeah and you know why kids sometimes it’s because they need that shot to keep there immune system to be strong and healthy it is helping there immune system get used to taking on more bacteria

  40. no one is forcing you to get your child vaccinated. you have the right to not vaccinate. however, you do not have the right to endanger other children for your moral or religious beliefs.

  41. Welp… It looks like all knowledge of medicine and how vaccines actually work have flown out the window and you all want your children to spread their diseases to other children if they do get such a thing. When the next plague hits and half the world is unvaccinated don’t blame the doctors.

  42. Can anyone tell me if “required” and “mandatory” are the same thing? My grandaughters school is requiring shots, can her mother refuse?

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