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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Immunocompromised? What About the Vaccine-Compromised?

We often hear about immunocompromised children as the primary reason new mandatory vaccination laws have become necessary. Certain legislators and media are pushing the idea that every single child needs to be fully vaccinated with 34 doses by Kindergarten to protect the very small group who can’t vaccinate.

But do you know who we don’t hear the government, media, or those same legislators talk about protecting? The Vaccine-Compromised. Not a single word is spoken about a fast-growing population of children injured by pharmaceutical side effects—adverse reactions that parents are supposed to be warned about when their doctor gives them informed consent, but no doctor ever does. Things like seizures, paralysis, and neurological disorders. These are the same reactions that doctors ignore, pretend can’t happen, or write off as “coincidental,” despite being listed very clearly in the pharmaceutical company’s product warnings. Vaccine-compromised children are the victims whose parents followed the rules without questioning, and paid the price.

Now laws are taking away these children’s right to a public and private education in an effort to instead protect the immunocompromised. This is primarily because the medical establishment refuses to even acknowledge vaccine-compromised children exist, despite thousands upon thousands coming forward to tell their stories. Unless these reactions are so severe they match the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) limited description of a contraindication, the majority of these injured children will not receive a medical exemption from further vaccines, and therefore will be denied entry into any school.

Why does the safety of one group take precedence over another? Why are the lives of vaccine-compromised children somehow less valuable? And what does it say about medical organizations and our own government that they would turn their backs on innocent victims of the very program they created and are now trying to make mandatory? More importantly, why is no one talking about this?

And now these families are caught up in a political battle over vaccines that is trying to pit one group against the other. But in reality, immunocompromised and vaccine-compromised children have a lot in common. Both groups cannot handle vaccinating “on schedule” with the 70 doses the CDC recommends for all children. Both groups also have a weakened immune system, which makes them susceptible to catching certain infections. And they all have parents who spend months and years searching for answers and praying for healing and recovery. These parents agonize over the question why: Why did my child develop leukemia? Why did mychild’s developmental skills suddenly disappear? Why did my child suffer a severe reaction to a round of vaccines after seeming to handle them before? They also share guilt and anger over their child’s condition: Was it something I did? Is it something in my genetics? Should I have asked more questions?

Instead of turning against each other or trying to exclude one group over the other, it’s time we have the same compassion for all compromised children. All children’s lives are valuable, all children should be protected, and all children deserve the right to an equal education. Ignoring the Vaccine-Compromised doesn’t make them any less real, and the sooner we acknowledge them as a society, the sooner we can finally make some headway on this issue.

Note: The article was reprinted with permission. It was originally published by the Immunity Education Group—a community of medical and legal professionals, businesspersons, educators, journalists, and advocates who are passionate about immunity education and the right to informed consent.

9 Responses

  1. Our corrupt Congress gave Big Pharma immunity in 1986 against all lawsuits even if event of death resulting from a vaccine. That is 30 years of immunity!! During this time the number of vaccines has increased tremendously. Why do we have twice the number of childhood vaccines compared to say Japan or Sweden?!!!

    Big Pharma will allow no research on the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated. The only way to bring about change is to sign and share this petition on Moveon.

    Please google “Repeal Immunity for Drug Companies Against Vaccine Injuries” and sign the petition on moveon.

    Please sign and share with friends and family and make a difference.

  2. One has to wonder how many of these immunocompromised kids are that way as a result of being vaccine-compromised.

  3. Where have our personal freedoms gone? We do NOT want to inject poisons into the bodies of our children. The thinking is so wrong that the politicians own us. The vaccine industry is getting away with MURDER!!!!

  4. What is the often spoken issue with those that want them get them and then they will be protected from those that don’t get them? Why force those opposed to get them if the others are ‘protected’? I never heard an adequate answer to that one. Are ppl that get them afraid they don’t work? Then they won’t work for those that get them, either. What is their answer to this question?

  5. Why are they taking away our religious freedom? I don’t eat the filth for religious reasons; I do not want that filth going directly into the blood system bi-passing the digestive system.

    1. I am so sick of these greedy, money hungry rodents, going after parent’s rights. Let’s face it, Pediatricians main course of action is to tell their pencil pushing nurses to inject these poor kids with poisons. These poisons make them a lot of money. What the hell are they going to do if there aren’t any vaccines? Sit around and twiddle their thumbs, I suppose. Vaccinating children keeps them busy.
      When a vaccine injury occurs these idiots have absolutely NOTHING to offer. I know this first hand. No wonder we are losing more and more trust in our doctors.
      First Do No Harm? Are you kidding me? They are killing and maiming children. They are MURDERERS. A big house and a nice car mean more to them than the health and welfare of our children. SHAME ON THEM!!!!

  6. The FDA,CDC,etc are all controlled by Big pharma being paid to spout untruthes anyone with an IQ above a squirrel and couple of hours on the internet can see the massive harm of vaccines.The CDC and FDA warns pregnant women about tuna fish with mercury but get your flu shot filled with mercury,aluminium,squaline,formaldehyde,fetal blood.They are all criminal enterprise’s working for Merk and could not care less how much harm is caused to you or your children follow the money,and do your research and see their lies and corruption.

  7. It is all about GREED! There is so much money to be made by those thieves! The bible says “The LOVE of MONEY IS the ROOT of ALL EVIL”. Money itself is NOT evil, it is the LOVE of money that causes the GREED. AND,Killing unborn, precious, little babies and selling body parts for LOTS of MONEY! I would hate to be in their shoes on Judgment Day…They won’t be able to spend ANY of that money in HELL!

  8. The irony is that they’re often the same people! Immunodeficiency is paradoxically associated with a predisposition towards autoimmunity. I was born immunodeficient and that made me susceptible to vaccine injury! If we vaccinate on day one without testing for immunological markers, we’re inevitably injuring immunodeficient children, as well as children with others conditions which make them unable to withstand/metabolize/methylate vaccine ingredients!

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