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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

How Much Does Medical School Teach About Vaccines? | Forrest Maready

These are all the books for a prestigious medical school. There are books for: physical exams, human anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, symptoms/diagnoses, pathology, epidemiology, immunology, pathophysiology, EKGS, medical interviews. That’s 6,700 pages of medical literature memorized and tested over three years of intense study. A normal human being would not attempt this. There are hundreds of pages on the immune system. Thousands of pages on disease. How much does medical school teach about vaccines? The Symptoms & Diagnosis book contains nothing about vaccines. The Pathology book contains nothing about vaccines. Biochemistry book. Nothing. Pathophysiology. Nothing. Human Anatomy. Doesn’t talk about vaccines. The Clinical Epidemiology book… Does contain one paragraph.

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  1. Big Pharma gangsters shove their crappy, expensive drugs at the doctor who has next to nothing time to double check anything. The propaganda is accepted, mostly without exception.
    In February, 2015, the corrupt FDA finally admitted that statin drugs are all a Big Fraud.
    I was diabetic-2 for several years and had to put up with the nonsense. After I was finally recovered from the worst of that disease, my doctor suddenly doubled my statin fro 40mg to 80 mg. I returned that bottle to the pharmacy and stopped using any more. I began to feel somewhat better later.
    Too many drugs are shoved onto patients without a proper audit or analysis. This builds up adverse reactions that raise hell with the patient’s side effects. The complaints are not always noted by the doctor. He’s too busy with that damned laptop computer.
    The patient cannot really begin to figure what is going on.

    1. They are told about drug-drug interactions and drug-supplement/herb interactions but by drug reps and mostly to protect themselves. NO ONE HAS TAKEN THE TIME to study the drug-drug-drug-drug-drug interactions of most patients. Most patients are taking up to 13 drugs and NO ONE has investigated the interactions.

      What the public is never told about vaccines is the FACT that all manufacturers have propriety ingredients – they are secret ingredients based on competition between companies to make the most profit. So all the talk about aluminum, adjuvants, thimersol etc… is for naught when the actual secret ingredients are protected.

  2. So are there any questions about vaccines on the US Medical Licensing exam? I am guessing not, but it would be interesting to know. And what about med school curricula in other countries?

  3. BOUGHT – the movie tells all! Many colleges have sponsors who provide the agenda that needs to be taught no matter how removed it is from the truth. Thank G-d for the doctors who have been deprogrammed from Medicult School and have their integrity intact. We can’t even speak about them since that would endanger their lives, although many have such selfless courage – that G-d is certainly miraculously protecting them from the most evil terrorists tied to the pharma interests.

  4. I work in the alternative medical field and know several doctors. I know for a fact, medical students and subsequent graduates are never taught about relationships between vaccines and the damage and diseases they cause. So if a doctor comes out of med school never told of the relationship, they will never look for one in their practice.
    That is why such incidents are under reported to the powers that be agencies and why doctors foolishly believe there are no cause and effect relationships. Case closed.

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